Starlight – [Tyler Loyal]

By Nick Mueller // 13 Sep 2019

Making an impactful debut to our pages today, rising Boston native Tyler Loyal gives us his brand new single titled “Starlight”. This record highlights Tyler’s songwriting abilities as he delivers a catchy chorus over a somber, club-style beat. Loyal says that this song is “about a girl who makes me fall but then soon after shows her true colors. The girl begins to go out with her friends, becoming lost in the parties”, ultimately losing her focus on Tyler and what they had together. Furthermore, the second half of “Starlight” points at Tyler’s perspective and viewpoint coming from the other side of the relationship. Whether it’s relatable to you or not, this song has a way of captivating anybody who happens to press play. Do yourself a favor and get familiar with Tyler Loyal by listening to “Starlight” below and by following him on Instagram and Twitter!

Feel So Good – [Jozzy]

By Nick Mueller // 10 Sep 2019

Today, one of my favorites is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her second official release titled “Feel So Good”. Jozzy is a young artist & songwriter born and raised in Memphis, who came into the game with Timbaland as a songwriter in Miami. After moving to LA earlier last year, Jozzy inked a deal with Columbia Records and dropped her debut single with an incredible feature from Lil Wayne. Now, Jozzy is back with a visual for “Feel So Good”, her second single, which showcases her untouchable talent for creating catchy hooks and songs that have massive replay value. In terms of the video, the high energy, vibrant colors, and quick edits help shape an image for fans to associate with this song. There’s no true storyline to the video except Jozzy hanging with friends and flexing her captivating abilities. Furthermore, Jozzy has gone on to pen legendary songs as a writer for people such as Lil Nas X (wrote Billy Ray Cyrus’ verse), Jacquees, and Dani Leigh. Jozzy is definitely an artist that you need to get familiar with if you aren’t already as she “plans to drop several more singles to lead into her debut tape New Graceland that …

Go Hard – [Booggz]

By Nick Mueller // 5 Sep 2019

I’m excited to feature another familiar face today as Toronto native Booggz returns with a brand new single titled “Go Hard”. This time around, Booggz called on Murda Beatz to create a fun, playful atmosphere in which he then inserted his catchy and creative flows. “Go Hard” is a must-listen that showcases Booggz’ confidence and ability to have listeners pressing play multiple times in a row. Just weeks before this release, Booggz had the opportunity to showcase his talents at Drake’s well known OVO Fest, only helping the momentum Booggz already had coming into this release. As quoted by Booggz himself, “I make realistic music from what happens in my life experiences. I get my influence from the world, everything in it. The streets of Toronto taught me about survival, but I was also taught how to make it out. Now I strive to make the best music I can as an artist for the whole world.” Furthermore, this single was referenced as a catalyst to the barrage of music that he will be releasing over the next couple of months and is a great representation of what Booggz has to come. Be sure to stream “Go Hard” below and …

Cry Baby – [Paige Garabito]

By Nick Mueller // 30 Aug 2019

Making her debut to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade today, Paige Garabito delivers a brand new single titled “Cry Baby”. To start, the production creates an enticing vibe that had me hooked from the first listen. Paige’s vocals came in exactly as they should, soothing and captivating as she delivered memorable melodies and relatable lyrics. When I asked Paige what this song meant to her, she explained with a simple “I’m a sad girl but I’ve learned to embrace lame situations and enjoy the dope ones. This song is pretty much a huge goodbye wave to my depression.” For me, this is exactly what her fans were wanting as we head into the fall and winter months. Polishing off the track, Paige called on friend and fellow artist VRITRA to give a few punch lines through his unique flows and promising lyricism. I’m definitely a fan now and I’m excited to see what’s next from the rising singer/songwriter. Be sure to stream “Cry Baby” below and follow Paige on Instagram and Twitter!

Disa Pack Vol. 1 – [Dontae Adisa] x [Scotty LVX]

By Nick Mueller // 21 Aug 2019

Making their debut to our pages today, rising artists Dontae Adisa and Scotty LVX team-up to deliver two incredibly powerful records titled “Pull Up” and “Free Agent”. Growing up listening to everything from Marvin Gaye to The Arctic Monkeys, Dontae’s versatility in musical influences plays a direct roll in his less common style of Hip-Hop. Dontae chooses live instruments over electronic ones, as well as lyrics that form an overarching story versus singular situations and a refined maximalist musical tone over a hyped minimalist one. Originally from rural Leesburg beginnings, Scotty LVX’s humble Florida upbringing laid the foundation for what is now a seasoned and complex mixture of melodic tones. His musical depth and educated production reveal the desire to further push the envelope in genre blending. These two songs showcase exactly that as the two came together to deliver hard-hitting instrumentals accompanied by melodic flows and enticing lyrics. As both artists have plenty more on the way, I’m very excited to see what they have in store to follow Disa Pack Vol. 1. Be sure to stream “Pull Up” and “Free Agent” below as well as follow Scotty and Dontae on Instagram!

Fake News – [TYDM]

By Nick Mueller // 16 Aug 2019

Making his debut on our pages today with a brand new single, rising rapper TYDM delivers a phenomenal, relevant record titled “Fake News”. TYDM is a new aged sensation that is in every way beyond all social standards. Through a vibrant sound and high-fashion, “TY” takes a stance as the voice to the youth through guidance, charity, and as a teacher for inspiration to grow and be thankful. As TY’s team explained, “Fake News” makes a statement on both the impact of fake news not just within politics today, but in rap culture as well. As many may not realize, this release is the first time the world has heard from TY in over a year. In addition, TY expressed that “a lot of people actually thought that I stopped music because I’ve been going so hard with modeling & fashion. That’s FAKE NEWS though. I’ve been loading up on so much music and I’m back and better than ever. Fake News is the dawn of a new era.” This song starts a journey for TY and his team that will be almost impossible to stop. Behind the catchy melodies and captivating flows, an inspired and determined artist named TYDM stands ready for his turn. If …

Control You – [Porsche Love]

By Nick Mueller // 7 Aug 2019

Making an impactful debut to our pages today, Orange County native Porsche Love releases a brand new record titled “Control You”. Following up his debut single titled “Hope You’re Happy”, which has since amassed over 250k streams across all platforms, the young artist is slowly carving out his own route to success. Porsche brings a unique sound to the table between his intriguing tone and soothing delivery, giving fans an incredible listening experience. Furthermore, the lyrics are insanely relatable and are repeated many times over the course of this record, allowing fans and listeners to really feel an emotional attachment to this specific song. After speaking to his team, it’s evident that he’s been working on plenty of new music that he hopes to release sometime in the very near future. Do yourself a huge favor and get familiar with Porsche Love if you aren’t already by streaming “Control You” below and following him on Instagram and Twitter!

No Love – [Guwop Reign]

By Nick Mueller // 29 Jul 2019

It’s always a good day when a young artist gets to make their debut on the Lyrical Lemonade site. Today, 15-year-old Boston native Guwop Reign delivers a brand new visual for his energetic single titled “No Love”. Reign’s ability to fabricate catchy melodies and purposeful repetition makes this specific listening experience very easy. To me, “No Love” is the type of record that forces you to press play more than once. In terms of the video, he keeps it fairly simple, leaving room for fans and new listeners to keep their focus on the record itself instead of what could’ve been a long, thematic movie-like film. With this being his first major release, I’m sure that we will be hearing from Guwop more in the coming months as he looks to close out this year strong. If you aren’t already, get familiar with the young rapper by watching the video below and following him on Instagram and Twitter!