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My Set – [26AR]

By Jarred Howard // 30 Jun 2020

The Brooklyn drill movement came in and invaded the United States for the majority of 2019. With the tragic death of Pop Smoke who emerged as the leader spearheading the moving moment, there were questions to see who would pick up the torch to carry the sound where Pop Smoke left off. The answer to that question would be a variety of rappers which include Fivio Foreign, Sleepy Hallow, Sheff G, Smoove L, 22gz, and more. Today we can add 26AR to the list of New York drill artists to keep track of. His recent video for “My Set” makes you want to be outside mobbing with the guys. “On Set” seems like his best song to date from an artistic point of view. But the snippet at the end of this video sounds pretty impressive as well. Hopefully, 26AR continues to work and improve his sound, because at this rate if he keeps pumping out singles and videos at this quality he should have a solid following accumulating around him soon.  Listen to the track and watch the music video here: 

Moncler Cold – [Ducey Gold]

By Jarred Howard // 30 Jun 2020

North Carolina native Ducey Gold has returned from a short hiatus with his new single entitled, “Moncler Cold.” On this single Ducey takes a different approach production-wise while adding some of his staple hype bars. Sometimes Gold gets caught up in a certain soundscape and plays to his whole outer space and alien theme as seen in his “Love” visuals. Singles like “Moncler Cold” provide light on what other sounds Ducey is capable of making. The content is relatively the same but this record is probably Ducey’s best song as an artist thus far from a creation standpoint. There is another level personally Ducey can reach in his music, that if he continues to hone his crazy he should be able to tap into overtime. Grenville, North Carolina emcee recently has been spotted in Los Angeles to link up with John Rawl another cinematic experience for the “Moncler Cold” video. Listen to Ducey Gold’s brand new single the “Moncler Cold” produced by WhoIsMunchy here.

DND – [Mere Raj]

By Jarred Howard // 29 May 2020

Mere Raj is a 23-year-old, DIY, bedroom R&B artist out of South Carolina with an enticing new single entitled “DND.” His second official release comes jammed packed with some home run melodies and applicable lyrical content that has should lure listeners into mashing repeat. Mere is so talented vocally and production-wise. Yes, Mere produces most of his own music. If you’re fans of acts like Don Doliver or Kevin George then Mere Raj should be right up your alley. The eerie guitar riffs combine with the 808’s are fitting instrumentation as they flow together with Mere’s vocals seamlessly. The concept of “DND” is obviously based on the acronym Do Not Disturb, in which Mere croons that it’s too late to hit him up now that he’s in a better place. Mere Raj is only going to get better as he continues to release more and more music. Stream Mere Raj newest offering “DND” for yourself after the break.

Premiere: Dottin Up – [Jaah SLT]

By Jarred Howard // 28 May 2020

Jaah SLT is an artist out of Charlotte, North Carolina that’s been making a lot of noise a of late. Today we premiere Jaah’s intense video for ”Dottin Up.” Jaah is another artist that’s hit the TikTok lottery and has seen his stock skyrocket within the last couple of months. His single ”Tuff” has amassed over 17,000 videos on TikTok which has resulted in the single accumulating over 6 million streams on Spotify. This new single ”Dottin Up” is the first song and video release with his new home under Alamo Records. Alamo has seen success recently breaking new stars such as Rod Wave and Trevor Daniel. Jaah looks to be the next act on deck to take the leap into superstardom. “Dottin Up” is an aggressive upbeat record similar to “Tuff” so if you need to up the ante today you should give this single a spin. Watch Jaah SLT’s video for ”Dottin Up” for yourself after the break.

False Confidence – [Jonah Ward]

By Jarred Howard // 19 May 2020

North Carolina isn’t just a rap hotbed but it’s starting to become an all-around music hub in all genres. Enter in 16-year-old Jonah Ward one of the most intriguing indie-pop artists to come out of Charlotte, North Carolina in awhile. It’s so ironic that it’s pouring down rain outside right now and that I’m writing this song up. Ward’s debut single “False Confidence” is anything but a gloomy rainy day and serves as the perfect record as we inch closer to warmer weather. Ward provided some background information on the single via email and stated that ‘” False Confidence” is all about me being insecure in my ability to have a career in music, and how I try to convince myself of my ability by being falsely confident (hence the name). The song is filled with a lot of sarcasm. Throughout the song, it sounds really cocky and overconfident, but it’s really supposed to show the thinly-veiled insecurity that lies underneath’. Check out Jonah Ward’s summer bop “False Confidence” for yourself below.

Misguided – [Kevin Powers]

By Jarred Howard // 19 May 2020

Raleigh, North Carolina crooner Kevin Powers impresses with his genre-defying single “Misguided.” I’ve been diving into the North Carolina scene pretty heavy over the last couple of months. Like Charlotte, Raleigh, North Carolina has some acts ranging from a variety of different sounds that deserve more recognition on a national level. Some of the previous artists from the area that have made appearances on the Lyrical pages are Pat Junior and YSB Tril. Today Kevin Powers makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his single “Misguided.” I’ve been jamming to this song for about a month now and finally got around to giving it the proper coverage it deserves. This record shows off a range of different genres that Kevin could dive into making him a great hybrid artist similar to Post Malone. Kevin still needs to become more consistent with his sound and continue to develop as a songwriter. However, Kevin is still an artist out of North Carolina that everyone should be keeping tabs on for the future. Stream Kevin Power’s bubbling single “Misguided” after the break.  

Ain’t Too Proud – [Moe Young]

By Jarred Howard // 16 May 2020

Moe Young is going to be one of the biggest newcomers in r&b by the end of the year. The talent is just too immense and he’s surround by what seems like the best production team in the industry right now in Internet Money. His latest record “Ain’t Too Proud” is another solid flushed out single that will have r&b lovers pressing play over and over again. Moe’s sound is a great balance between the new and production of r&b. What is going to get hardcore traditionalists to listen to his music will be the passion in his vocals and songwriting. On the other side of the spectrum for the new generation, the trap soul leaning sound of his production he’s normally on will be more than enough to keep their attention along with his content. It’s disappointing that Moe hasn’t put any music on Spotify or Apple Music yet, but Internet Money did the same with TyFontaine and LilSpirit. It shouldn’t be long before we see Moe rolling out singles leading up to a project on DSPs. Stream Moe Young’s latest release “Ain’t Too Proud” below.

Do The Most – [YSB Tril]

By Jarred Howard // 16 May 2020

YSB Tril is one of the more interesting newer acts to come out of North Carolina. His latest single “Do The Most” is an upbeat banger in which highlights his potential star power. This is YSB Tril’s second time gracing the Lyrical Lemonade pages the first was with his 2019 release “Pull Up.” Tril has a natural and effortless flow that you cannot teach. Is his sound original? No. Tril isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, he’s just trying to fine-tune the vehicle. With his songwriting ability and catchy cadences, his music will find a place on someone’s playlist or roster. Recently Tril was on an Instagram live held by United Masters and the NBA and received high praise from T-Pain and Indiana Pacers star player and singer Victor Oladipo. If he continues to turn heads and accumulate fans at this rate it’s only going to be a matter of time before we see Tril starting to make some major noise. Stream YSB Tril’s brand new single “Do The Most” below.