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Crazy Life of Sin – [KILLY]

By Brodie Harvey // 22 Dec 2022

As we move closer to the end of the year, there are always a few projects that sneak in and impress everybody in a time that is often quiet in the music industry. Today we have an otherworldly new EP from Toronto’s KILLY who has been releasing some of his best music this year. After months of hype, KILLY finally dropped Crazy Life of Sin yesterday. At 8 tracks deep, each song brings his signature high-intensity energy while still experimenting with new sounds showing a new sense of creative freedom after recently becoming independent again. When an artist leaves a major label it can always prove difficult for those that don’t have the vision, this is not an issue for KILLY as he only seems to be continuing to excel to new heights as an artist. Each and every single KILLY that has dropped leading up to this release has impressed, we previously covered his Toronto anthem alongside a Canadian legend in the making Smiley. While singles like “Y?” and “CEO” were outstanding, they only gave us a glimpse of what was to come on his latest offering. One of the standouts from the project is “KILLY KILLY” with Freebandz …

cloud – [Yameii Online]

By Brodie Harvey // 15 Nov 2022

At this point, you may or may not be familiar with the virtual superstar Yameii Online who is changing up the way we look at artists that don’t technically exist. This has been a hot topic of conversation in music this year, we’ve seen labels try to take this route and fail hard because it comes off as disingenuous or a commercial attempt to make music without supporting an actual artist. That’s where the superstar known around the internet as Yameii has completely flipped the script, the creatives behind this multi-layered project are two of Atlanta’s most inventive young creatives who excel in different areas. If you’re a fan of Yameii’s music, her digitized vocals paired with dreamy soundscapes have become a signature across all releases. Over the past month we have seen some of Yameii’s most polished music to date, she recently blessed us with a new track that drifts toward the more calm side titled “cloud”. On this laidback track, Yameii is coming off bubbly but the lyrics tell a different story putting any of her haters on notice that she is not to be messed with in any world, virtual or not. All of the artwork for …

end game – [AVEY]

By Brodie Harvey // 8 Nov 2022

Its such an impressive introduction to a new artist when they pair a big record with instantly captivating visuals to fully immerse yourself in the world they create. Today we have just that, Vancouver artist AVEY is fresh off the release of her debut single “end game”, an energetic uptempo record that has been on repeat since it released last Friday. While this may be the first release under her new alias AVEY is known from being apart of the popular duo Harlequin Golda , group she founded with her sister. This new direction strays away from the folky/indie sound of her former artistic endeavour to create something very modern that packs a solid punch, any new listener will be converted into a fan eagerly waiting for whatever comes next. As mentioned, this isn’t just an article covering an incredible song but highlighting the outstanding visuals that accompany it. I am always a fan of a video that has an overarching theme without being too on the nose. AVEY’s “end game” is all centred around love and finding the one, represented through various couples that show relationships in all stages. The visuals then explode into a colorful symphany that match …

First Day Out – [RG Simba]

By Brodie Harvey // 14 Oct 2022

It was about five years ago buzzing rapper RG Simba was sentenced to 24 years in prison, essentially a life sentence that many thought would be it for the young superstar in the making. Thankfully, he stuck with his not-guilty status, the case was overturned and now Simba is picking up right where he left off. Many artists drop a record upon leaving but Simba’s “First Day Out” is packed full of the energy he’s been channeling since being locked up. He is coming out the gates hot ready to make an instant impact and making up for lost time, it won’t take long for the world to remember exactly why he was one of the most exciting young artists out. Many may have heard of RG Simba through Cordae’s interviews, they refer to each other as brothers after growing up and making music together in the early days. Cordae has been vocal about the talent of his brother and signed him to his level Hi Level which is set to make RG Simba the star he was destined to be. It’s no surprise that Simba is the first act signed to the label, the last we heard of him …

Vince Carter – [KILLY] & [Smiley]

