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Lyrical Lemonade Presents: The Shordie Shordie Q&A

By Jarred Howard // 22 May 2019

As I rode in the car with my cameraman on the way to Atlanta I started to prep myself for this interview. Naturally, I like to be over prepared when I’m talking with someone so I’m able to dive into an in-depth conversation with the person. As I’m gazing off into the distance my cameraman asks me to play some Shordie Shordie to get in the mood for the interview. I play “Bitchuary” first of course. Everyone in the car’s mood immediately changes, I ended up letting Shordie’s album ‘Captain Hook’ ride. As I was listening I stopped thinking and worrying about what I was going to say for the interview. For the fact that I had been listening to Shordie’s music non stop over the past couple of weeks so I felt as if I had already known him. When we pulled up to the studio and we received a warm welcome by his manager and his team, Shordie was finishing up recording a song. After a little while, the blossoming Baltimore standout sat down with me and reassured what I thought to be true while riding in the car. That Shordie was as real and relatable as his …

Slow – [Dezmond Dane & Mayzin]

By Jarred Howard // 18 May 2019

R&B singer Dezmond Dane connects with rapper Mayzin as they team up to bring down the tempo on a new single in “Slow.” This will be the first single off of an EP that Dezmond releasing in late July entitled “The Album in Blue.” The project will be focused on the feeling of love and sadness and how these two emotions can coexist. Sometimes songs come in pairs on a project, for each love song, there’s a melancholy song associated with it. The narrative on “Slow” is about loving the partner you’re with while taking the time to love and appreciate every aspect of them. Regardless of how long that may take, this truly shows how in love they are with that person. This is a great sample for the forthcoming album that’s coming in June. Dezmond could turn out to be one of the surprising r&b acts to break out in 2019! Stream Dezmond Dane and Mayzin’s new single “Slow” below.

Premiere: “Rage” – [Ducey Gold]

By Jarred Howard // 16 May 2019

Budding North Carolina emcee Ducey Gold makes his return to the Lyrical Lemonade pages as we premiere his hard-hitting new single “Rage.” Ducey’s new track is about how he wanted to explain the process of his come up in music. On the BLK and Its2eezy produced single Ducey Gold taps into his emotions and his thought process of the fans and a new audience that are starting to notice him. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for the young rapper out Greenville. Sometimes he feels consumed by it and it drags him into a darker place and gives Gold a feeling of doubt because he himself is not yet where he wants to be. The track isn’t strictly melancholy though, as Ducey takes some shots at the people that doubted that he would make it this far. All of these emotions and thoughts building up inside an individual will come to a boiling point and the result will be to rage. Stream Ducey Gold’s new anthem “Rage” below.

Everyday – [Splash Zanotti]

By Jarred Howard // 15 May 2019

Florida emcee Splash Zanotti killed his Rolling Loud Set over the weekend and today he graces the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his video “Everyday.” The song stems from his project Sz Canis Majoris that dropped back in December of last year. In these FXRBES directed visuals Splash Zanotti is seen tying up a victim and torturing him whiling crooning over the track. Other scenes include Splashing reminiscing on more lighthearted times spent with his family and holding his son. Compared to the other songs in his discography this would be considered a switch up in Splash’s soundscape. On the contrarey, this is far from a feel-good song from the Miami lyricist. The message of the song and the images of the video are meant to portray a message that people hurt other people to feel. Watch the video for Splash Zanotti’s “Everyday” after the break.

Sunny Side Up – [Maddie Barker]

By Jarred Howard // 13 May 2019

Maddie Barker is a teenager from Orlando, Florida whose making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today with her single “Sunny Side Up.” Growing up Maddie was exposed to a lot of jazz and soul records by hearing parents and you can gather that just by listening to her voice on “Sunny Side.” This song fits perfectly within the sad girl tunes or the low key and bedroom pop wave that is currently going on in music right now. I wish I had more music to dive into so I could see how Maddie plans to diversify and separate herself from the rest of the pack. But one thing that is working for her is that she’s still very young and she has time to build on her sound. “Sunny Side Up” is only the beginning of her journey and it’s off to a solid start. Stream Maddie Barker’s debut single “Sunny Side Up” after the break.

Problems – [Austin Royale]

By Jarred Howard // 13 May 2019

Austin Royale is the definition of the new wave of the underground wave of punk rap that’s been taking the internet by storm over the last year. Today Austin graces the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his new single entitled “Problems” featuring fellow North Carolinian rapper and underground favorite J.K. The Reaper and Goon Des Garcons. The first time I met Austin was at a music festival last summer in Charlotte, North Carolina and he was pretty chill and well mannered. But as soon as he hit the stage it was as if he was a completely different person. You could feel the energy emitting from him during his performance and the crowd reacted well to his set. One thing that will benefit Austin is become more consistent from each drop and continuing to build a good sound. He’s got the stage presence the attitude, individuality and some solid tracks behind. He just has to continue to put all the pieces of the puzzle together over time. Stream Austin Royale’s single “Problems” below.

Stay With Me – [Lucus]

By Jarred Howard // 13 May 2019

Lyrical Lemonade fam let’s give a warm welcome to Lucus and his new single “Stay With Me.” Soundcloud is still providing a lot of hidden gems on the platform and it’s far from being a dead music discovery resource. The first time I heard of Lucus was when he was singing the hook on rapper Ducey Gold’s track “Target.” I immediately was left wondering who this mysterious crooner was but because of how fast music movies I forgot to follow up on that lead. Fortunately for me, he resurfaced on a repost on my Soundcloud timeline and that led me to “Stay With Me.” Lucus gives me the same vibes of an early Soundcloud Post Malone, he has the ability to reach that level with the right team and if he continues to grow as a songwriter. If you don’t believe me check out his versatility on his singles “Boom” and “Mafia” and see for yourself. Stream Lucus’ song “Stay With Me” after the break.

Your Loss, Cold Game – [Richie Bux]

By Jarred Howard // 7 May 2019

Las Vegas rapper Richie Bux continues to build and galvanize listeners with his new video “Your Loss, Cold Game.” The first thing that drew me into the track was the horns man, there was a feeling of triumph consuming me and I thought about me overcoming some of the hardships I go through in my life. The next thing that hit me was when Richie started to rap. That attribute stood out from the jump because Richie has his own sound and a voice that is unique. I believe originally and individuality in music will ultimately always win over the long haul and Richie doesn’t seem to follow the generic sound that’s out in rap today. Bux was able to tap in with Las Vegas director Gio Visuals to capture him cruising around California as they take in various sights and scenery of the golden state. Watch the video for Richie Bux’s “Your Loss, Cold Game” below.