Butter – [Foxwood]

By Nick Mueller // 4 May 2020

Following a sheltered upbringing in Vancouver, Canada, singer-songwriter Foxwood found a safe space within the infinite walls of music and a new life in Santa Barbara, California. A few weeks ago, she decided to give the world her debut single titled “Butter”; a song that will help build a very solid foundation for the rising artist as it captures the bittersweet feelings of losing a first love, while simultaneously remembering the good parts about the relationship. Between her dazzling melodies and kind-hearted yet powerful voice, Foxwood is slowly paving her way for a very promising future. The video, directed and edited by Foxwood herself, juxtaposes romantic images of Santa Barbara with shots of her present-day life in LA as the setting of Santa Barbara embodies both that chapter of her life and the relationship that she left behind. To say the least, I’m excited to see what she has planned for the rest of the year and how her fan base will build and develop as “Butter” continues to grow. Do yourself a favor and watch “Butter” below and follow Foxwood on Instagram here!

Tech – [fijitrip]

By Nick Mueller // 27 Apr 2020

This has to be one of my favorite projects of the year so far. The consistency, emotion, and feeling that formulates fijitrip’s Tech is something every musician needs to learn from. All six of the songs on this project are straight to the point and meaningful. The nineteen-year-old Norwegian had a few words to describe his indie label (Dreams Never Die) debut EP, noting that “Tech consists of both familiar and artificial sounds, combined with uncanny, glitchy production and me singing about love. It feels like I made this EP ages ago, and it’s really me just tryna find a sound.” He added that “these songs were all written very fast—they’re sneezes, as you call them. In creating this EP, I think I found my arsenal of sounds to pursue in the future.” These statements become very real and evident as you listen over and over and over again, as this EP isn’t something that you can just listen to once – or twice. fijitrip is one of the most exciting new artists out and in my opinion, Tech has now solidified his future to consist of something extremely special. Stream fijitrips’ Tech below and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

What Dreams Are Made Of – [Evann McIntosh]

By Nick Mueller // 10 Apr 2020

Evann McIntosh, a name that will become very familiar and prevalent within the next few months, recently released her first-ever music video just a few days ago. The young SUPERSTAR (16-years-old) has been rapidly growing and gaining recognition as “What Dreams Are Made Of” has officially passed over 10 Million total streams across all platforms. Evann has always given me the same feeling as when I saw Billie Eilish for the first time; very authentic, unapologetic, and firm-standing as she understands who she is and where she wants to take her artistry. “Music was always in the air and in my brain,” she recalls. “Even before I could write anything down, I’d be making up songs in my head. I was a creative kid, and music was something that really stuck with me.” As later described by Evann, “WDAMO” is a song about “the immediate high that comes with falling in love with someone and the idea of the relationship rather than the reality of it.” For the video, JR and Evann made sure to express these feelings through some of the most creative ways possible. For instance, “the ballerina represents her lost lover as her mind takes her on a …

calvaire – [spill tab]

By Nick Mueller // 6 Apr 2020

Making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today, the bilingual indie-pop artist spill tab recently delivered a new visual for her most recent single titled “calvaire.” The French-Korean artist travels back and forth from Los Angeles and New York, arguably the two biggest hubs for music creation in the US. On this record, as many of her others too, spill teamed up with producer David Marinelli to create a textured track with smooth vocals and lyrics written in French. As stated at the beginning of the video, spill explains the song as a “representation of shitty circumstances that can ruin life, something overbearing, like searching for a pack of cigs but you’ve gotta hit a thousand spots ’cause every bodega is closed.” On that same thought, “you recognize just how much you’ve put up with them, the ‘love of your life’, your Calvaire.” All in all, this song and video shed a feeling of freedom and relief; making it very relatable, regardless of the language she sings in. spill delivers authenticity and passion through her music, something that seems harder and harder to find as the days go on. I’m super excited to see her growth and to hear what she’s been working on …

white ceilings – [whiterosemoxie]

By Nick Mueller // 30 Mar 2020

The young 17-year-old superstar makes yet another appearance on our pages today with the release of his latest EP titled white ceilings. Moxie is one of my favorite rising artists for many reasons, the biggest being his ability to create music that edges multiple genres and provides fans with an everlasting internal feeling. This project gives a glimpse into the last four years of Moxie’s life, showcasing the origin and foundation of all 15 songs that make up white ceilings. Moxie described the project in simple terms, saying that “my ceiling is white, undefined, and has no limits.” The young riser went on to note that his “potential is limitless, even though people have put limits on me throughout my whole life.” Lastly, the part that made me realize how genius Moxie really is, he said “each song is diverse but still connects to the story, just as everyone’s story is diverse but they all still connect in some way.” To say the least, I am beyond excited to see Moxie’s growth over the course of 2020. Be sure to stream white ceilings below and follow Moxie on Instagram and Twitter, you won’t be disappointed.

Miss Me – [Joseph Black]

By Nick Mueller // 27 Mar 2020

To start, I wouldn’t be surprised if this song becomes one of the biggest songs of 2020. Joseph Black, native to Minnesota, has been writing, producing, and releasing music since 2015. I recently heard “Miss Me” for the first time a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love. Joseph’s ability to create infectious melodies and remarkable flows became extremely apparent throughout the course of this record. The production remains somewhat simple, leaving room for Joseph to shine and leave you smashing the replay button on whatever streaming service you use. When I spoke to Joseph a few days ago, he noted that this record was created with ease, as everything came directly from experience and life altering situations. “I found the beat on YouTube”, he said, “then went straight to the booth and closed my eyes. It was simple, I free-styled the melodies and came up with the words miss me.” Joseph also explained that all of his music is authentic and that “everything I talk about is really who I am.” This was the first time the young star had fallen in love and been left heartbroken, an experience most young teens can easily relate to. From that …

Not Like – [fijitrip]

By Nick Mueller // 25 Mar 2020

Norwegian phenom fijitrip recently released his debut single titled “Not Like”, and it’s an honor to bring it to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade today. As it seems to be more common by the day, fijitrip has his hands on every aspect of the creative process, from the writing and producing to the actual recording and visuals. Specifically, one of the most striking elements about “Not Like” is the magical production that gives off a very nostalgic, warm-hearted feeling; one of those feelings that takes your mind back to some of the best moments in life. In addition to the production, fiji’s melodies are nothing short of infectious and mesmerizing. After just the first listen, I found myself singing the melodies in my head over and over again. As talent and potential run through his veins, I’m beyond excited to see what future offerings we’ll be receiving from the young star. Be sure to stream “Not Like” below and follow fijitrip on Instagram and Twitter!

Runnin’ – [19&YOU]

By Nick Mueller // 20 Mar 2020

Today, I have the privilege of debuting one of the most refreshing songs I’ve heard in a very long time. This song serves as their first official release as a band, leaving no questions as to how much potential they truly have. “Runnin” is not only one of those songs that make you feel incredible on the inside, it also makes you feel like you’re unstoppable and can accomplish whatever you desire. For some background, the band is made up of four members; Noah, Liam, Cam, and Jackson. Noah is the only one that currently lives in the US, as the others reside in Australia. When I spoke to the boys about this track and what it meant to them, they answered with the story everyone wants to know. “In January, Noah came to Sydney and stayed at our flat. We started writing a song that afternoon and found ourselves up till 4am having fun and making music that we not only loved, but really connected to.” The boys then went on to say that “the first track turned into four and before we knew it we were committed to making this our life.” This record was the first track …