Fake News – [TYDM]

By Nick Mueller // 16 Aug 2019

Making his debut on our pages today with a brand new single, rising rapper TYDM delivers a phenomenal, relevant record titled “Fake News”. TYDM is a new aged sensation that is in every way beyond all social standards. Through a vibrant sound and high-fashion, “TY” takes a stance as the voice to the youth through guidance, charity, and as a teacher for inspiration to grow and be thankful. As TY’s team explained, “Fake News” makes a statement on both the impact of fake news not just within politics today, but in rap culture as well. As many may not realize, this release is the first time the world has heard from TY in over a year. In addition, TY expressed that “a lot of people actually thought that I stopped music because I’ve been going so hard with modeling & fashion. That’s FAKE NEWS though. I’ve been loading up on so much music and I’m back and better than ever. Fake News is the dawn of a new era.” This song starts a journey for TY and his team that will be almost impossible to stop. Behind the catchy melodies and captivating flows, an inspired and determined artist named TYDM stands ready for his turn. If …

Control You – [Porsche Love]

By Nick Mueller // 7 Aug 2019

Making an impactful debut to our pages today, Orange County native Porsche Love releases a brand new record titled “Control You”. Following up his debut single titled “Hope You’re Happy”, which has since amassed over 250k streams across all platforms, the young artist is slowly carving out his own route to success. Porsche brings a unique sound to the table between his intriguing tone and soothing delivery, giving fans an incredible listening experience. Furthermore, the lyrics are insanely relatable and are repeated many times over the course of this record, allowing fans and listeners to really feel an emotional attachment to this specific song. After speaking to his team, it’s evident that he’s been working on plenty of new music that he hopes to release sometime in the very near future. Do yourself a huge favor and get familiar with Porsche Love if you aren’t already by streaming “Control You” below and following him on Instagram and Twitter!

No Love – [Guwop Reign]

By Nick Mueller // 29 Jul 2019

It’s always a good day when a young artist gets to make their debut on the Lyrical Lemonade site. Today, 15-year-old Boston native Guwop Reign delivers a brand new visual for his energetic single titled “No Love”. Reign’s ability to fabricate catchy melodies and purposeful repetition makes this specific listening experience very easy. To me, “No Love” is the type of record that forces you to press play more than once. In terms of the video, he keeps it fairly simple, leaving room for fans and new listeners to keep their focus on the record itself instead of what could’ve been a long, thematic movie-like film. With this being his first major release, I’m sure that we will be hearing from Guwop more in the coming months as he looks to close out this year strong. If you aren’t already, get familiar with the young rapper by watching the video below and following him on Instagram and Twitter!

Thrivin – [Ryan Caraveo]

By Nick Mueller // 29 Jul 2019

Seattle native and fast-rising artist Ryan Caraveo returns to our pages today with the release of his brand new single titled “Thrivin”. Along with the song, he gave his fans a video that showcases Ryan’s artistic personality through slight, humble flexes as he drives through the desert along the open road. The video, directed by BRUME, perfectly symbolizes the freedom and abundance that Ryan talks about throughout the song, comparing the old him to the Ryan Caraveo that everyone knows him as today. Knowing Ryan and his typical release strategy, it would be a fair bet that he is gearing up to give his fans a new album, something he usually only does once a year. Between his undeniable tracks, relentless fanbase, and hunger for more; Caraveo carries exactly what is required to take his career to the next level. Do yourself a favor and watch the visual for “Thrivin” below. Furthermore, follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter to see what he has in store for the remainder of this year!

useless – [RUFUS]

By Nick Mueller // 26 Jul 2019

Making an incredible debut on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade today, 16-year-old songwriter and rising star RUFUS delivers his second single ever titled “useless”. Following the success of his debut single titled “Fine”, RUFUS returned with a vibrant and energetic tune that is bound to have people turning their heads. His story telling abilities combined with his massively captivating tone create a recipe for something spectacular. Throughout “useless”, RUFUS paints a picture that tells a story of a broken relationship between a husband and wife. “You tell me I’m a waste of space in your apartment”, he states, explaining her ungratefulness despite his strong and meaningful efforts. RUFUS also hinted that he is expecting to release more singles throughout the course of this year, ultimately planning to release his debut EP by January 1. As a rising favorite, do yourself a favor by streaming “useless” below and following RUFUS on Instagram and Twitter!

Xtra – [greisun]

By Nick Mueller // 25 Jul 2019

Fresh to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, New York native greisun drops off her brand new single titled “Xtra”. The current LA-based songwriter and artist is demanding your attention with her undeniable attitude and energy, which can be heard throughout the entirety of this song. This single features hip-hop artist Jjuan and was produced by German native VALNTN, the two adding just what this record needed. “Xtra” ties in sounds of pop, electronic, and hip-hop, giving greisun the grounds to experiment and do as she pleases. As greisun said herself, “by embodying her wild scorpio energy mixed with her blatant ‘xtra’ attitude, this song takes all listeners and fans on an engaging ride through whatever she’s feeling that specific day.” Furthermore, this is by far my favorite greisun delivery so far even though I’m sure she’s far from done this year. If you aren’t already, get familiar with greisun below by streaming “Xtra” and following her on Instagram and Twitter!


By Nick Mueller // 23 Jul 2019

Following his hit single, “HEY!”, underground phenom and rising star EGOVERT delivers an out of this world banger with his new single titled “APOLLO”. EGOVERT’s innovative flow, ruthless punchlines and fiery ad-libs provide an extraordinary listening experience on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. To me, EGO is creating a world of his own as he showcases his deepest abilities to fabricate an atmosphere that most artists don’t have the capacity to do. As stated by his team, “from the outside, EGOVERT seems like an ordinary kid living his best life, but EGO is everything but ordinary. Don’t be quick to judge his musical talent based on this track, because not only is he musically versatile, he is also able to put deeper meanings and storytelling behind his art.” His fan base continues to grow at a rapid pace every time he releases a new track, showing signs for a very promising future ahead. Now, fans are left waiting for the music video to accompany “APOLLO” as well as his highly anticipated single with legendary drummer Travis Barker. Be sure to get familiar with EGO by streaming “APOLLO” below as well as following him on Instagram and Twitter!

bad apple – [michael casper]

By Nick Mueller // 22 Jul 2019

Returning to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade today, michael casper drops off his latest single titled “bad apple”. With only two prior releases to his name, “bad apple” was indeed the correct follow up single to his previous release titled “black lipstick”. This track specifically showcases michael’s ability to ride over smooth production while delivering intricate lyrics among his charming tone. The young artist had his own words regarding this record, as “when I wrote this song a year ago I was at this place with my mental health where I was letting my mania take over everything in my life. Almost every thought I had was a negative one and I was making my way into a world where the colors around me weren’t as vibrant anymore. I was anxious about being anxious which of course did nothing but make me more anxious.” Furthermore, casper concludes by stating that “your perception starts to get all fucked up at a certain point. Reality begins to blend with the stories you’ve created in your head. I just didn’t feel like I was enough, except when I was with you.” This track is a must-listen as it represents michael and the transparency that …