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Bad Boy-[Yung Bae]with [Wiz Khalifa],[bbno$]&[MAX]

By Sam Morrison // 29 May 2020

It’s rare that you stumble upon a track that boasts as much star power as the song I’m featuring on our pages today. Portland Producer, Yung Bae has been making some serious waves as of late and today he keeps his upward momentum moving with the release of a brand new song called “Bad Boy”. This isn’t just your average song by Yung Bae though as he’s put together a star studded cast to feature in this amazingly stunning offering. Well known hit makers, Wiz Khalifa, MAX, and bbno$ are making their much appreciated appearances on “Bad Boy” and it’s such a cool thing to see all of these amazing artists adding their talents on to this one. This song is as full as you’d want it to be. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give “Bad Boy” a listen and let us know what you think!

Nobody-[Peter Fenn]

By Sam Morrison // 29 May 2020

Peter Fenn is an artist who Lyrical Lemonade fans are very familiar with. The well-known producer has been making a name for himself in various areas of music creation. For up and coming and well established artists alike, Peter Fenn is the guy you go to if you want your music to pop off.  As much as he’s been helping others though, Peter is just as good as a solo artist, which is the sole reason why he’s making it onto our pages today. The hitmaker just dropped a brand new track called “Nobody” and it’s definitely worth your ear. The guitar driven track creates an amazing vibe that is truly spectacular. After jamming to this one for a couple of hours straight, I’m leaning towards to saying that this might be one of Peter’s best songs to date. I was able to grab a quote from Peter and he explained that:  “Nobody is about that feeling you find someone that you can see a future with, but you still have some hesitation about even being in a relationship. As I was making this song and it started to progress, i started to realize it was super personal and I …

Premiere: You And Me Now-[Devault]&[Manila Killa]feat.[Griff Clawson]

By Sam Morrison // 29 May 2020

If you’re looking for an electrifying song to kick start your weekend then I’ve most definitely got the perfect one for you. Devault and Manila Killa are two very respected names in the industry and it’s always a treat when you get two legends to team up on a track. Today, that happened as these two artists dropped a brand new offering together called “You And Me Now”. The electronic fueled ballad has all of the right energy to make you feel every feeling known to man. From the production standpoint, you know exactly what you’re getting when these two get into a room together. It’s unbelievable what they were able to create sonically. The 4 minute and 26 second song will put you in a trance as the angelic ambience takes over all throughout it. What’s even cooler about this song is that Griff Clawson made a well deserved appearance. If you haven’t heard of Griff Clawson before, then let this article serve as a blessing. The moment you hear Griff’s vocals, you’ll understand why it was so important for him to be integrated into this one. I love everything about this song. Every element is elite and there’s …

Drums Drums Drums-[Travis Barker]&[Wiz Khalifa]

By Sam Morrison // 29 May 2020

Travis Barker is an undeniable legend in every sense of the word. He has been a trail blazer who has paved the way for a myriad of artists and its so cool to see the veteran still blessing us with music time and time again. Today, Travis is making another appearance on our page for the release of his brand new song titled, “Drums Drums Drums”. You really can’t turn on a Travis Barker song and expect anything less than pure excellence. The Blink-182 drummer has been doing this for a long time and its almost as if everything he touches turns to gold. From a production standpoint, “Drums Drums Drums” truly breathes magnificence. The vibe created by this one is perfect for blasting your speakers at full volume and cruising down the street. To make this track even better is that Travis enlisted help from another legend…the one and only Wiz Khalifa. Just like Travis, you know what to expect from Wiz. When two hall of famers link up on a track like this, its impossible not to lose your mind, which is what I’ve been doing since listening to the track for the first time this morning. It’s …

Bleeding Buttercup EP-[THE BLOSSOM]

By Sam Morrison // 28 May 2020

THE BLOSSOM is an artist who is making it onto our pages today for the release of her brand new EP entitled, “Bleeding Buttercup”. If you haven’t heard of THE BLOSSOM before, then let this serve as your crash course on the emerging talent. Lily Lizotte is a Sydney, Australia raised, LA based talent who has the world ahead of her in the form of music. This brand new EP boasts 5 impressive songs that span up to 17 minutes total. After going through each and every track, you will realize that each minute was worth it. “Wish You Well” is my personal favorite as it exudes an energy that can only be felt by listening. The production all the way throughout the EP is the perfect platform for THE BLOSSOM to shine through her vocal talents and lyrical storytelling. I could go on and on about this brand new EP, but I really want y’all to experience it for yourselves. I’ve attached “Bleeding Buttercup” down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Premiere: WTSB-[Tyler Sellers]

By Sam Morrison // 28 May 2020

I’ve been excited about a lot of artists during my time of working in music, but the artist making his appearance on our pages tonight is someone who I will bet all of my chips on. About a week ago, I stumbled upon Tyler Sellers, a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from the great state of Arkansas. He got put onto my radar for his song “Honey” and at that very moment, I took the time to dig into every single thing he’s released in the past. I wish I was exaggerating, but Tyler Sellers might just be the next best thing in 2020. The look, the sound, the swagger…he simply has it all and its just a matter of time before everyone realizes it. Tonight, its our honor to premiere his brand new song entitled, “WTSB”. From the very second you press play, I promise your jaw will drop. Right off the bat, the production hits hard in a way that will instantly captivate you. From then on, Tyler takes over and completely shines in a way that only he can. The guy has a voice that demands all of your attention and he shows it off in “WTSB”. There’s so much …

Bad Luck-[Vrillah]&[Jake Crocker]

By Sam Morrison // 28 May 2020

Vrillah is a name that you need to know if you’re looking for up and coming talent to latch onto right now. Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve seen me show love to Seattle producer, Jake Crocker and now it’s about time to introduce you all to someone in the same circle who is making waves as well. Vrillah is a 21 year old artist from the North Seattle area. He was born into a musical family which is one of the main reasons why he does what he does today for a living. The young talent has a huge future in front of him and the offering that’s making it onto our pages points back to that assertion. Earlier this year, Vrillah teamed up with Jake Crocker to drop a track called “Bad Luck“, which is crazy because from the moment I heard this, I felt like I was having good luck. The high energy single is just a small taste as to what Vrillah can do over some solid production. His  lyrical mastery takes center stage as well as making room for melodic vibes also! ”Bad Luck” is a banger. Vrillah and Jake Crocker have the formula! …

Kombucha-[Stoop Lee] with [Charlie Burg]&[Datsunn]

By Sam Morrison // 28 May 2020

Stoop Lee is an artist who made it onto our pages as one of the members behind Detroit collective, Hard Car Kids. The group boasted some extreme talent so I knew it was only right to bring some of that talent back onto our pages for a second round. Stoop is a 26 year old artist from Detroit, Michigan who has been making some serious waves ever since beginning his musical career 7 years ago. Back in April the talented individuals dropped a track called “Kombucha” that’s worth your ear. Stoop holds it down in the best way possible but also enlisted help from his homies Charlie Burg and Datsunn. Each and every addition to this song just works. “Kombucha” is just in time for summer as it exudes a youthful and carefree energy that you don’t get from just anywhere. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!