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A Conversation with Khary

By Sam Morrison // 11 Aug 2020

One of the industry’s fastest growing talents is making it on to our pages today to talk about life, music and everything in between. If you haven’t heard of Khary, I hope this Q&A serves as a proper introduction to an artist who plays by his own rules and creates music that is uniquely his own. Continue reading down below to learn more about what makes Khary… Khary. — Sam: Tell me about where you’re from. Khary: I’m originally from Providence, RI. I spent 7 years in NY to learn how the music industry worked/start a career and I just recently moved to LA. Sam: What got you into music in the first place? Was there anyone who inspired you; family, friends etc.? Khary: Man, my brother used to rap and I just wanted to be like him at first. He’d sneak me into venues to be his hype man when I was 16 and I just kinda stuck with it. Sam: Who are your musical inspirations? Who did you grow up idolizing in the music industry? Khary: I used to have a big afro and I decided to cut it off at the beginning of a school year. I also …

I Had A Love Song-[Ant Saunders] feat. [VanJess]

By Sam Morrison // 10 Aug 2020

“I Had A Love Song” is a brand new track by Ant Saunders that is worthy of your time on this Monday afternoon. Ever since the release of his debut EP, “BUBBLE”, I’ve been itching for some new music by the rising superstar and today, its my pleasure to bring this fresh offering on to our pages.  When you listen to Ant’s music, it is very clear that he puts his heart and soul into every piece of production and catchy melody. What we’re witnessing is a kid who allows his raw emotions and feelings to be the primary driving force of anything he touches. The reason why so many of his fans connect with and support his music is because there is a certain humility and practicality within the songs that empowers others to chase their dreams in the way Ant has. Ever since stepping on the scene, Ant has wasted no time in creating timeless tunes and “I Had A Love Song” is just the latest on that list. The two-minute and thirty-seven second track featuring well-known recording artist, VanJess is nothing short of a triumph. The music video that goes along with it adds so much light …

A Conversation with Turbo

By Sam Morrison // 10 Aug 2020

“Man, I’m just thriving…” A four word phrase that perfectly encapsulates Turbo. I’ve written about the up and coming artist many times before, so it was only right to get on a zoom call and take a deeper look into someone who is doing some amazing things in the industry already. This whole entire conversation with the Internet Money Signee was a blessing for myself and I pray it’s a blessing for you all as well! Continue reading to down below to check out what we talked about! — Sam: So you’re from Canada right? Turbo: Yes sir! Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, which is where I’m at right now. Sam: Fire! Man, I remember getting put onto your music when “Heart Stop” came out and I’ve just always been a fan. The music is so unique and really special. I’ve written about you a couple of times before, but its just special to get to talk to you like this; so tell me about your journey in music and how you got to where you are right now. Turbo: Man, the seed was planted when I was like 10 years old. My cousins would come over and they …


By Sam Morrison // 7 Aug 2020

If you haven’t heard of Reece yet, it’s about time you shift your attention to an artist who is rising quickly. For all of you A&R’s and tastemakers looking for something that’s moving, this is the article that you’ll want to pay attention to. This is my first time covering Reece, but it most certainly will not be the last by any means. Vulnerability and transparency are two characteristics that shine the brightest when it comes to music. With all of the talent in the world, that can mean nothing if there is not an avenue for listeners and fans to connect with the human emotions that drive a song. Reece not only has the talent, but he also has the ability to spill his heart out on to a song in a way that encourages others who may have experienced similar situations. His new song that just dropped today is called “BACK FOR ME” and its a must listen. Reece explained that, “BACK FOR ME” is a venting session in the form of a song. I was so upset the day I wrote it with Jonah Shai. I just had my heart broken literally 3 days prior, and I wanted …

Easy-[Tyler Sellers]

By Sam Morrison // 7 Aug 2020

I got the chance to write about Tyler Sellers a couple of months ago after discovering his discography on Spotify. Ever since uncovering this undeniable gem, I’ve had his most recent song, “WTSB” playing non-stop. Although I’ve been enjoying bumping and vibing to his catalog, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wasn’t itching for some new Tyler Sellers music. The wait is finally over though, as the 19-year-old decided to release a brand new song today called, “Easy”. The title defines the track pretty well as it’s an extremely easy song to listen to due to the sheer magic that Tyler was able to pump this one up with. When you hear a talent like Tyler, it’s very easy to speculate where he got his gift from. Some would say that he’s a natural; for good reason too. The Conway Arkansas native is no stranger to music. He grew up with his dad being a worship leader while his grandmother was a Jazz Pianist as well. From a young age, he knew that music enticed him due to it being all around, but it wasn’t until the age of 13 that he made it his own. What started …

Nu Hill-[Gaddo]

By Sam Morrison // 7 Aug 2020

Gaddo is an artist who needs no introduction. After making it onto our pages for his most recent track, “Too Many Rappers”, he’s making a second appearance after releasing a brand new song today called, “Nu Hill”. The New Mexico up and comer is trying to make a name for himself in this music industry and this latest offering is proof that he’s doing just that at a very rapid pace. The talent he has is very evident while his vision is targets and focused at the same time. When you have the skill as well as the drive, it’s a perfect combination that will lead to inevitable success. I got the chance to grab some insight from Gaddo himself about the new song and he explained: “I’m an R&B head at my core so the song was really inspired by late 90s/ early 2000s Type vibes. The premise of the song is me going back and forth w this girl about our situation and then emphasizing how much it’s starting to mess with my head in the chorus, while also paying homage to one of my favorite Dru Hill tracks “In My Bed”. That’s also where the title came …

I Don’t Want to Change You-[John MacLane]

By Sam Morrison // 5 Aug 2020

John MacLane is an artist who has sparked my interest ever since stumbling upon his music earlier this week. Anytime I come across something exponentially unique, it’s imperative to write about it here on our pages. From the moment you take a dive into John’s music, you’ll know that there is something special within the artistry. Just a couple of days back, he dropped a song called, “I Don’t Want to Change You” that has been receiving some pretty awesome attention since its release. I heard the song while mindlessly scrolling through my Discover Weekly Spotify playlist and haven’t been able to stop listening since. John is an Atlanta native who is just beginning what looks to be a promising career in music. After many years of experience in production and multi-instrumental utilization, he’s now beginning to take the next steps into carving out his own niche in the music world. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The 1975 and Jeremy Zucker, John mixes his experimental take on music with his own personal flavor. There are  so many amazing elements present in his music and after you listen to this new offering, you’ll have to agree. “I Don’t Want to Change …

Elastic (Music Video)-[Brandon]

By Sam Morrison // 5 Aug 2020

It’s safe to say that Brandon has found a permanent home here on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade. His music has made a lasting impression on our writers and it’s always a pleasure to showcase his artistry any chance we get. It’s rare to find an artist who drops masterpiece after masterpiece and thats why Brandon is such a highly coveted part of the music industry today. his consistency is undeniable as it stems from his natural talent and heightened attention to detail. He cares about the music he releases to the world and that is why he makes sure the quality only reaches that of perfection. The last time we saw the Riverside native on our platform was for his latest single called, “Elastic”. Fellow LL writer, Chuck Ramos and I had the chance to cover the breathtaking piece as it received amazing reviews and responses. If you haven’t heard the song yet, I advise you to listen as soon as you can. I’ve attached the Spotify link right here! On top of the single though, 6 days ago, Brandon dropped an equally impressive video for the beautiful offering. Directed by Justin Segura, the four-minute and twenty-three second visual perfectly …