cheesy – [bbno$] & []

By Brodie Harvey // 24 May 2019

It’s understood at this point that bbno$ is not playing around.  Over the past few months, we have covered several of his stellar releases but today he has dropped one of his most exciting singles to date. On his latest release, he teamed up with Lyrical Lemonade icon Warhol who has been at the top of his game lately, killing any and every song he’s on. With both artists firing on all cylinders, this track is a perfect example of the versatility each emcee possesses. The production provided by Dilip is chaotic and features a deep bass line that would shake the windows in any house at the right volume. Warhol and bbno$ have been in the public eye for some time now but both of them have come into their own as of late and the music they’ve been pumping out reflects it. This collaboration has me incredibly excited to see who else bbno$ has been cooking up with, nothing would surprise me at this point. You can find “cheesy” on all platforms here! Produced by Dilip Photo by @edgumuchian

UNSIGNED – [Cal Scruby]

By Brodie Harvey // 23 May 2019

Ohio native Cal Scruby has recently dropped a project that has been years in the making. After years of grinding in the music industry machine, Cal has finally freed himself and created an album that is the total culmination of his experience trying to rise in a cutthroat system that tends to favors the few. On UNSIGNED, Cal has finally come into his own and spits incredibly witty bars that outline both the struggles he’s faced throughout his career and where he plans on taking things now that he’s in complete control. The jump Cal has made in terms of his artistry from his old records to now is astounding. When talented young artists begin their careers, signing with a major can be the quickest route for the stardom they desire. However, for many of those artists it never quite pans out as they had first thought. This project not only serves as a subtle victory for Cal, but a message to young artists who are thinking about chasing this route before thinking twice if that is the best path for their success. This is the first project Cal has dropped since 2017, it is packed with clever lyrics and unique rhyme-schemes. …

13th Floor – [Haviah Mighty]

By Brodie Harvey // 20 May 2019

With the outpouring of talented female emcee’s recently, there is no question that the frequency we see new and exciting artists that elevate the genre will continue to grow. Lyrical Lemonade covered the most recent single from Haviah Mighty’s outstanding album 13th Floor earlier this month After discovering her music recently I was more than excited when I saw she had a full-length project on the way. Going into this album, I had a high bar which Haviah exceeded greatly. Her music is incredibly personal and the contents of her lyrical content deliver a powerful message while packing a serious punch. Haviah Mighty’s best skill is her ability to create soundscapes that channel her wide array of influences and vocalize her experiences through her upbringing. This whole album exudes classic rap elements with a clear nod to her Carribean roots in the perfect blend of Music that has become the iconic sound out of Toronto’s buzzing rap scene. Overall, her sound is incredibly developed and this album is a perfect display of Mighty’s ability to craft storylines over incredibly intricate verses from front to back on this album. Canada has had a lot of female artists step up their game …

Pouch – [bbno$] & [Y2K]

By Brodie Harvey // 20 May 2019

Continuing his onslaught on 2019, bbno$ has returned with another single that continues to show off his above-average ability to take on a variety of styles of rap. Over the past few months, bbno$ has been working with producers that harness the same chaotic energy the Vancouver emcee brings to each of his records. On his latest release “Pouch”, bbno$ teams up with frequent collaborator Y2K who has become one of the most inventive producers always working with a wide variety of artists. The pair have released some incredible music together, Y2K always forces bbno$ to take it to another level with his complicated and uptempo production style. bbno$ whispers his way through this song as the intensity builds and Y2K’s electronic touch takes the song to a crazy level. Without a doubt, bbno$ has one of the most unique energies to him in rap right now, with yet another stellar addition to his catalog it would seem that he has a lot planned for the rest of the year. Lookout for more music from the buzzing rapper in the coming weeks! Be sure to stream the new single “Pouch” here.


By Brodie Harvey // 9 May 2019

After remaining fairly quiet over the past few years, it seems like Atlanta superstar Jace has returned with a large track that appears to be a sign of more heat on the way. Jace has been one of my favorite rappers since first popping up on my radar years ago as the quick-spitting focal point of the iconic rap ensemble Two-9, and quite honestly, there aren’t too many artists that possess Jace’s vocal range and cadence, as he utilizes his ability to change up his flows on the drop of a dime. Metro Boomin truly blesses the production on this one, providing a stadium-sized stage for Jace to put his lyrical abilities on full display. Needless to say, the return of Jace is incredibly welcome, especially considering that he has been one of the most exciting artists to watch due to the sheer talent and personality that he brings into his intricate rhyme schemes. To see Jace working with Metro on a song of this caliber has me crazy excited for what the rest of 2019 has in store for the Atlanta emcee, so be on the lookout for his new tape dropping later this month. Watch the video for …

ANKAVELI, VOL. 2 – [Anklegod]

By Brodie Harvey // 4 May 2019

Today, I am incredibly excited to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade audience to Anklegod out of Vancouver. An artist and producer full of potential that has been developing his larger than life sound for years and he’s only 17. On the follow up to his outstanding debut, Anklegod has stepped it up to another level in terms of his ability. The second installment in the ANKAVELI series is filled with songs that pack a serious punch from front to back, showing serious strides as this legend in the making is getting more comfortable in his sound. Anklegod’s voice is incredibly impactful, his ability to contort his melodic voice to deliver lyrics that range from incredibly personal stories from his life to turn up anthems for the masses is what has made him such an exciting artist to watch rise. While the entire project is incredibly well done, the first three songs “Pressure, “Underwater”, and “Worst Days” are incredible examples of Anklegod’s talent. All three set the tone for the project, all with outstanding hard-hitting production that elevates Anklegod’s style and any one of them has the potential to blow in a major way. Highly recommend listening to ANKAVELI, VOL. 2 over and over …


By Brodie Harvey // 4 May 2019

Any artist that is able to channel elements of soul music into their rap can bring out the best of both genres to create something spectacular. Nigerian-Canadian artist TOBi has released a timeless project that features high levels of artistry and talent. Throughout STILL, the Toronto-based artist focuses on topics often overlooked or seen as taboo in a majority of Hip-Hop music. Using the power of his smooth vocals, he is able to construct verses around masculinity, misogyny, and the struggles in navigating society as you grow into your own. TOBi shows that he is a creative artist that takes all aspects of an album into consideration, beginning with the stunning album artwork that immediately captures your attention and leaves you with a sense of curiosity. Over the course of 13-songs TOBi provides his hybrid of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, and R&B that draw comparisons to Anderson .Paak, the reason being is he can easily float from singing to rapping over bouncy production that takes the overall sound to another level. I discovered TOBi via his single “City Blues” that released a few months prior and covered previously on Lyrical Lemonade. With the release of his album, the song has been …


By Brodie Harvey // 2 May 2019

Fresh off the release of “GUAP”, rising artist Quamon returns in a big way on the bouncy new single “CHIT CHAT”. On this release, Q delivers his typically witty bars, hitting the beat perfectly. Having only released 3 songs prior, Quamon has shown how much he is capable of in a small sample size. Murda Gang’s Joseph L’étranger has provided the foundation on all of Q’s music to this point, his production style blends with Quamon’s verses perfectly. This song will sound at its finest on large speakers, making sure you get the full experience of his vocals rolling through the deep 808s that could create a small earthquake with the right subwoofer. Stream “CHIT CHAT” below and be sure to get familiar with his catalog so you can say you were a fan early. Produced by JOSEPH L’ÉTRANGER