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band practice – [Ambré]

By Sam Morrison // 21 Feb 2020

Ambré made her Lyrical Lemonade debut a couple of months back for her sonically stunning album “Pulp”. Since then, the rising artist has been busy dropping various assets to keep the momentum going. It’s safe to say that it’s definitely working. Just today, Ambré dropped a brand new visual for her well-known track “band practice”. Her team describes it as “…a visual journey through what feels like an intimate dream sequence, showcasing Ambré and her lover during a beautifully moody band practice session”. Once you check this video out, nothing will stop you from diving more into her catalog and finding new jams that you didn’t know you needed in your life. I was thoroughly impressed with this stunning visual as the camera angles and story flow are utterly cohesive in every way. This visual needs to be checked out ASAP! Give it a watch and let us know what you think! Link is attached below!

moonlight – [dhruv]

By Sam Morrison // 21 Feb 2020

One of my favorite talents right now is an artist who goes by the name of dhruv. I first stumbled on him about 2 months ago after hearing his track, “double-take”. Once I heard his voice and style, it was pretty evident that this kid had the makings to be something great. The up and comer has only had one song on his discography for some time, but today, he’s making his Lyrical Lemonade debut for his newest track entitled, “moonlight”. Back in December, I decided to hop on the phone with dhruv to hear his story and what’s so cool about what he’s doing is the fact that he’s releasing music while being a full-time student; and not just any full-time student…Dhruv Sharma is a 20-year-old Data Science Major at Yale University. The Singapore/London native has a bright future in music, but clearly has the brains to pursue anything else he puts his mind to in the future. This brand new piece, “moonlight”, is really going to have you pressing repeat for the whole entire weekend. From the moment I put my headphones in, its been pretty hard to stop listening. Some could attribute this to the catchy nature …

LL Presents: The Julian Lamadrid Q&A

By Sam Morrison // 20 Feb 2020

Authenticity often gets lost in the constant shuffle of society, so whenever you stumble upon someone who still maintains that aspect of their character, it’s always refreshing. Today, on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, I’m excited to bring to y’all an artist who embodies authenticity. If you haven’t heard of Julian Lamadrid, then today is your lucky day. After hearing his latest release for a song entitled, “Cigarette”, I hopped on the phone with him to get some insight about the song, but left all the more enamored with his overall story as an artist. When I asked him the simple question “Where are you from?” Julian laughed and proceeded to tell me that this specific part of his life is confusing yet interesting to say the least. Julian’s parents are from Mexico, but he was born in Dubai and went to British schools his entire life. The melting pot of culture that Julian has been a part of is most definitely prevalent in his music; which was always an interest of his. “I was always interested in music from a young age. In my mind, there was nothing more stylish than being a rock star. Growing up, I idolized …

Heaven Sent – [Jon Wiilde] & [Nate Traveller]

By Sam Morrison // 20 Feb 2020

Good music always rises to the top and here at Lyrical Lemonade, we pride ourselves on being a vehicle that steers all of the good stuff onto the radar of our listeners. Today, I’m back with a track that NEEDS to be heard. Singer/Songwriter and all-around star Nate Traveller has made it onto our pages many times before, so it’s only fitting that he’s making his return. This time though, he’s brought his good friend and fellow rising artist Jon Wiilde as they released their new offering entitled, “Heaven Sent”. This was my first time hearing Jon, but just like the track, he’s heaven-sent. By just taking a listen to him, you’ll notice he possesses a certain type of swagger that can’t be taught. His vocals are a mix between satisfyingly gritty and utterly soothing. The psychedelic nature of this track creates a dope ambiance that you won’t want to leave. Nate is the perfect compliment to Jon and this song in every way. Nate adds his consistent flare which is always a stellar addition no matter what piece he’s on. The production shines from beginning to end and makes room for both Nate and Jon to shine from their …

I.D.W.K. – [Samual]

By Sam Morrison // 17 Feb 2020

This past week, I stumbled upon an artist named Samual who deserves all of our attention. The up and comer just released his very first single and its most definitely a head-turner. The track entitled, “I.D.W.K.” has been performing extremely well on Spotify since its drop date last month. For this stellar offering, Samual is making his well deserved Lyrical Lemonade debut today. Samual (full name: Samual Mulligan) is originally from Mt. Zion, Illinois but now resides in Los Angeles full time. The rising artist has only been making music since 2018 which is a huge shock when you take a listen to this track. One would think that he’s been doing this for his whole entire life. “I.D.W.K.” was the first song he ever wrote so it’s pretty fitting that it’s the one that’s getting all of the love right now. The song is truly something special. From the beginning, it’s so evident to tell that Samual’s vocal talents are unlike many. His lyrical delivery and tone make his voice extremely soothing to our musical ears. This groovy/chill track creates a really cool ambiance all thanks to the production. As you continue listening, you’ll just want more; which is …

Premiere: SWEETS (Official Visual)-[Lackhoney]

By Sam Morrison // 14 Feb 2020

The artist making it onto the Pages of Lyrical Lemonade for the first time is a breath of fresh air. Aly Lakhani also known as Lackhoney is an Indian/Pakistani rapper from Miami, Florida who has the potential to be something great. I had the opportunity to talk on the phone with him about the release of his brand new mixtape as well as learn a little bit about his life; which is nothing shy of spectacular. Growing up, music was never a part of Aly’s life. The pressure to do well in school and ultimately obtain a prestigious title in the medical field always over shadowed any other dreams and ambitions the young man might have had. Sooner or later though, throughout his years of middle school, Aly realized that the “being a doctor” route was not for him. He began playing Clarinet which introduced him to musical structure and in the same year heard his very first rap song which was “Right Above It” by Lil Wayne and Drake. From that moment on, he began to experiment with freestyle rapping and everything in between. This new found passion drove him all the way through his high school years as …

Paradise – [Ash Leone]

By Sam Morrison // 13 Feb 2020

Once Ash Leone started dropping music under her new artist project, I instantly knew that this girl was going to be a force in the industry. With the latest release of her song “Paradise”, Ash just continues to prove me right in every way. There’s a select group of artists who have the ability to make anything they sing on sound amazing and Ash is in that group. Her soulful and striking vocals are second to none and soon enough, the whole world is going to take notice. This brand new offering by the 23 year old is a ballad that needs to be played more than once. The emotion and sincerity Ash sings with cannot be absorbed in just one sitting, which will cause you to throw this one on repeat for a while. The track details the relatable feeling of realizing that the special someone you once held near and dear is now someone you need to leave in the past. Ash articulates this feeling extremely well over stellar production and heart-cutting lyrical content. Ash killed this one, just like she kills everything she decides to drop. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below to “Paradise”. Give it a …

R U D Y – [Houston Kendrick]

By Sam Morrison // 11 Feb 2020

Houston Kendrick is an artist making it onto the pages of Lyrical Lemonade for the first time. This special talent made it onto my radar a couple of weeks back and I truly haven’t been able to skip his songs whenever they pop up in my library. Today, the 23 year old Birmingham native is being acknowledged for his latest release entitled, “R U D Y”. If you haven’t heard of this song yet, its your lucky day for sure.  Houston Kendrick has everything you’d want in a star. The look, the charisma, the vocals…the list could go on forever. What I love most about his artistry though is the simplistic nature of it. In a world of gimmicks and attention grabbers, Houston is able to reel people in by the beauty of his voice and the ambience he creates through the music alone. “R U D Y” is the perfect example of this. This fresh track is one that you can’t help but vibe to. The dope production paired with the stellar vocal stylings makes this a piece that you’ll want to play over and over again. This song is amazing and I’m so hype for y’all to hear …