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Past The Moon – [Cyrax]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Aug 2022

Many artists of ahead of their time, seeing their influence on music go to new heights by younger artists that took inspiration and ran with it. An artist I always point to in terms of being on a wave way before it became popular is Cyrax of Divine Council. With two classics in his Stay Active series, Cyrax rarely often misses when it comes to his releases. Boasting a futuristic style from the jump, Cyrax’s effortless delivery consistently shines on any track he puts out. Now, we haven’t had new music from him in some time but last week he blessed us with a fresh hit titled “Past The Moon”. This laid-back cut has Cyrax in his element, gliding over a dreamy beat and utilizing the vocal chops that put him above most other artists in the lane. The music video for this record are some of Cyrax’s best visuals to date. I am a huge fan of when an artist creates visuals that perfectly match the vibe of the song, Cyrax in a digitized, psychedelic forest couldn’t be a more fitting setting for a song like this. Since it’s been some time since Cyrax has dropped new music, this video and …

Keep Dissing 2 – [Real Boston Richey] & [Lil Durk]

By Brodie Harvey // 3 Jun 2022

Florida has been a hotbed for some of the hottest artists in the game for the past few years. The influences that go into their music and the environment in that wild state present for some of the most unique rappers in the game right now. Today we have a massive co-sign from one of Florida’s hottest up and comers who goes by the name Real Boston Richey. His track “Keep Dissing” has been on my playlist for weeks and it seems like the industry is beginning to wake up to one of the hardest artists to appear in 2022. Lil Durk has been linked with Richey in Florida, so a remix was not out of the blue but is still a massive nod to the talent Real Boston Richey has. Smurkio doesn’t hop on a remix for just anybody. What makes the Tallahassee native stand out is the beat selection he uses, not typical of an artist coming out of Florida but being able to use his lyrics to bridge styles with ease. This is likely the reason why Durk is able to so easily blend in on the string-heavy beat that you would not to expect to come …

ALBUM MODE – [DillanPonders]

By Brodie Harvey // 20 May 2022

This year has brought out a different level of creative energy from Toronto’s DillanPonders. Coming off a strong release with his EP Mushrooms & Melodies, Toronto’s reigning King of the Underground blesses us with his 2nd project before the halfway point in the year. After a few strong single releases, DillanPonders has unleashed his latest LP titled ALBUM MODE. If you’re into gritty lyrics that pack the power of a Will Smith-slap then you’ll be happy to know DillanPonders is back on his BS. Throughout the full 13-track run time, each song shows off how versatile Dillan’s cadence is. If one thing is obvious, Dillan has been in the studio perfecting his craft and the results are incredible. Everything on ALBUM MODE was produced by longtime collaborator BVB, who seems to be in perfect chemistry with Dillan as of late. He seems to master the type of production that allows Dillan to ride the pocket and switch his flows up multiple times within a song, one thing he does impeccably well. One of the biggest standouts from this rollout was one of the album’s singles “Demon Mode” which has Dillan going devilish over a beat that doesn’t let up. Other standouts of Dillan’s …

Give Me The Light – [JA’TORRE] ft. [The Szns]

By Brodie Harvey // 21 Apr 2022

It’s been a minute since I’ve written an article, but recently I came across an artist that made me dust off the keys to put the spotlight on an incredible new artist out of Houston. He goes by the name JA’TORRE and is fresh off the release of his debut single “Give Me The Light” featuring The Szns. This smooth hit showcases JA’TORRE’s incredible vocal talents over a spacey beat that gives you the effect of floating while listening. Houston has put out some of the most unique talent in the past few years, after a strong debut it seems like we have a new act to keep our eyes on. To accompany the single, JA’TORRE released a video for the single which brings the elements of rising out of the darkness to life. It’s one thing for an artist to come out the gate with a strong single, but releasing captivating visuals is something that takes artists a while to figure out as they develop in their careers. If one thing is clear, JA’TORRE has a vision and he is on a mission to share that with the world. With this being the first single he’s released, sky is …

drama queen – [angelus]

