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Know You – [Dustystaytrue]

By Jarred Howard // 23 Jul 2021

Dustystaytrue makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a catchy and bouncy new record and title “Know You.” This is the second visuals we’re receiving from the Connecticut emcee in 2021. If this video looks familiar don’t worry you aren’t hallucinating “Know You” pays homage to the classic DMX video “How’s It Going Down.” It’s refreshing to see the new generation of artists paying homage to the legends of the game. This may hit home for many rap fans as the late Yonkers, NY rapper passed away back in April. This video is the start of the rollout leading up to Dusty’s forthcoming untitled project that should be right around the corner. He may draw comparisons to rappers like Polo G and Lil Tjay but Dusty has his own lane and an array of sounds in the vault that’s sure to make fans out of different crops of listeners. Watch Dustystaytrue‘s new video for “Know You” after the break for yourself.

Polarvortex – [Blvck Svm]

By Jarred Howard // 5 Jul 2021

South Florida-bred, Chicago-based rapper Blvck Svm has been on my radar for a minute now, but his latest track “Polarvortex” is currently my favorite offering from him. On “Polarvortex,” Svm flexes the incredible lyricism we’ve come to expect from him, but this time around he does it within a traditional song structure, a departure from the style of most of his recent releases. The Florida emcee brings the basketball and fashion bars throughout, as per usual, but the punchline that stuck with me the most had to be “the way my numbers jumping, you think S-V-M a stock.” A catchy hook by Blvck Svm is the centerpiece of this track though as he sings, “Don’t need GPS, I know the route // Florida baby, I feel like I’m the coldest out // N****s think I blackballed my teeth the way I froze em out // Polar vortex when I open mouth.” All this comes together over an especially bouncy beat, courtesy of frequent collaborator and fellow South Florida producer, Sheri A. If the route he’s talking about in the hook is supposed to take him to the top, then this earworm is definitely helping him stay on that track. Overall, …

Toxic Ends – [Rarin]

By Jarred Howard // 16 Jun 2021

If you’re pulling in 260k views on a video in two weeks you must be on the right track to doing something right. Rarin and his New pop and hip-hop-infused single “toxic ends” will catch your attention and stay in your head for some time. If you’re a fan of the younger generation of pop-rap acts such as The Kid Laroi, Post Malone, Bankrol Hayden,  and Yung Pinch then you’ll find “Toxic Ends” rather enjoyable. The video overall is one big stress ball, do you find yourself on the edge of your seat as Rarin hangs from a lime green Lamborghini scraping the pavement throughout the whole video. His voice, melody, and tone how far beyond his years. If he can incorporate in-depth stories that can rally fans around his brand then Rarin should be able to carve out a nice niche for himself in music. Watch Rarin’s highly-anticipated video for “Toxic Ends” after the break.

Fake News – [Sowell]

By Jarred Howard // 16 Jun 2021

Houston singer, Sowell, has brought us a melodic flow of R&B and Reggae vibes with her song “Fake News”. Originally debuted as a reel on Instagram, this super-smooth anthem is perfect for people who are looking to cleanse and cut people off: fake friends, fake family, fake love, fake news. This reel first caught my attention because of the bright, vibrant colors and hypnotizing fish eye lens view while walking through the streets. Her movements and attitudes, though minor, play a key factor in the mood of the song and her dulcet voice hits multi octaves creating a tone to real feelings set when cutting people out of your life because they think they know you. Though Sowell doesn’t have many songs out, this reel has definitely brought attention to her euphonious sound and I hope to hear more from her soon. With only three records out and such an alluring song that’s been keeping me coming back, I can’t wait for a full-length project to come from Sowell. Watch Sowell’s new single “Fake News” for yourself after the break.

Rockstar – [Abhi The Nomad] ft. [Kota The Friend]

By Jarred Howard // 16 Jun 2021

Abhi The Nomad has been somebody I’ve been paying attention to for the last for years. In fact, Connor was wondering where he had been all this time and what he was up to musically. Recently he teamed up with one of the low far chill hop rap great in Kota The Friend to create “Rockstar.” This is the second release in a three-pack series of 2-packs Abhi is trying to release up until his album that drops this Fall. This record is a great single to add to everybody’s summer and chill vibes playlists. What adds that upbeat tempo to the song is the 808‘s that are tucked underneath the smoove guitar melody. The other record that came in this two-pack is called “Good Luck” which is more of an 80s upbeat funky single. Stream Abhi The Nomad and Kota the Friends’ new record “Rockstar” after the break for yourself.

Like This – [Zouli]

By Jarred Howard // 24 May 2021

Just north of the states, Montreal-based artist, Zouli started making music in 2018 and then would continue to release new music in 2019 before taking a break until 2021. Zouli returned with a 7 track EP “Resurrection” at the end of January this year, before releasing the newest song “Like This” on April 23rd. The progression for Zouli over his discography is strong and only more evident with each release. A half-timed beat that is sped up to build the momentum of the track right at the start of the song almost 100% of the time means the song will bang. “Like This” is no exception as Zouli comes in with a strong flow and delivery to move the song intro into the first verse. The instrumental is incredible and Zouli knew exactly how to utilize the potential within the beat, through his melodies and catchy lyrics. The production and Zouli’s vocals converge seamlessly which makes for an overall very well put together song. Zouli’s potential is high and if he keeps working, the sky is the limit.

Luigi – [TiaCorine] [Kenny Beats]

By Jarred Howard // 17 May 2021

North Carolina emcee TiaCorine and teams up with Kenny Beats in a charismatic video for “Luigi.” This video is one of the better visuals I’ve seen in 2021 so far and Tia and Kenny’s chemistry in the video and song seem effortless. Fans of these two originally named the record “Terry Crews” because of a snippet that had been floating around since last year. Fast forward to today and we have a Joyride and Rick Lancaster masterpiece that’s sure to keep your eyes glued to your screen from start to finish. You’ll witness light-hearted scenes like Tia and Kenny doing the robot on a muscle man’s bicep and other moments like Tia and Kenny hopping through the original classic Super Mario Bros world. This record is one of the nine tracks featured on TiaCorine’s deluxe album which released today. Some of the highlights on the deluxe include “Luigi”, “Tacos”, “Pancakes”, and her viral single “Lotto” scored a feature from DaBaby on the remix. Watch TiaCorine’s new video for “Luigi” and listen to her deluxe version of ‘34Corine’ after the break for yourself.

Tyesha – [Littlejohn4K]

By Jarred Howard // 4 May 2021

North Carolina emcee Littlejohn4K makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut as she releases her 2021 debut album, ‘Tyesha’. The self-titled effort serves as a formal introduction to the artist behind the music. With a narrative-driven approach to offer insight into a life that’s imbued with passion and problems, Littlejohn’s vulnerability in the song is therapeutic. Tyesha is expository prose over nine layered tracks and three pre-recorded voicemail messages. On wax, records like ‘Different’ transcend sound as a byproduct of ingenious production, courtesy of Rico Love, while Littlejohn oscillates between melodies and polished rhymes. This is a personal effort, something reflective of Littlejohn’s story. By today’s standards, Littljohn4K makes relatable music, she doesn’t create for the sake of emotive appeal, that’s merely a byproduct of her storytelling dynamic as an artist. She creates without borders or restrictions, finding refuge in offloading transparent mentions. This year, Littlejohn4K’s truth is bound to comfort and inspire many. Her music invites listeners down a path of self-discovery with ‘Tyesha’, or as Littlejohn4K states via email, “I come from what I come from and I am who I am, but that doesn’t affect who I’m supposed to be.” Stream and listen to Littlejohn4K’s vulnerability on her new …