Holding My Own Hand – [Avery Lynch]

By Nick Mueller // 5 Aug 2020

Returning to our pages today with her brand new single, singer/songwriter Avery Lynch is only 21 and someone you need to be paying close attention to. “Holding My Own Hand” is now my new favorite Avery song as it showcases just how powerful her writing truly is. It’s one of those songs that put you in a moment from the past, leaving you deep in your thoughts about “people who aren’t there when you need them the most,” Avery explained. It shouldn’t surprise me by now, but the charisma she uses to accompany her vocals as she delivers every melody is something that can’t be taught. With an EP on the way, this songs serves as the second and final single before the highly anticipated debut project. As she expressed, this is meant to be a “self-live anthem” that anyone can make their own. Be sure to stream “Holding My Own Hand” below and follow Avery on Instagram and Twitter!

NEVER MET! – [Cmten] x [Glitch Gum]

By Nick Mueller // 22 Jul 2020

If you haven’t heard this track yet then you’re in the right place. San Francisco native Cmten and his internet friend Glitch Gum came together to create a track that would eventually take over the viral charts. “NEVER MET!” is one of those records that you hear once and can listen to again and again and again without getting bored. After speaking to Cmten and hearing about his story, it became evident that he has a deep passion for making music with his friends. As a high school student (2017), he started to fall in love with the idea of producing music, making trap beats for himself and his friends to mess around with. In April of 2018, Cmten put out his first song after creating the name Cmten so his friends wouldn’t know it was him. Without actually meeting in person, he heard Glitch Gum’s music through a random repost online and followed suit with a DM on Instagram that would forever change their lives. After offering Glitch the open verse on the song and him completing the task, the two decided to put the record out earlier this year. From it’s energetic tempo to it’s extremely unique production, …

Dribble – [Sycco]

By Nick Mueller // 19 Jul 2020

Brisbane native and 18-year-old known as Sycco makes a fashionable entrance to our pages today with the release of her brand new single titled “Dribble.” The young artist combines infectious pop melodies with her calming vocals, creating a mesmerizing feeling that leaves listeners wanting more. With mass amounts of new music every week, this song serves as a refreshment and a breath of fresh air for music loves around the world. Sycco noted that “this track was written in four hours” and that “Ed, the producer, and I were tired and hungover which maybe explains why it sounds a little dark.” Although the production may come across a bit darker than usual, this still feels like a summer song that you can cruise to with the windows down. In addition to the song itself, Sycco delivered a simple, yet phenomenal video to accompany what can be argued as her best release so far. Be sure to press play below and follow Sycco on Instagram and Twitter for more!

I Put You First (& You Did Too) – [Avery Lynch]

By Nick Mueller // 9 Jul 2020

One of my favorite new artists is making her debut on our pages today after delivering her brand new single titled “I Put You First (& You Did Too).” The young Boston native began writing and recording as a hobby and as something that she characterizes as joyful and therapeutic. After gaining recognition on TikTok for covering Dua Lipa, she slowly broke through more and more barriers as another post went viral; however, this post happened to be of Avery singing “I Put You First (& You Did Too).” The song was originally started on piano, making it nothing less than a sad, breakup ballad. After calling on her producer, the two decided that it would be best to add tempo and give it an extra level of energy. Relatable to say the least, the two created a song that listeners all over the world can connect to and share their experiences with. After speaking with Avery, it’s obvious that she’s having fun and shows no signs of slowing down. Be sure to stream “I Put You First (& You Did Too)” below and follow her on Instagram for more!

Take It Or Leave It – [Kierra Luv]

By Nick Mueller // 25 Jun 2020

Kierra Luv, a young prodigy known for her dazzling internet freestyles, recently released her debut mixtape titled Take It Or Leave It. For Kierra, this project’s purpose was to simply make a statement and give people a deeper understanding as to who she really is as an artist. She explained that she “wants people to understand her versatility and how much [she] can really do” as she’s more than just an internet freestyler. The mixtape consists of ten, infectious to say the least, songs and multiple features from superstars such as iann dior and Tory Lanez. When I spoke to Kierra about these collaborations, she noted that both of them came extremely natural. “While working with Taz (Internet Money), iann heard ‘Run Away’ and immediately wanted to jump on it,” Kierra said. For me, I’m never a fan of features that don’t sound authentic and as if the artists made the song for each other. Every feature that Kierra has on Take It Or Leave It does just that and gives you a genuine feeling while listening. For the other records, they take you on a personal journey giving you an extra boost of confidence and self-belief. Based on her thrilling …

Idrc – [Jon Caryl]

By Nick Mueller // 24 Jun 2020

Brand new to our pages today, rising superstar Jon Caryl presents us with “Idrc”; the newest member of his release catalogue. The young Ohio native finds himself in a unique situation as he does everything himself; including the production, writing, recording, and engineering of every song he puts out. Most of Jon’s records are very piano-driven, influenced heavily by Anson Seabra, leaving all the room in the world for Jon to showcase his powerful vocals and stunning lyricism. On the other hand, “Idrc” was influenced by Adam Oh’s “Trapped in My Mind”, an uptempo record that showcases Jon’s melodic abilities and prodigious versatility. For this song specifically, Jon worked on the production first and let the melodies and lyrics stem from there. For Jon, his dream has always been to find purpose in music and to make it something he can do for the rest of his life. He’s not far from achieving this dream as he continues to find success through TikTok and other social platforms, as well as with each release he presents to the world. Furthermore, the music Jon has planned to arrive sometime next month will be sure to push him one step closer to stardom. …

Butter – [Foxwood]

By Nick Mueller // 4 May 2020

Following a sheltered upbringing in Vancouver, Canada, singer-songwriter Foxwood found a safe space within the infinite walls of music and a new life in Santa Barbara, California. A few weeks ago, she decided to give the world her debut single titled “Butter”; a song that will help build a very solid foundation for the rising artist as it captures the bittersweet feelings of losing a first love, while simultaneously remembering the good parts about the relationship. Between her dazzling melodies and kind-hearted yet powerful voice, Foxwood is slowly paving her way for a very promising future. The video, directed and edited by Foxwood herself, juxtaposes romantic images of Santa Barbara with shots of her present-day life in LA as the setting of Santa Barbara embodies both that chapter of her life and the relationship that she left behind. To say the least, I’m excited to see what she has planned for the rest of the year and how her fan base will build and develop as “Butter” continues to grow. Do yourself a favor and watch “Butter” below and follow Foxwood on Instagram here!

Tech – [fijitrip]

By Nick Mueller // 27 Apr 2020

This has to be one of my favorite projects of the year so far. The consistency, emotion, and feeling that formulates fijitrip’s Tech is something every musician needs to learn from. All six of the songs on this project are straight to the point and meaningful. The nineteen-year-old Norwegian had a few words to describe his indie label (Dreams Never Die) debut EP, noting that “Tech consists of both familiar and artificial sounds, combined with uncanny, glitchy production and me singing about love. It feels like I made this EP ages ago, and it’s really me just tryna find a sound.” He added that “these songs were all written very fast—they’re sneezes, as you call them. In creating this EP, I think I found my arsenal of sounds to pursue in the future.” These statements become very real and evident as you listen over and over and over again, as this EP isn’t something that you can just listen to once – or twice. fijitrip is one of the most exciting new artists out and in my opinion, Tech has now solidified his future to consist of something extremely special. Stream fijitrips’ Tech below and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter!