Helvetica – [Jelani Aryeh]

By Chuck Ramos // 12 Nov 2019

Avid listeners who have keep their ear to the ground will undoubtedly recognize the name Jelani Aryeh. The young dynamo made waves in early 2017 after the release of his seven-track project, Suburban Destinesia. Since then, Aryeh has been mastering his craft and fine-tuning parts of his artistic expression that have manifested themselves into his latest release, a nine-track EP entitled, Helvetica. Fans of Aryeh’s ability to merge hip-hop sensibilities with alternative production and orchestration are in for a treat when they sit down and listen to the sonic intimacy of his latest release. The new project opens with the electronic orchestration of “Curls.” Reflecting on his identity as a black Filipino in America, Aryeh sets a firm precedent for the subject matter and production to be featured on the remainder of the EP. Seamlessly transitioning from the energetic bounce of “Earl Grey” to the heartfelt nostalgia of “Jetfuel,” Aryeh manages to touch on every aspect of his personal life. This utter transparency and willingness to be intimate with his audience not only is admirable but a genius decision when taking into account the grand yet reeled-in orchestration of the project. Helvetica is immersive, to say the least, attracting you …


By Chuck Ramos // 8 Nov 2019

Those unfamiliar with the exhilarating and continuously dynamic ability and talent of the San Antonio based collective FRITOGANG are in for a treat. With a new project and festival performance under their belt, the nine-man collective is building seismic steam that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Their latest offering, a visual for their project-cut “ROTATION,” is another towering example of their DIY ability and chemistry as artists and performers. FRITOGANG’s new video, for those unfamiliar with the pre-established aesthetic of the clique, captures a house party in true vintage fashion. Seen laughing, lounging, rapping, singing, drinking and chilling, the dynamic group of artists welcomes viewers into their VHS-styled world. Bringing to life the laid-back production and even more relaxed delivery of each member’s verse, FRITOGANG does an excellent job of destroying the barrier that separates artists and fans. Welcoming viewers, new and old, into this world is not only admirable but strategic as this group continues to grow a fanbase while establishing their ever-evolving ability to create as a collective. There is no better time to get put onto a captivating artist or group of artists in this case, then in the early stages of their career, so get …

Care For You – [Bensbeendead.]

By Chuck Ramos // 7 Nov 2019

Bensbeendead. is turning heads once again with his electrically singed new single, “Care for You.” The Portland Maine based signer, songwriter and producer has been on a spree recently sharing a barrage of singles over the past couple of months. His latest release, to no surprise, finds the electronic pop guru excelling at what he does best; delivering soaring vocals, grand production and storytelling that is uniquely his own. “Care for You” opens with looped electronic bubbling production that feverishly builds into the heartwarming chorus of the record, “you can go ahead drink what you like / ’cause I’ll be taking care of you for the night.” Ben delivers his soaring vocals from the perspective of a loving partner, allowing his significant other to free herself from concern, reassuring her that tonight she will be cared for by the person who loves her the most. The sentimental nature of this record truly encapsulates love’s powerful tethering as Ben sings, “I’ll be really happy if you’re happy tonight.” Listeners can fall in love with this record for a variety of reasons but the most important reason out of all them, in my opinion, is Ben’s ability to capture the clemency we …

Richie Rich – [Lo Village]

By Chuck Ramos // 6 Nov 2019

The incomparable stylings of Lo Village return with a new visual for their latest single, “Richie Rich.” Members of the three-piece DMV based collective embody the feeling, aesthetic and grace of luxury; both through powerful imagery and equally impactful lyricism that has become synonymous with the group. We are welcomed into this dream-like world of high-class elegance by smooth, almost 90s-Esque, production. This familiar yet refined energy seeps through the video with utter ease as Lo Village members, Ama, Kane and Charles Taylor, proceed to host a group of friends at their pristine estate. Echoing the prestigious sentiments of the song’s subject matter, Lo Village members take turns in adding their special ingredient to this undeniable bop. This group continues to impress and excel in every facet of their collective ability and individual talent, making every outing of their’s special. With a clear understanding of presence and self, Lo Village continues to establish themselves as a group to take very seriously. Check out the new music video for “Richie Rich” by Lo Village below and make sure to show them your support by following them on Twitter and Instagram.

