Slop – [bbno$]

By Brodie Harvey // 18 Oct 2019

We recently did an in-depth interview with bbno$, where he got some insight into the insanely creative mind that has produced one of the weirdest smash hits of 2019. To close out the year strong, bbno$ is back with “Slop” a single that both flexes his personality and witty lyricism. The production on this track hits hard, simple strings and a kicking 808 pattern allows bbno$ to go absolutely dumb in his typical fashion all over the beat. This record was produced by Y2K, their chemistry at this point is undeniable and fans will be excited to hear he will be the executive producer on bbno$’s upcoming full-length project releasing later this year. One thing that is clear is that the Vancouver rapper has no signs of slowing down any time soon. He just wrapped up his North America and European Tour, only to immediately announce the next run of shows in early 2020. Capitalizing on the success of “Lalala”, what the next year holds for bbno$ will be groundbreaking, to say the least. Listen to “Slop” on all platforms here!

Hu$band – [Father]

By Brodie Harvey // 16 Oct 2019

After returning home from Atlanta recently, I have been listening to exclusively listening to music from the city. Luckily, one of my favorite and weirdest artists from the city recently dropped a new EP that stands out as one of his best pieces of work to date. Father has always been an artist to pave his own lane in terms of his sound, always evolving in ways he can use his unique voice to stand out. This project is an incredible example of just that ability. Hu$band is a quick 6-song EP that doesn’t waste a second, each track bringing out a different side of Father. He begins on a high note with “Joestar”, the intro is one of my favorite songs from his catalog in recent memory. “Hexes” features a wildly impressive feature from Meltycanon, Father’s go-to producer and wildly talented artist on his own. The creative duo pair well on the track, it’s safe to say more collaborations can be expected in the future. The EP closes out on an energetic level with “Family Function” alongside Zack Fox, the song released previously on SoundCloud but its re-release reminded me just how hard the song goes. The entire Awful Records …

Hurting – [Curtis Waters]

By Brodie Harvey // 16 Oct 2019

One of my favorite discoveries of 2019 has been the music of Curtis Waters. He is an artist capable of drifting from anthemic rap ballads to songs reimagining pop-punk for the modern era. On Curtis’ latest single “Hurting”, Waters takes to the latter and creates a track that would’ve worked as well in the mid-2000s as it does now. The Canadian-born, North Carolina-based artist has an impressive catalog thus far, each song varying greatly to the next all while remaining true to an underlying theme. One thing that immediately drew me to his music was how much of his personality he brings to each of his records. As this year comes to a close, it would be no surprise if the name Curtis Waters begins to pop up a lot more on people’s radar. Listen to “Hurting” on all platforms here!

Can’t Compare – [SEGA]

By Brodie Harvey // 11 Oct 2019

Toronto’s Secret Sound Club has been producing some of the most unique talent out of Canada for some time, one of their OG members SEGA has begun releasing heat right after finishing touring the world with KILLY. With a grizzled voice and witty lyricism, SEGA is capable of creating hard-hitting club hits or leaning into the futuristic R&B sound that has become a staple in SSC’s music. On his most recent single “Can’t Compare”, SEGA both wrote and produced this track that has a dirty 808 pattern sure to get any venue moving. Along with the single, SEGA also dropped some incredible visuals that bring the track to life. It features SEGA and KILLY chilling outside of a bodega, something they’ve been doing years before the music ever started to blow up. With KILLY rising to new heights this year, there’s no doubt SEGA is next in line to blow up out of Secret Sound Club. Watch the video for “Can’t Compare” below and stream on all platforms here!

Messi (Music Video) – [Pyrex Pryce]

By Brodie Harvey // 4 Oct 2019

A few weeks back, we covered an impressive single from one of South Carolina’s most exciting rising artists Pyrex Pryce. His single “Messi” has been making waves since it dropped, his melodic talents on full display showing what the young artist is capable of. Pyrex Pryce finally released a music video for the single, the cinematic visuals feature Pryce across the country in the Hollywood Hills living lavish with his shorty before kindly sending her on her way. This is Pyrex Pryce’s first video, a strong debut for an artist who is quickly catching heat. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing this song pop up more places, it won’t take long for Pyrex Pryce to get his music to the masses. Watch the video for “Messi” below!

Monte Carlo – [JayKin] ft. [Jay Worthy]

By Brodie Harvey // 4 Oct 2019

Today we have an absolute classic hip-hop cut from two West Coast staples. JayKin is a career artist and still to this date has one of the most iconic projects to come out of Vancouver is 2010’s Sneakers and Video Games. Its only fitting that JayKin collaborated with another legendary figure in West Coast Rap, Compton’s own Jay Worthy. “Monte Carlo” is extremely nostalgic for me, it sounds instantly timeless with the 80s sample on loop provided by producer U-Tern. Their bars have an incredibly laidback Westcoast feel to them, this song will play amazingly well driving slow with the seat reclined way back throughout your city streets. Snick Silva directed the visuals and its all based around capturing a day in the life for JayKin as he and Jay Worthy cruise throughout Vancouver. This song is a great collaboration, but what makes it so interesting is that its a collab with two artists who paved the way for a lot of other artists coming out of the Pacific North West. Check out “Monte Carlo” on all platforms here and watch the video below!

MINUTIA – [Just John] [Dom Dias]

By Brodie Harvey // 4 Oct 2019

The powerhouse rapper/producer combo out of Toronto released one of their most rapid-fire singles to date. Just John and Dom Dias have become known for their insane chemistry that leads to Just John being able to really do as he pleases with any beat Dom provides. Their latest single “MINUTIA” comes with the intensity of a Tommy Gun firing shots, Just John goes double-time spitting bars that will have people’s brains firing on all cylinders to keep up with the lyrical onslaught. The visuals released for this single is the second installment in the bizarre hospital world Just John has been creating with each of his recent releases. Just John has an innate creative mind, not only crafting complex lyrics but also directing all of his own visuals. It will be incredibly interesting to see where this story leads for the pair. For now, listen to “MINUTIA” on all platforms here!

ENIGMA – [DillanPonders]

By Brodie Harvey // 28 Sep 2019

Toronto’s reigning King of the Underground has returned with a laidback new banger. DillanPonders is known for his grizzled voice and witty lyricism, this song features both of those elements but in a different fashion than we’ve seen previously. On his latest single “ENIGMA” Dillan is well aware of his unique position in the music industry, an artist who has a deep catalog of diverse records that all stand out in their own right. This single is reminiscent of a raging river, continuously flowing with an aggressive tone. Ponders is an artist that is established, but constantly evolving as he discovers sounds that can take his unique voice that much further. This is the third single off his upcoming EP KNOWHERE set to drop later this year. Each single thus far has shown a different side of DillanPonders, it will be exciting to hear what else he has planned for this project. Stream “ENIGMA” on all platforms here! Produced by BVB and Alex Parham