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Spotify RADAR Presents: PinkPantheress

By Sam Morrison // 22 Oct 2021

It’s no secret that PinkPantheress is becoming one of music’s most talked about artists right now. The internet sensation has wasted no time in rising to the top of viral trends and cultural moments, which has led many to believe that she is undoubtedly on her way to become one of the next generational talents on a globally reaching scale. With an artist as important as PinkPantheress though, it’s completely normal to ask yourself the question, “who is she?”. We know her music and we know her sound, but who is she as a person? If you’ve wondered that at any time, then have no fear, because today, on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, that question will be answered! If you haven’t heard of RADAR, then today is your lucky day! Launched in 2020, RADAR is the flagship artist development program from Spotify that reinforces their global commitment to to support emerging artists in all stages of their development, spanning all genres, and deepening the connection to their audiences. Just recently, the program teamed up with PinkPantheress to make her the focal point of their latest installment in the RADAR series. What we get to see is a Halloween themed …

Off The Drugs-[Ash Leone]

By Sam Morrison // 21 Oct 2021

If you’ve read my writing over the years, then you know there are certain artists who will always get love from me. One of those people at the top of my list is an artist who goes by the name of Ash Leone. She’s been on my radar for some time now and has quickly become one of my favorite people to listen to in the entire industry. The Philadelphia native has a way of creating ballads that hit you deep in your soul in a way that seems effortless. Today, she does just that as she makes it back on to out page for the release of her newest song called, “Off The Drugs”, a track that I had the chance to listen to a while back. This one juts hits different is some great ways and you can’t afford to miss it whatsoever. Ash does an amzing job of showcasing her stellar vocal talents and weaving together a story that will connect with anyone who listens. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!

Late To The Party-[Emei]

By Sam Morrison // 20 Oct 2021

One of the best songs you’ll hear this week is by an artist who goes by the name of Emei. I’ve had my eye on her for some time now and today, I’m hype to bring her on to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade for her latest song called, “Late To The Party”. This exceptional song co-written by Emei and Jamie Gelman + Lucas Sim is one that you’re going to have on repeat for a while and it’s due to the infectious production by Lucas and cleverly crafter melodies by Emei herself. On top of that, the hook and chorus are immensely catchy which makes this just a really fun one to indulge in. With only 2 songs on her current discography though, it’s only right to wonder what is this up and comer cooking up, but this new one should be enough to hold you over as she keeps releasing music. Myself and the Lyrical family are excited for what she’s got coming in the pipeline and you all should be as well! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!  


By Sam Morrison // 15 Oct 2021

mazie has been one of my favorite artists for the past year now and the strides that she’s taken in only the last months have been nothing shy of exciting. There has been an evolution in her music which continues to point back to her intentional writing process and devotion to executing her creative vision to a tee. Today, this sweet and colorful songstress makes it on to our page for the release of her latest offering called, “spinnin”. Fresh off of her collaboration with stellar talent Chloe Moriondo, it was safe to wonder, “where does mazie go from here” and yet again, she exceeds our expectations with an overwhelmingly catchy song that will be stuck in your head for the entire weekend. mazie continues to make music that I love and I can’t wait to keep supporting. Make sure you check out “spinnin” right now and let us know what you think!

Songs for Sam-[Sam MacPherson]

By Sam Morrison // 15 Oct 2021

Every generation needs a recurring voice that they can count on to fill the atmosphere with their music and stop time with their convicting lyrics. For this generation, I believe that voice is none other than Sam MacPherson. I’ve spent a lot of time with his music and I’ve ultimately come to the conclusion that this is an artist who is going to be around for a very long time. I’ve had the chance to write about him a few times already, but, I can confidently say that this time is definitively my favorite. Today, Sam makes it onto our page for the release of his debut EP called, “Songs for Sam”. Within this 5 song project, we get the opportunity to step into this singer/songwriter’s world as he tells intentional stories and takes us down a path of self reflection and discovery. From the production all the way to Sam’s stunning voice, every single part of every song will exceed your expectations and leave you wondering where Sam has been all of your life. 5 songs truly do not do this project justice as I wish there at least 10. “Routine”, “Start”, “Last Minute”, “Counts” & “Perfect Conditions” make …

Live At Electric Lady (Spotify Exclusive)-[Faye Webster]

By Sam Morrison // 14 Oct 2021

Faye Webster has been one of my favorite artists for some time now. Ever since my ex-girlfriend played me her song, “Kingston”, I have been utterly captivated by her sonic presence and musical genius. Nothing makes me happier than getting to write about this Queen on our pages today for a special offering that deserves to be celebrated and praised in every way. Today, Faye arrives on the Lyrical Lemonade website for her Spotify exclusive live EP recorded at Electric Lady Studios. This partnership is a trailblazing one as it creates a perfect match made in heaven for artists with phenomenal creative visions like Faye. When talking about this EP, Faye explains: “Recording at Electric Lady Studios was a rare experience, especially because I was able to bring musicians who have been with me since my early days in Athens and Atlanta. It was special, and I’m still processing it.” This is a special one and I’m so hype that you all get to listen to it! I’ve attached the link down below, so give it a listen!

Poke It Out-[Wale] feat. [J. Cole]

By Sam Morrison // 13 Oct 2021

Going to High School in D.C. had it’s perks, but none rivaled getting put on to the local music scene. As a 14 year old freshman, I was eager to attach myself to any artist or musician who peaked my interest and it seemed like everywhere I turned, Wale was the topic of every discussion. From songs like “Lotus Flower Bomb” all the way to “Legendary”, it was evident that Wale was not just someone you listen to in passing, but a true genius who you needed to appreciate. The D.C. native has single-handedly put the community on the map while paving the way for prominent artists to come up behind him. What’s even greater is that Wale is in no way ready to slow down after all that he’s accomplished. Today, the seasoned veteran is making it on to our pages after announcing his new Album, with a new song featuring J. Cole called, “Poke It Out”. The new offering that we’ve been blessed with is nothing short of classic Wale as he never disappoints on any song he puts out. The inclusion of J. Cole was the perfect feature as it completely fills out an already impressive and …


By Sam Morrison // 13 Oct 2021

One of the best songs you’ll hear all week is by an artist who goes by the name of Gidi. When the week starts, I’m always eager to dive in to new releases and so far, this is the one that has stood out to me the most. Gidi is a talented Baltimore native who now calls Los Angeles home as he’s pursuing his dream in music. Most people do this, but when you listen to Gidi’s discography, it’s apparent that these aren’t just hopes and dreams; but rather, a reality that Gidi is close to attaining. This new offering that’s getting featured on our page today is his latest song called, “Damned” and it might be my favorite song that he’s dropped to this day. From the moment it starts, there is an ambience that is created through the production that will snatch all of your attention. From their, Gidi’s vocals and harmonies create a space for listeners to fall in love with the entire piece. This is just a really smooth song and it makes me so happy that I get the chance to cover art like this. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this …