Holiday – [Danny Dwyer]

By Chuck Ramos // 5 Nov 2019

There is no denying the importance of a quality video by an artist looking to expand his fanbase and overall notoriety. This crucial asset in an artists arsenal is fully-present in the new video from the St. Louis born, Los Angeles based artistry of Danny Dwyer. Making his debut on Lyrical Lemonade, Dwyer looks to entrance viewers in a medley of brightly colored visuals in his new video for his recently released single, “Holiday.” The Lonewolf directed video’s theme finds its inspiration from the sugary-sweet hue of an ice cream truck’s ornamental trademark. Dwyer, with a reserved yet charismatic nature, serenades viewers in front of multi-colored walls, from the window of the aforementioned ice cream truck and through a thicket of trees. The classically trained multi-instrumentalist’s subject matter on this record, although glittery in delivery, is somewhat melancholic as he chronicles the complicated maturation of childhood friendships. Combining intricate storytelling and soulful-pop production, Dwyer executes his latest outing with effortless finesse and groove-inducing musicality. This ability not only speaks volumes to his ever-growing artistry but his undeniable skill as a songwriter. “Holiday” is impressive from a multitude of standpoints but the biggest may be Dwyer’s ability to deliver a song …

Water Your Face Plants – [Lecx Stacy]

By Chuck Ramos // 28 Oct 2019

It’s hard to describe the incredibly chaotic yet focused orchestration and raw lyricism of Lecx Stacy’s newest single, “Water Your Face Plants.” The San Diego based artist bares all for his listeners, creating an electrically distorted moment of catharsis for all who have felt self-doubt creep into their lives. Lecx Stacy’s second official single is a departure from bright bedroom pop and an introduction into something grittier. Brought to life by piercing guitars, driving basslines and haunting vocals, Lecx Stacy’s newest single manages to capture your attention almost immediately. The surging power of the guitar’s feedback creates an undeniably anxious atmosphere that is flowing not only through the song’s production but through Stacy’s delivery and lyrics. This raw moment of pure vulnerability is incredibly enduring, creating an intimate moment between the listener and the artist. Despite the song’s melancholic lyrics, Stacy manages to provide listeners with a soundbed of driving basslines that warrant an impulsive response. This bedroom-punk hybrid is impossible to not get lost in, whether its the intimacy of the song’s lyrics or blinding fit of angst exuded from the record’s production. Listen to the new single from Lecx Stacy below and make sure to show him your …

COAT – [Bryce Byrd]

By Chuck Ramos // 23 Oct 2019

I am very excited to introduce the left-of-center lyrical stylings of Bryce Byrd to the Lyrical Lemonade community. The Los Angeles based artist’s latest EP, COAT, may be short but undoubtedly packs an impressive punch. This alluring outing not only perks our interest in Byrd’s current release but his future outings.  Byrd’s opening track, “SATIVA,” is a strong introduction for any listener who may be unfamiliar with the looping synth production and laid-back delivery of the wordsmith. The project’s proceeding record, “ALTER DESTINY” represents a more back-to-basics style from Byrd whose storyteller-like performance floats atop the song’s haunting production. Despite the brief duration of both of these records, Byrd does an effortless job grabbing your attention. The project progresses with further exceptional displays of Byrd’s talent; showcasing his softer sensibilities on “SELFISH LOVE,” fusing his rapping and singing talents into the hybrid stylings “STEP UP” and finding a higher octave of rapping on the EP’s closer, “GOOD BOY.” If Bryce Byrd’s latest EP proves anything, it is that some of the best gifts come in the smallest, and in this case, shortest of packages. Listen to COAT EP by Bryce Byrd below and make sure to show him your support by following …


By Chuck Ramos // 16 Oct 2019

The Lonestar State is making seismic waves once again as San Antonio, Texas native rapper HOODLUM shares his highly anticipated new video for “SOUTHSIDE.” The long-awaited, highly teased visual does nothing if not surpass expectations. Brandishing his laid-back flow and clever wordplay, HOODLUM delivers another compelling performance reaffirming his case as one of the most captivating new acts to emerge from South Texas. Reuniting with frequent collaborator and hometown producer XANAXFANCLUB and director Ace The Shooter, HOODLUM unleashes a wave of quiet confidence – rapping with complete ease throughout his new video. XANAXFANCLUB’s teetering bass-driven production sets up the San Antonio rapper for a lengthy display of his ability as a wordsmith and performer. This air of unshakeable confidence is brought to life in the video through a medley of subliminal images; HOODLUM seen draped in Gucci barber capes rapping from various barber chairs as well as on-top of cars echoing the aggression of the song’s production. The video’s entire theme changes during the later part of the song’s sudden but ultimately effective beat change. Light textures turn to darker tones reflecting the more pointed lyrics and spaced-out bass-rattling production of the song’s closing verse. This is HOODLUM’s second time on …