By Brodie Harvey // 18 Jul 2019

Vancouver’s young rockstar AC has been dropping a steady stream of melodic hits over the past year as I’ve written about previously. Earlier this week, he dropped “All4Me” which is one of his first official releases on streaming platforms since his collaborative EP with ILLYMINIACHI. Over the past few years, AC has adopted a much more melody-heavy rap allowing him to create music that is laced with iconic bars and a lot of his brash personality. This song has AC declaring he wants it all, as he deserves putting in years of work into his music and he’s only 18. Take a listen to the new track here, and be on the lookout for more singles from this artist on the rise!

In the Dark – [McEvoy]

By Brodie Harvey // 16 Jul 2019

Even though we are in the midst of summer, Canadian artist McEvoy has delivered a moody R&B track titled “In the Dark” that will be in heavy rotation as we transition into the colder months. This is the first single McEvoy has dropped this year, remaining fairly silent after dropping his outstanding EP These Are The Moments in 2018. McEvoy is an artist who puts a lot of himself in each of his songs, being that he produces, mixes, and records everything himself. This type of authenticity can be felt as soon as his calm yet soulful voice appears on the song. This is the first single off a future project McEvoy has planned for later this year. Listen to “In the Dark” here and stay posted on his socials to stay up to date on new music coming soon!

Understand – [Anklegod] & [Stack Apes]

By Brodie Harvey // 16 Jul 2019

An artist’s first video is an important piece of their journey, without a doubt the young legend Anklegod has blessed us with a video that is sure to turn heads. Anklegod is one of the hottest artists coming out of the west coast and after dropping two outstanding projects and a SoundCloud full of heaters, he has linked up with his running mate Stack Apes to drop an electric new visual for “Understand” that I am highly encouraging everybody to watch. With not a moment wasted with all the insane cuts and added effects bringing in as much energy as Ank and Stack have from the second the video gets going. This is definitely one of Anklegod’s most aggressive songs to date, his intensity is at 6ix9ine levels with Stack Apes adds to it with his contributions adding to this single like gasoline to a fire. Anklegod is most definitely an artist that will start popping up on people’s radars more frequently, he was recently scheduled to perform on the Opposition Stage at our Summer Smash festival. All signs seem to be pointing to a strong close to 2019 and I can not state how excited I am to see …

I’m Up – [BAINS.] Feat. [Yurms]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Jul 2019

BAINS. is an artist who has been grinding over the past few years but recently cleared all platforms of his previous releases and has refocused his energy into a clean new sound with his latest single “I’m Up”. Joining forces with fellow Vancouver artist Yurms, the pair have wildly different approaches to hip hop yet come together for an energetic track. BAINS. has a grizzled voice that provides the foundation on a catchy hook and delivers witty bars all relating to being up, which is the only direction the young artist is heading. With the addition of Yurms, one of the west coast’s most exciting new artists, using his melodic abilities to bring a completely new flavor to the soundscape. BAINS. recently just signed with Owake Records, an imprint of the hip-hop duo So Loki, he’s the first to sign with the label and it’s going to be interesting to see how the Owake team grows to a roster full of talented weirdos. Listen to “I’m Up” on all platforms here!

Recovery – [Quincy Got Rich]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Jul 2019

There’s an artist out in Toronto that has been on my radar for some time, I’ve been waiting on him to deliver some new heat for a while and today he dropped just that. His name is Quincy Got Rich and the song is called “Recovery”, after a quick hiatus he’s returned with a leveled up sound. The looping strings on provides the perfect stage for Quincy to weave around the simplistic beat and body the track switching up his flows on the drop of a dime. It’s obvious that Quincy has been working in the 5 months since his last drop, this song is a clear step into whatever comes next. With an already impressive catalog underneath him and a few collaborations with 88GLAM’s Derek Wise, the ceiling seems high for what Quincy can achieve in the second half of the year. Listen to “Recovery” below and stay tuned for new music!

Tank – [Cyrax] Feat. [$ilkMoney]

By Brodie Harvey // 8 Jul 2019

A little late to the party but had to cover one of my favorite artist’s, Cyrax, who dropped a video for his single “Tank” with his Divine Council partner $ilkMoney.  The video comes close to a year after the release of his EP Stay Active, which as one of the most underrated projects of 2018. “Tank” was one of the biggest singles off the project so to see it get the visual treatment had me incredibly hyped. As expected, the video did not disappoint. This song has immediate energy as soon as the Ginseng and Wildcard produced beat gets going. With constant cuts and edits that match up with the frantic energy of the song, it was definitely worth the wait to get visuals of this caliber for this one. Many people have questioned whether Divine Council would reunite, with $ilk and Cyrax teaming up for this visual far from the release of the single it is a good sign that we will see more collaborations from the pair in the future. One thing to note, Cyax has been teasing the follow up to his last project Stay Active 2 at some point this year. If anything, this video has reignited my …

Rudeness – [Rude Nala]

By Brodie Harvey // 8 Jul 2019

If anything has been evident over the first 6 months of 2019, its that female emcees have been making waves in a real way. All over hip-hop, women have been creating some of the most fire music to drop this year, today I want to introduce our readers to Rude Nala. With the drop of her new project Rudeness, Nala uses her laidback vocals to create a blend of rap and R&B that comes off as effortless in her delivery. The 7-song EP features all that has lead Nala to creating a buzz out of the west coast of Canada, utilizing her smooth vocals and lyricism to make each track sound different than the last. This project plays well from front to back, a perfect listen for a cloudy grey afternoon while in your feelings. Her voice on “I Can’t Tell” is incredibly moody and atmospheric, a contrast to the song “Big Dawg” which has her laying down melodic bars in a more traditional rap sense. The duality between her styles is what makes her an exciting artist to watch in my eyes. This project mainly has Nala showing off her talents, with the only feature coming from her partner in …

Talk To Me Nice – [GoopDaKidd]

By Brodie Harvey // 5 Jul 2019

Today we’re introducing our readers to the leaned-out, electronic vocals of GoopDaKidd. Making his first official release on streaming platforms, the video for his new single “Talk To Me Nice” was a great first step for this emerging rapper. The visuals are on point, making several cuts of Goop in the wilderness wilding out to a track that is laced with auto-tune. His bars end up sounding incredibly futuristic, a style that always seems to hit home with me. The influences on this song are clearly the substances Goop frequents, this video seems like a snapshot of the rising artist’s days in the Pacific North West. Stream the new song from GoopDaKidd on all platforms here and watch the video below!