Beautifully Broken – [Wes Period]

By Nick Mueller // 18 Oct 2019

Brand new to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, Wes Period delivers an excellent new visual for his newly released single titled “Beautifully Broken.” To start, Wes is one of my new favorites as his creative melodies and precise deliveries are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. “Beautifully Broken” is embodied from top to bottom with Wes’ charming charisma and staggering emotion. The video, directed by Logan Meis, showcases Wes’ visions and brings a new image to mind that will stick with fans as they continuously listen to the new record. For me, the darker and more edgy energy that this visual represents came at a perfect time as we enter into the colder and darker months of the year. Wes is definitely an artist that you should keep your eyes on if you haven’t been already, for “Beautifully Broken” proves just how much potential Wes has as he continues to grow and release more and more music. Do yourself a favor by watching “Beautifully Broken” below and by following Wes on Instagram and Twitter!

When Anonymity Meets Hip-Hop : A Conversation With BlackySpeakz

By Nick Mueller // 14 Oct 2019

It was only a few days ago that I had the honor of sitting down with one of hip-hop’s most passionate, dedicated, and honest voices. The man himself holds no true identity to the public eye other than his recognizable voice and his honest approach to hip-hop’s most touching conversations. BlackySpeakz has become more than just a name and a channel, his platform has grown into a safe space for all types of people to come and talk about hip-hop related cultural events. For Blacky, his platform comes with massive responsibility as he stated that “artists and people have died for this and what it represents.” It then prompted me to go on and ask how he would describe himself as a creator with a large platform, assuming most of his supporters don’t know how he truly views himself.  Blacky didn’t skip a beat and got straight to the point by stating that “I would describe myself as a voice for the culture and for the people. Something about me that most people may not realize is that when you hear me talk, I’m actually just giving you a different perspective of what you already know.” He then added that …

Si Tu Quieres – [Aleesha]

By Nick Mueller // 4 Oct 2019

Fresh to our pages today, 20 year-old Spain native Aleesha drops off a brand new visual for her moving record titled “Si Tu Quieres”. The young artist has a unique way of attracting fans through her universal appeal of singing in Spanish as well as English, giving her the upper-hand and ability to magnify the strong following that she already has. Throughout the song, Aleesha dabbles back and forth between the two languages and creates a fun, energetic atmosphere that allows anyone to feel the record regardless of the language that they speak. Furthermore, Aleesha showcases her natural ability to deliver mesmerizing melodies and captivating flows while keeping you engaged the entire time. For me, the video gives this song a new life as most visuals usually do, fabricating an environment for fans to see Aleesha interacting and enjoying her own record. After speaking with her team, it’s clearly evident that Aleesha has plenty more on the way and shows no signs of slowing down. “Si Tu Quieres” is just a glimpse of what the young star has been working on, but it is definitely the one that will keep you glued to your seat and will seemingly force you …

Say It’s Fine – [Kyle Lux]

By Nick Mueller // 28 Sep 2019

Returning to our pages today, 19-year-old Kyle Lux delivers a brand new single titled “Say It’s Fine”. Along with the song itself, Kyle attached a video that allows fans to connect with the record on a much higher level, which can be seen below. For me, this song was released at the perfect time as its lighter, more feel-good characteristics are received well around this time of year. For those who don’t already know who Kyle is, “he developed his love for music at a young age, growing up in his church’s choir and fine-tuning his songwriting by drawing influence from Frank Ocean, James Blake, and J. Cole.” Furthermore, Kyle blends several alternative genres to create a soulful sound that he describes as “Autumn transitioning into Winter.” This record does just that, showcasing the soulful side of Kyle throughout the hook and the intricate, lyric-oriented side throughout the first verse. The video, directed by Nick Scully and Not Cade, takes viewers on a journey with the use of vibrant color schemes and graceful, creative edits. With it being known that Kyle released his debut single just earlier this year, I’m positive that his growth will continue at a very rapid …

BL00D – [Reagan Capaci] x [Vino]

By Nick Mueller // 23 Sep 2019

Another brand new face to our pages today, singer/songwriter and rising artist Reagan Capaci drops off her new spectacular single titled “BL00D”. The energetic, pop-infused record caught my attention during the first listen as Reagan’s voice is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It’s not something I can explain in depth, for you’ll have to listen on your own to truly experience it. When I reached out to Capaci regarding this track, she explained that this song “has a deeper meaning than it would appear off of the first listen. I wrote this song through the eyes of a friend that grew up in the foster care system.” She then went on to explain that “their mom and dad both left at the beginning stages of their life and that it’s very hard to keep moving forward when the two people who gave you life want nothing to do with you anymore.” Furthermore, Capaci called on Vino to lay down a verse in which depicts different feelings expressed through a similar situation that he has personally faced. “BL00D” is the first song off of Reagan’s EP that is scheduled to drop sometime in October, so there will be plenty more …

Let Them In – [Johnny Goth]

By Nick Mueller // 16 Sep 2019

Debuting on our pages today, artist Johnny Goth delivers his brand new project titled Let Them In. Johnny represents those who live life happily hopeless. An early background in film has allowed his acute musical talents and image to take center stage as the melancholic hero of his story. As I dove into the eight songs, I quickly realized that he has an incredible vision for himself and gives listeners a piece of his heart with every lyric he puts into the world. “Drawing from acts like Elliot Smith, The Strokes, and Marilyn Manson, his TRASH Records debut continues to inspire those struggling to come to terms with the empty feelings that we bury deep within by manifesting them through the unusual and mysterious character that is Johnny Goth.” As a new listener of Goth’s, I’m extremely excited to see which direction he goes with his next releases and what types of content he has in store to accompany this project. Be sure to press play below on Let Them In and follow Johnny on Instagram and Twitter!

Starlight – [Tyler Loyal]

By Nick Mueller // 13 Sep 2019

Making an impactful debut to our pages today, rising Boston native Tyler Loyal gives us his brand new single titled “Starlight”. This record highlights Tyler’s songwriting abilities as he delivers a catchy chorus over a somber, club-style beat. Loyal says that this song is “about a girl who makes me fall but then soon after shows her true colors. The girl begins to go out with her friends, becoming lost in the parties”, ultimately losing her focus on Tyler and what they had together. Furthermore, the second half of “Starlight” points at Tyler’s perspective and viewpoint coming from the other side of the relationship. Whether it’s relatable to you or not, this song has a way of captivating anybody who happens to press play. Do yourself a favor and get familiar with Tyler Loyal by listening to “Starlight” below and by following him on Instagram and Twitter!

Feel So Good – [Jozzy]

By Nick Mueller // 10 Sep 2019

Today, one of my favorites is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her second official release titled “Feel So Good”. Jozzy is a young artist & songwriter born and raised in Memphis, who came into the game with Timbaland as a songwriter in Miami. After moving to LA earlier last year, Jozzy inked a deal with Columbia Records and dropped her debut single with an incredible feature from Lil Wayne. Now, Jozzy is back with a visual for “Feel So Good”, her second single, which showcases her untouchable talent for creating catchy hooks and songs that have massive replay value. In terms of the video, the high energy, vibrant colors, and quick edits help shape an image for fans to associate with this song. There’s no true storyline to the video except Jozzy hanging with friends and flexing her captivating abilities. Furthermore, Jozzy has gone on to pen legendary songs as a writer for people such as Lil Nas X (wrote Billy Ray Cyrus’ verse), Jacquees, and Dani Leigh. Jozzy is definitely an artist that you need to get familiar with if you aren’t already as she “plans to drop several more singles to lead into her debut tape New Graceland that …