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Juicy (Remix) – [Doja Cat] ft. [Tyga]

By Lucas Garrison // 15 Aug 2019

It seems like the current trend now is to move on from one release to another quickly in ane effort to stay in the limelight. It’s clearly an effective strategy, but I think there is something to be said for really working a song, getting everything you can out of it before moving on. A perfect example is Doja Cat. She’s been squeezing “Juicy” for everything it has. Released in March as part of the deluxe edition of Amala (which was originally released in March of 2018), she performed the track on the COLORS stage, and now she’s back with a remix featuring TYGA, which is also supported by a music video. As you can imagine, the bawdy, intoxicatingly catchy effort gets a set of visuals that is as provocative and colorful as the track itself. Already a hit from the jump, with a remix, a video, and all the time spent to ensure “Juicy” stays fresh, will likely send this one over the top for Doja Cat.

White Collar Crime – [STOCKZ]

By Lucas Garrison // 13 Aug 2019

“Cool” can be a vague description for an undefinable quality, but, at the same time, you know it when you see it. Throwing on a chain, pulling up in a candy painted whip loaded with twerking models is all for naught if you don’t have the attitude that comes with it. It’s like they always say, “You can’t fake the funk.” With that in mind, let the new offering from Stockz be the blueprint in how to capture that “cool” factor. On “White Collar Crime” the Lyrical Lemonade newcomer puts his Houston-splashed swagger on full display with a set of visuals filmed in his hometown and a beat equipped with that distinct H-Town lean. He matches the aesthetic with a laid-back yet crisp flow, some flex-centric bars, and most importantly that “je ne sais quoi” to give the track the authenticity needed to connect. No “faking the funk” here.

Clear As Day – [Bonbon Anglais]

By Lucas Garrison // 10 Aug 2019

With every release, Bonbon Anglais impresses me more and more. Now on his fourth release of the year–his third of the summer–he switches gears, showing a different side with an emotionally-charged ballad entitled “Clear As Day.” Where prior releases like “All Along” have had a little more of a warm, danceable feel, Anglais slows the tempo on “Clear As Day.” The swirling, string-engined backdrop has a softer, melancholic feel which really echoes Anglais’ palpable emotion. His powerful performance lends a real sense of authenticity to his existential perspective; you can really feel him on this one. The more warm and vibrant cuts, may prove an easier listen, but “Clear As Day” proves Anglais knows when, and how, to  connect on a deeper, more emotional level.

The Lay Down – [Big Baby DRAM] ft. [H.E.R.] & [watt]

By Lucas Garrison // 8 Aug 2019

With the announcement that he is dropping new music, DRAM also released a message explaining that, 2 years removed since his last album, he would be getting back to his R&B and soul roots. Starting off, he’s definitely aligning himself with the right people, recruiting new R&B sensation H.E.R, and guitarist Andrew Watt for “The Lay Down.”  Though the overall direction and cushioned R&B-driven board work may be new ground, DRAM’s charisma, and unique vocal drawl remain true and he does a great job of blending it with H.E.R’s smoky voice. Still present, as well, is DRAM’s knack for arrangement. Here he rounds out the cut emphatically with a strutting solo from watt that’s backed by some impressive vocal harmonies and powerful drums that work together to create rich, cascading feel. Taking the qualities that are rooted in his DNA that made him a fan-favorite, but applying them to a new sound and direction, DRAM kicks off this new, Big Baby DRAM chapter with a bang.

Pilot – [G6]

By Lucas Garrison // 7 Aug 2019

G6 is a bit of a mystery. With only three songs to his name and minimal social media activity, the Florida emcee has already landed a deal with Republic. A quick play on spin on his latest offering, “Pilot,” and it’s not hard to see why. G6 enters with a clean effort that comes with a lyric video to highlight his knack for sticky, flex-heavy wordplay. Sonically, G6 engages with a simmering approach. His mellow style pairs nicely with Underscoe and Scar’s warm boardwalk to give off a potent, vibed-out feel. It may be a slow burn, by “Pilot” is super potent, so give it a few spins before you move on, because it’ll stick with you.

OneFourThree – [Hermitude] ft. [BJ The Chicago Kid] & [Buddy]

By Lucas Garrison // 4 Aug 2019

BJ The Chicago Kid and Buddy are, likey, two names you already know so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see them together –actually, they two artists I’d love to see collaborate more–but I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard them like this.  On “OneFourThreee” BJ and Buddy switch gears, taking the lead from Australian duo, Hermitude, who provide them with an infectious electronic beat. It may be a different canvas but the brush strokes are the same with Buddy bringing his effortless and BJ lending his soulful vocals to the hook. Two artists who are consistently in my own personal rotation, it’s really refreshing to hear them in a different arena while they still stay true to their roots.

Summers in Vegas – [Lolo Zouaï]

By Lucas Garrison // 3 Aug 2019

Lolo Zouaï’s High Highs to Low Lows kind of came out of nowhere and has become one of my favorite pop albums of the year.  She has the ethereal, glittery sheen of a pop star but the brash edge of a rapper and matches both with boisterous, catchy production; she even weaves in between French and English for an extra edge. Sonically, the album is as diverse as her roots. She was born in France and raised in San Francisco, but her latest video is dedicated to “Summers In Vegas.” One of the more subdued tracks on the album, Zouï captures subtly evokes a bittersweet-twinge in her tender vocal performance as she reminisces on her time in Vegas. The personal, nostalgic direction is echoed in the visuals (co-directed, co-edited, and solely styled by Zouï) thanks to vintage clothes and the grainy, home movies-esque tint. “Summers In Vegas” definitely showcases a different side of the budding pop star. To get to know the other sides, give High Highs to Low Lows some love. Extra Credit: “Moi” & “High Highs to Low Lows”

STP – [Cousin Stizz]

By Lucas Garrison // 2 Aug 2019

Before we get into Cousin Stizz’ new track “STP” (and we will) can we take a collective second to applaud the year Take A Daytrip is having right now? It’s hard to imagine having a better year than they had last year, but they may have already topped it; shit maybe just in the past few weeks alone. Recently, they have been behind cuts from Big Sean, Cordae, Kevin Gates, Token’s song on the Madden soundtrack, all with “Panini” and “Rodeo” climbing up the charts. They are gonna need a new tag; this shit is past ten. A producer’s ability to create smash hits with a distinct sound, all while fitting a wide range of artists, is not an easy skill to master but Take A Daytrip has done it and perhaps nowhere is that more clear than this one with one of the more unique sounding emcees in the game in Stizz. Here, Stizz brings his off-kilter flow dripping with a cool, unconcerned attitude and still manages to fit in with fit the resonant, pulsing beat to create a song that has the aura of when you are almost too fucked up; knowing you may be at your limit, but being …