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L/Trunk – [Caleb Carnell]

By Lucas Garrison // 18 Jul 2019

I know we have a whole new music Friday ahead of us, but I already feel confident in saying you won’t hear anything that sounds like Caleb Carnell’s new project SUPER FUN YEAR. The Kansas native has a ton of personality in your music with just the right amount of an in-your-face style that matches his grungy, off-kilter sound. His unique approach is best captured, and most effective, on the standout track(s) “L / Trunk.” Carnell kicks off the experience with “L,” almost hypnotizing you with his growling flow that sways atop production from Lyrical Lemonade regular Tommy Newport and Adrian Bellaire. His voice and his knack for some slick one-liners really lull you into his energy, setting up perfectly for the epic beat switch into “Trunk.” Rounding things out, Carnell brings the energy up a notch atop his own frenetic boardwork. Even with two distinct sounds, “L/Trunk,” feel intertwined– like two-sides of the same coin–with Carnell’s heavy-handed delivery bridging the gap.

Nova – [Marco XO]

By Lucas Garrison // 16 Jul 2019

With all this alien and Area 51 talk going on. I think we need to nominate someone to lead the charge on interstellar relations. Who better than Marco XO? The Florida-native is back for the third time this year with another space-themed cut in “Nova.” Here, Marco flexes a little atop a unique beat that blends an airy flute-esque sound with a murky, off-kilter bass. Marco is able to match both the light and airy and the heavier feel with an elasticized flow and ties it all together with a simple hook that’ll get begs for you to stunt along with him.

Not 4 Me – [Bonbon Anglais]

By Lucas Garrison // 14 Jul 2019

Sometimes it takes a few songs, or an album (or two) to become a fan of someone, but when I heard Bonbon Anglais’ “All Along” back in May, I became a fan immediately. All that was left to do was wait for more… Now, the mysterious crooner returns with a new single in “Not 4 Me” and confirms what I suspected after “All Along.” He is special. Yet again, he showcases his ability to cover a topic that you wouldn’t expect considering the warm, inviting feel of his song.  A danceable effort, built around a tropical, almost hypnotic vibe, “Not 4 Me” gets your body moving before you even realize that–with lines like “What goes up must come down”– Anglais has created a break-up ready cut. I may not know who he is, or where he’s from, but thanks to his exotic boardwork, his unique vocals, and a sharp pen, I’m all in on Bonbon Anglais.    

If U Say – [Black Milk] ft. [BJ The Chicago Kid]

By Lucas Garrison // 14 Jul 2019

Late last month, we featured BJ The Chicago Kid’s single, “Reach” and had to mention how he’s one of the most consistent features in the game. Lending credence to that claim, BJ, in the middle of an album release run of his own, lends his smooth vocals to the latest from Detroit mainstay Black Milk, “If U Say.” Black Milk doesn’t get enough credit for his diversity. From electronic to jazz to no-frills hip-hop, he can do it all often fusing them together in a unique way and often being the one behind the boards as well. Here he goes a more soulful route, blending his knifing flow with BJ’s crooning atop his own board mellow work. Capping off the understated effort, Black Milk switches gears, hitting us with jazzy outro where his knack for amazing drums is on full display. Along with “If U Say” Black Milk announced his new EP, DiVE, is set to drop on August 2nd.

Sick- [BbyMutha]

By Lucas Garrison // 14 Jul 2019

BbyMutha may have dropped “Sick” as part of The Bastard Tape, Vol. 1 back in 2018, but with the release of her dope new video for the standout, and with his comments still echoing the halls of the internet, I’m ceremoniously dedicating the new video to Jermaine Dupri. Displaying an effortless swagger and unflappable confidence, BbyMutha flexes atop a leaning, southern-dusted beat without ever lifting a finger. Her nonchalant, gliding flow only adding to the aura of superiority; making her haters “Sick” ain’t nothing. For the visuals, The Lousiana collective HUEMIDHAUS brings a little bit of New Orleans flair to the Chatanooga-native’s aesthetic, loading the video with some supernatural, gritty elements that give credence to BbyMutha calling herself, “the antichrist of female rap.”

heart of thames – [Alexander Nate]

By Lucas Garrison // 13 Jul 2019

I’ve been an Alexander Nate fan for a long time. This is not to brag, it’s just to let you know that, as someone who has heard everything he’s done, I can say with confidence that his new single, “heart of thames,” is one of his strongest offerings to date. I don’t know what he did in the 8-month break between this one and the release of Red Canary EP (which, by the way, is also dope) but whatever happened, it translated into a more decisive, mature sound from the talented up-and-comer. I think slowing things down and heading to a more R&B-centric sound really did wonders for Nate. Letting the track breathe a little bit allowed the emotion in his voice to really cut through the atmospheric boardwork of Chris Falcone. On top of his vocal output, Alexander did a great job of translating that emotion into his songwriting, with some engaging phrasing leading to lines that really jump out at you; It’s always so much fun watching an artist with potential blossom and grow, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening with Alexander Nate.

It’s Real Love – [Yellow Days]

By Lucas Garrison // 12 Jul 2019

Giving music recommendations is not a task I take lightly. If I don’t give someone their new favorite artist, or at least a few playlist additions, I consider it a stain on me, both professionally and personally. No matter what the recomendee’s tastes, style or interest, I always suggest Yellow Days and have yet to find someone who doesn’t show any interest in his music, because his style is so diverse and unique. New to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, he may be new to you, so new single, “It’s Real Love” is the perfect place to start. On his second release of 2019, The UK crooner shows his mastery of genre-blurring, combining a cushioned R&B atmosphere with some dreamy, pop-splashed synths and an indie-rock riff, tying everything together is his staggering, soulful, voice. Even with so many influences he still keeps things light and easy; it’s so easy to vibe out to his music and this is no exception. Hopefully the release “Its Real Love” means we’re due for more Yellow Days in the near future, but an elusive figure of sorts, who knows? In the meantime, I recommend getting familiar with his catalog. Pick one and press play; you …

Organic Mud – [Larry June] x [Cardo]

By Lucas Garrison // 9 Jul 2019

Larry June is putting in some real work this year… or “doing numbers” as he would say. Already two albums deep in 2019, Larry June just completed the trilogy with the release of Mr. Midnight. Don’t doubt his work ethic, these aren’t simply leftovers compiled from the previous two albums either. On Mr. Midnight, June teamed up with one of the premier producers in the game, Cardo, to create a swagger-filled, West-Coast album perfect for cruisin’. Here, standout cut “Organic Mud” gets the visual treatment, with June taking us on a tour of the Bay Area as he spits his luxurious bars with that distinct, rumbling flow. The setting paired June’s laid-back energy is the perfect compliment to Cardo’s bouncing boardwork and is just a small sample of the natural chemistry the two have on the entire project. Good Job, Larry!