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Walked In – [Kevin Powers]

By Jarred Howard // 19 Nov 2020

As of late, it feels as if the state of North Carolina has been doing nothing but pumping out talented acts which includes artist Kevin Powers. His latest release “Walked In” is accompanied by a very clean and fun visual directed by Kosmic Shots which Kevin went coast to coast to shoot. The video set in Los Angeles, showcases contrast in the daily life of an artist, hanging in the pool by day and grinding in the studio at night. A bouncy and upbeat instrumental produced by Whit Kane sets the tone as Powers comes in with an incredibly smooth flow that immediately hooks you in. Speaking of hooks, the chorus is infectious and incredibly well, while also further cementing the braggadocios tone of the song. While the song is boastful, Kevin reminds us of where he came from with his blunt and to-the-point lyrics. All in All “Walked In” is a lively track that is put together well in all aspects. I recommend playing this song in the car with your friends as the 1:36 track time is perfect for the aux, plus you’ll get to say you put your friends on. Watch Kevin Powers’ “Walked In” for yourself …

Catch These Hands – [Hadji Gaviota]

By Jarred Howard // 28 Oct 2020

Queens-based artist Hadji Gaviota is continuing his hot streak of singles with “Catch These Hand“, an upbeat indie dance anthem dedicated to moving past an unkind lover. In traditional Hadji fashion, there are twists and turns, including a spacy, weird outro that flips the whole song on its head. The zany video, shot by Cultivision, has Hadji doing everything from falling out of the sky to a “Rocky”-style training montage in the name of love. The fourth single from Hadji’s visual album “PURGATORY”, due out later this year, sounds nothing like the past three with the trippy “RUNNER’S HIGH”, the falsetto-filled ballad “1-800-PUR-GTRY” and the energetic indie/hip-hop crossover “4049 SPRUCE”, but only adds to the building excitement for his project. When I first heard “Catch These Hands” I was blown away by how groovy the single was. I’m a big sucker for psychedelic rock and this record drew me in within the first 10 seconds. Stream Hadji Gaviota’s new single “Catch These Hands” responsibly of course, after the break.

So Bad So What – [Colby Lafayette]

By Jarred Howard // 28 Oct 2020

Colby Lafayette is making his debut on the Lyrical Lemonade pages today with a new single entitled “So Bad So What.” It’s said Colby Lafayette began as a moniker and fictional alter ego of a rockstar residing in Los Angeles hailing from Boston. Colby grew up playing in bands with his friends and listening to music such as Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Sabbath. Later on in his adolescence, Colby started to dive into hip-hop with artists such as Odd Future, Childish Gambino, and Kendrick Lamar. It seems as if Lafayette was always destined to make music, even while excelling in high school he didn’t even apply to college to pursue his dreams in music. “ So Bad So What” is the second single to drop this month and will be the last drop until his ‘So Bad’ EP which is slated to drop in mid-November. Colby is able to channel his naive and reckless high school experiences within a gritty bass-driven, and alternative rock-influenced ballad. Stream Colby Lafayette’s new single “So Bad So What” for yourself after the break.

Summer – [BkTheRula]

By Jarred Howard // 6 Oct 2020

Atlanta has steadily been a hotbed for the next rap superstars for years. One of the next stars in the Atlanta scene may very well be an unsung hero by the name of BkTheRula. BK was making noise last year with a couple of drops here and there and seemed to be a favorite early on with industry folks and the rap blog writers. She really began to break out on the scene when her viral video for “Tweakin” started circulating on platforms like Twitter at the top of 2020. BkTheRula doesn’t have the typical content as a lot of her female rap counterparts. If you’re a fan of people like Trippie Redd, Cori Leray, Rico Nasty, TiaCorine, and the airy melodic alternative rap sound then that’s what you should expect out of BK. This video for “Summer” is really euphoric and even though I had used the term “it’s a vibe” it is indeed that. Watch BkTheRula’s new music video for “Summer” after the break.

Passion Of The Cross – [Jaden Anthony]

By Jarred Howard // 6 Oct 2020

As someone who is knee-deep in music and hundreds of thousands of artists as myself, you get a hell of a lot of recommendations. Most of them are promising to be the next this or that or claiming to be something you’ve never heard before. Some of these claims happen to be true though so I try to do my due diligence checking out as many people as I can even if I don’t have the time to write about everyone. Jaden Anthony was one of the suggestions that broke through with me and I believe this 19-year-old kid has a special talent and could be ready to take the next step sometime next year. Jaden is a dancer, American singer, and songwriter stemming from Oakland, California. The Oakland crooner infuses elements ranging from pop, r&b, hip-hop, rock, blues, and funk into his music. Normally when someone is this year and has a sound that’s this well developed you can normally tell that they’ve been making music for a while. In Jaden’s case, he started making music at 8 and started recording himself since he was 13 years old. On ‘Passion Of The Cross’ Jaden touches on heavy topics such …

Without You – [Hukspidey]

By Jarred Howard // 6 Oct 2020

Hukspidey is a melodic and rhythmic tweener between a pop and rap act with a sound that’s still raw but with some work can be a hidden gem in the near future. As I get older I feel like I’m becoming softer, more accepting, and less critical of music made by younger people. Instead, I try to look for flashes of potential, things young artists can do well, and what they can build on to improve for the future. Hukspidey is a 19-year-old who is from Seattle, Washington, and happened to go to the same high school as rap star Lil Mosey. Artists such as Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke inspired him to start making music with his father at a very young age. One thing about Hukspidey is that he wants to make it cool to be vulnerable and get people hip to expressing strong emotions in making meaningful music again. In his new single “Without You” this song is about falling in love for the first time and experiencing the joy that love brings and then it ultimately being taken away. Stream Hukspidey’s new single “Without You” for yourself below.

Expensive – [Danny Orange]

By Jarred Howard // 5 Oct 2020

Even though I’ve only known about him for a little over a month and he only has a couple of singles under his belt Danny Orange is quickly becoming one of my favorites in the indie-pop space. Recently Danny dropped his single and visuals from “Expensive.” Danny hails from a small town called Verrado, Arizona which is right outside of Phoenix. Small town dreams didn’t really fit Danny’s plans and he eventually set out to start making videos under the moniker Daniel Jordan K. After meeting up with Tommy Bauer the two eventually formed what is now the popular media and video production team of Overcast. On his record “Expensive” Danny displays a summertime vibe that talks about the luxury of experiencing a glamour and lifestyle that he’s not accustomed to. With production and songwriting featuring Alec Wigdahl, Danny is on pace to become the next star over at Internet Money. Watch Danny Orange’s new single and video for “Expensive” for yourself after the break.

Fly – [Jaxson Free]

By Jarred Howard // 4 Oct 2020

Jaxon Free is a familiar face to the Lyrical Lemonade pages if you remember our coverage on the Raleighwood Hills record in which landed in former President Obama’s playlist last year. Today the Raleigh, North Carolina vocalist returns with a brand new single and video for “Fly.” The 20-year old’s sound is influenced by artists ranging from Drake, Khalid, and 6lack. You can see all of these inspirations in Jaxson’s music as he includes melodic sounds of r&b, pop, and hip-hop cadences. This is an upbeat single in which Free claims derives from a conversation he had with a friend. The record provides a message in which everyone can apply in some aspect in life and that message is letting go. Free states via email “When working on this record I started with the loop made by the homies xynothing, anselynl, and michaelcollinsprice. I just punched in and let it all flow out after having a conversation with a friend of mine about other anxieties and struggles.” Stream Jaxson Free’s new single “Fly” after the break.