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God Only Knows (Timbaland Remix) – [for KING & COUNTRY] ft. [Echosmith]

By Sam Morrison // 15 Jun 2019

If you’ve explored through my Instagram or even some of my previous articles, it’s pretty easy to tell that I’m very outspoken about my faith. Here at Lyrical Lemonade, we pride ourselves on posting good music regardless of the genre! Today I’m so hyped to be able to feature a Christian Pop duo who has been taking the world by storm lately. for KING & COUNTRY is comprised of Australian brothers, Joel and Luke Smallbone. Their musical success has been growing and growing as of late; which can be due in part to their recent hit single “God Only Knows”. This song is known for its powerful message but also contains such amazing instrumental and vocal talents by the duo. The song is so good that Timbaland decided to helm a remix and add Echosmith onto it! This is just a testament to how great the song truly is! I’ve attached the Timbaland remix featuring Echosmith down below, so check it out and let us know what you think!!

Loop Around – [Indian Trap]

By Sam Morrison // 13 Jun 2019

Today, my latest fresh find is something that I think a lot of our global fans will enjoy! After receiving an email about an Indian Trap placement, my interest was instantly sparked as we haven’t had many features that take place outside of the United States. The song “Loop Around” is a track by Indian Trap that is doing pretty well on Spotify. Taking inspiration from Indian roots while adding a a modern flavor, Indian Trap is a really cool spin on such an up and coming genre!The Indian trap movement can be described as a fusion of traditional Indian sounds with modern trap music which creates a new soundscape for artists to explore! The song loop around features Tyeler Reigns and Chris Scholar! I’ve attached the Spotify link below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!

I Miss You – [Sachi]

By Sam Morrison // 5 Jun 2019

I’ve been noticing the name Sachi for some time now. Whether it’s scrolling through my Instagram or twitter feed, the name always seems to pop up. When I heard that the young talent dropped a song today, I took it upon myself to dig a little deeper and see what’s up with Sachi. After taking in the first couple seconds of his latest track, there was no doubt in my mind that this kid was legit. He has the look, he has the voice and by the looks of it, it seems like he has the proper team behind him that could take his music to the next level. “I Miss You” is Sachi’s follow up to his debut single “Lips”. With two songs now on his Spotify discography, the Pennsylvania native is beginning to carve a niche for himself. This latest offering is a ballad to say the least. Sachi details the feelings associated with missing someone who you’ve been madly in love with. Whether you’ve felt this feeling or not, you will feel extremely connected to the track due to the vocal styling. The way Sachi is able to switch in and out of a beautiful falsetto is …

Premiere: Future Man – [Tommy Newport]

By Sam Morrison // 1 Jun 2019

If there’s one artist who has made the pages of our site on many occasions, it’s Tommy Newport; rightfully so, too. The talented artist continues to bang out memorable hits that are solidifying him as industry up and comer who has the potential to be something special. Last time I wrote about Tommy, his song “Million” was doing numbers on Spotify and other streaming services. Today, the dynamic talent just dropped a brand new single that adds to his impressive body of work. “Future Man” is a high octane groovy ballad that you won’t want to stop listening to. Tommy’s unique aesthetic and vocal style makes him stand out above a lot of the current artists circulating around the industry. The production creates a very upbeat and joyful ambiance that carries on throughout the entire song. Tommy knows exactly how to give his listeners an experience that they won’t be able to forget. I’m really hyped about this new release by Tommy Newport. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so check out “Future Man” and let us know what you think!

Flight – [Peter Fenn]

By Sam Morrison // 1 Jun 2019

Bakersfield native Peter Fenn just dropped a brand new single that has been on repeat for the last couple of hours. The artist made it onto our pages last month when he dropped his song “Over” and last night he dropped a brand new track entitled “Flight”. With a title like this one, Peter definitely does not disappoint when it comes to delivering a fly track that a lot of people will be vibing to. What I love most about this piece is the powerful yet simplistic production that takes place. There’s a really chill ambiance that is presented throughout this 2 and a half minute song. Peter’s vocals are amazing as usual and this piece just proves that this artist has a promising future! I’ve attached the Spotify link to “Flight” down below, so check it out and give us your feedback!

Premiere: Keeping Score – [Thoreau]

By Sam Morrison // 30 May 2019

A while back, an artist by the name of Thoreau made his Lyrical Lemonade debut after a plethora of impressive releases in 2018. Today, I’m so pleased to welcome the up and coming talent back to our pages for the release of his brand new song entitled Keeping Score. The moment I heard this track, I knew it was destined to be something special. I’m not one to make bold predictions, but this is definitely a project that I see doing big numbers. As I always say in my articles…there’s no better way to open up a song than with a beautiful guitar strum. Thoreau utilizes that right off the bat which sets the tone and creates a stellar ambience that is felt all the way throughout the track. The production is simply amazing in every sense of the word; and after finding out that Thoreau produces all of his own music on top of singing, rapping and songwriting, I instantly gained so much respect for his art. There aren’t many artists out there who cover all of the bases themselves and it’s definitely something that should be praised. The laid back and vibey nature of the song is a strong …

Vent (Stripped) – [Joël]

By Sam Morrison // 29 May 2019

Joël is an artist who I stumbled upon through my discover weekly Spotify playlist. As of late, I hadn’t been finding a lot of hidden gems until I came across this talented artist. The 23-year-old Toronto native started making music in high school but didn’t release music under Joël until November 2018. Ever since, then, its been full steam ahead for him as he’s expected to drop a project towards the end of the year. Today, Joël is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a track entitled “Vent”. The original song dropped back in 2018, but this past year he dropped an updated stripped version that is nothing short of spectacular. The song is amazing all around, but in this specific piece, we are truly able to witness how great Joël’s vocals truly are. His voice is definitely the driving factor that brings everything together. The beautiful guitar strums add more depth and ease to this well-developed track. After hearing this offering, I’m so excited to follow the career of this Toronto hit-maker. I’ve attached the stripped version of Joël’s song “Vent”. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! If you’re a fan, definitely give Joël …

Premiere: Take You There – [Noah]

By Sam Morrison // 28 May 2019

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about an artist who goes by the name of Noah. The 26-year old made his debut on our page for his song “isthislove”. Like I said in my previous article, that song had been on repeat every single time I’d hop into my car. When I found out the talented musician had a song dropping today, I was hype to see if this new offering would be better than the predecessor; and to no surprise, the rising star exceeded all of my expectations. What I love most about Noah is that he’s truly redefining what a love song is. Rather than filling our ears with cliche one-liners, Noah has evolved the aspect of romance through amazing beats and his effortless vocal talents. This new track entitled “Take You There” is a perfect example of this. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, this will be one that you’ll be blasting for a long time. I was thoroughly impressed with this release and I’m so hyped to see what Noah cooks up next! I’ve attached the Spotify link to the brand new song “Take You There” down below! Give it a listen and let …