By Brodie Harvey // 5 Nov 2021

This year we have seen a great number of artists rise up from the undergrounds built on discord and take over the mainstream in a major way. If you’re not somebody who has tapped in with the genre known loosely as hyperpop or digicore up until now, there’s no doubt you’ve heard its influence across all popular genres. One standout from this scene is angelus, who has always been at the forefront of the boundary-pushing genre that continues to blossom. Being an artist who never felt like they fit in their surroundings, the community built online over the last year has allowed artists to flourish in ways that weren’t previously available. If one thing is clear, it’s that angelus is unapologetically themselves and this shines through everything they create. Back at the start of 2020, I covered angelus as being a unique voice with an immaculate ability for production. Since then, they’ve only continued to evolve into the beast we see today. At only 17 years old, angelus has already shown a lot of what they’re capable of by proving they’re one of the focal points in a groundbreaking new genre. The past year has seen the genre grow from …

Don’t Try This At Home – [J.K. The Reaper] & [Supah Mario]

By Brodie Harvey // 11 Aug 2021

After a fury of hype singles, rapper J.K. The Reaper and producer Supah Mario have released their highly anticipated 9-song EP. Now, many of you should be incredibly familiar with J.K. as one of the original mic slayers of the SoundCloud era. He’s only refined his penmenship in the past years and his latest project is concrete evidence. Titled Don’t Try This At Home, The Reaper performs some death defying stunts over impeccable production. Supah Mario has been having an incredible year, working with the likes of Drake and Lil Uzi Vert. His co-sign does not come lightly, working with an established artist with strong writing skills shows J.K. is everything we thought he could be. With singles like “Hot Ones” and “Freak of the Week” being a small sample of the heat on the EP, there is a lot of versatility form J.K. in between the bass-blasting heaters we’ve come to expect from him. On tracks like “Mob” and “Norf $ide”, J.K. shows his range bringing his intensity levels way down. If you are expecting the more aggressive sound J.K. is known for then look out for songs like “Run It” and “Make It Rain” which are by far two …

edamame – [bbno$] ft. [Rich Brian]

By Brodie Harvey // 28 Jul 2021

We really can never truly predict what bbno$ will do next. After dropping the silky smooth “wussup” with Yung Gravy, the Vancouver-based artist has turned things up a notch with a fast-paced, club-ready hit. A collaboration we have been eager to hear, bbno$ finally joins forces with Rich Brian to deliver one of this summer’s spiciest tracks titled “edamame”. Out the gate, trumpets lay down the foundation for a foot-stomping, body-moving beat produced by Diamond Pistols. Being the first collab between the two, the chemistry is top-notch in the way they effortlessly trade verses back and forth. This song keeps the energy at a high level from beginning to end, this is when bbno$ is at his absolute best. Already excited to see how wild the crowds at his first few shows go when “edamame” kicks in, this is one that will make people lose their minds at his already crazy concerts. At this point, we can expect bbno$’s visuals to be a hilarious cinematic journey and the music video for “edamame” might be one of his best to date. A simple theme goes a long way, something as dumb as bbno$ and Rich Brian dressed in suits of armour …

Mutombo – [Since99] & [Kenny Beats]

By Brodie Harvey // 26 Jul 2021

By now, most should be familiar with Since99. The Michigan-born rapper who took the world by storm with a video that went viral due to his matter-of-fact delivery. Since the release of “Immaculate”, Since99 has been sharpening his skillset and dropping some of the most out-there sports references we’ve ever heard.  What really makes Since99 such an intriguing artist is you really don’t know what you’re going to get when you hit play. The names he drops always catch me off guard, mixed with a lyrical delivery that can’t really be compared to many else out right now. Some have even gone as far as to say he raps in Times New Roman, but let me tell you nobody can pull this off as well as Since99. Last week, Since99 blessed us with a monster collaboration with Kenny Beats. The single “Mutombo” had been teased for quite a while, his fans had been eager for this one to hit the airwaves and its release did not disappoint. This one takes no time to get going, with mere seconds in between the song beginning and Since99’s lyrical onslaught. With his classic quick-witted lyrical content, Since99 uses a powerful sample provided by …