By Brodie Harvey // 7 Oct 2022

There’s no denying Toronto is becoming a powerhouse in its own right as of late. The often-overlooked Canadian city has consistently put out some of the most inventive and beloved artists over the past decade, it morphed into a sound that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Today we have an instant Canadian Classic from two of Toronto’s best artists paying homage to one of the first icons to put the city on the map. Much like Vince Carter’s time with the Raptors, this song is most certainly set to make waves across the country and globe. At this point you should be familiar with KILLY, he’s been on a tear this year coming off a massive Rolling Loud performance and his most recent heater “CEO”. He enlisted the help of Smiley, another one of Canada’s most recent stars that has already made a huge impact around the globe by perfectly displaying the Toronto sound. Titled “Vince Carter”, this track absolutely lives up to the hype after being teased a few weeks back. Production comes from the legendary Boi-1da and Oz to make this an all-star roster of Canadian talent. These kinds of collaborations show how much the …

Past The Moon – [Cyrax]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Aug 2022

Many artists of ahead of their time, seeing their influence on music go to new heights by younger artists that took inspiration and ran with it. An artist I always point to in terms of being on a wave way before it became popular is Cyrax of Divine Council. With two classics in his Stay Active series, Cyrax rarely often misses when it comes to his releases. Boasting a futuristic style from the jump, Cyrax’s effortless delivery consistently shines on any track he puts out. Now, we haven’t had new music from him in some time but last week he blessed us with a fresh hit titled “Past The Moon”. This laid-back cut has Cyrax in his element, gliding over a dreamy beat and utilizing the vocal chops that put him above most other artists in the lane. The music video for this record are some of Cyrax’s best visuals to date. I am a huge fan of when an artist creates visuals that perfectly match the vibe of the song, Cyrax in a digitized, psychedelic forest couldn’t be a more fitting setting for a song like this. Since it’s been some time since Cyrax has dropped new music, this video and …

Keep Dissing 2 – [Real Boston Richey] & [Lil Durk]

By Brodie Harvey // 3 Jun 2022

Florida has been a hotbed for some of the hottest artists in the game for the past few years. The influences that go into their music and the environment in that wild state present for some of the most unique rappers in the game right now. Today we have a massive co-sign from one of Florida’s hottest up and comers who goes by the name Real Boston Richey. His track “Keep Dissing” has been on my playlist for weeks and it seems like the industry is beginning to wake up to one of the hardest artists to appear in 2022. Lil Durk has been linked with Richey in Florida, so a remix was not out of the blue but is still a massive nod to the talent Real Boston Richey has. Smurkio doesn’t hop on a remix for just anybody. What makes the Tallahassee native stand out is the beat selection he uses, not typical of an artist coming out of Florida but being able to use his lyrics to bridge styles with ease. This is likely the reason why Durk is able to so easily blend in on the string-heavy beat that you would not to expect to come …

ALBUM MODE – [DillanPonders]

By Brodie Harvey // 20 May 2022

This year has brought out a different level of creative energy from Toronto’s DillanPonders. Coming off a strong release with his EP Mushrooms & Melodies, Toronto’s reigning King of the Underground blesses us with his 2nd project before the halfway point in the year. After a few strong single releases, DillanPonders has unleashed his latest LP titled ALBUM MODE. If you’re into gritty lyrics that pack the power of a Will Smith-slap then you’ll be happy to know DillanPonders is back on his BS. Throughout the full 13-track run time, each song shows off how versatile Dillan’s cadence is. If one thing is obvious, Dillan has been in the studio perfecting his craft and the results are incredible. Everything on ALBUM MODE was produced by longtime collaborator BVB, who seems to be in perfect chemistry with Dillan as of late. He seems to master the type of production that allows Dillan to ride the pocket and switch his flows up multiple times within a song, one thing he does impeccably well. One of the biggest standouts from this rollout was one of the album’s singles “Demon Mode” which has Dillan going devilish over a beat that doesn’t let up. Other standouts of Dillan’s …