SEX – [No Suits]

By Chuck Ramos // 3 Jul 2020

With a clear and present pioneer mindset, No Suits lives and breathes the idea that many flavors always make the best product. The four-person band, made up of former classmates, is getting their Lyrical Lemonade debut today for their newly released seven-track album, SEX. Combining a medley of styles, flows, subject matter, and even languages, No Suits proves their ability in making a project that is undeniably concise while simultaneously sporadic in the best way possible. Opened by the groovy funk ballad, “Sue,” No Suits, sets a prime example of the kind of funky-rock-fueled bravado that lives and breathes throughout their new album. Seamlessly transitioning into the blissed-out and love-struck mentality of “Bad Bitch” the four-piece band finds a center between shimmering alternative and swag-laced R&B. Almost through a natural progression, the project continues with “Sugar,” a rap centric exhibition that combines the group’s predilection for funky bass-lines with Abhi the Nomad’s lyrical chops. After the album’s brief interlude, “Sexually Active,” comes the project’s second collaborative record, “Boat to Bermuda” featuring Kota the Friend. The new jack swing style of production on the album’s fifth record exudes breezy vibes and summer’s warm embrace. Primed with high energy, the album’s proceeding record, …

FRAUD – [Destin Conrad] x [Ambré]

By Chuck Ramos // 3 Jul 2020

Destin Conrad and Ambré connect on their latest collaborative release, “FRAUD.” The two incredibly talented writers and vocalist combine their storytelling ability to craft a narrative that highlights how often women push their dreams aside, dimming their light to give fully and intimately into a relationship. Both Ambré and Conrad play a role on the new record, taking turns in detailing the lives of both characters of the song. Conrad speaks on infidelity and the lack of personal responsibility while Ambré echoes his sentiments and tribulations, confidently boasting his resolve while expounding on the sacrifices she’s made to uplift her partner. Artfully balancing a narrative-driven subject matter with compelling production, Ambré, and Destin Conrad create a record that pulls you back through its storied subject matter and moving delivery. Not only does this record tell a vivid story, but it sounds great too. Listen to “FRAUD” by Destin Conrad and Ambré below.

22s – [Shraban]

By Chuck Ramos // 2 Jul 2020

The trap R&B talents of Shraban are unleashed on his new single, “22s.” Comprised of haunting production from Shraban’s hometown confidant, the newly independent singer-songwriter exudes exceptional confidence in his latest release. His unbridled approach to the record feels like he’s got something to say and is going to make a splash while doing it. Melodically delivered, Shraban details the life of luxury while simultaneously addressing the consistent roadblocks and pitfalls he experienced in the music business while ascending into the space he currently holds. Speaking from a perspective of experience, Shraban sounds at peace with his past trials and tribulations, despite their often not so favorable outcomes, he realizes that the past is only there to fuel the fire for the future. Shraban has been reignited and appears to be on a self-empowered trajectory that will have us all marveling. Keep a close eye on Shraban as he is expected to release a new self-titled EP very soon. Listen to “22s” by Shraban below.

Danny Phantom – [Rye Balla]

By Chuck Ramos // 29 Jun 2020

Rye Balla returns to Lyrical Lemonade today for his vibe-inducing new single, “Danny Phantom.” The Long Island native’s release is a ghostly produced record that finds Rye tapping into a hybrid style of Hip Hop and R&B. Weaving in and out of the airy production, Rye finds a pocket that makes this record incredibly catchy both through his delivery when rapping and crooning. “Danny Phantom” is Rye Balla’s second single release of the new year coming off of his standout 2019 project, Pre Season. This record was very hard for me not to play over the weekend, and I assume its vibe-inducing melody will have the same effect on you. As Rye Balla appears to be finding a stride, his recent single is a testament to his growth and an exciting marker of what is to come.  Listen to “Danny Phantom” by Rye Balla below.

Sandbox – [Drelli]

By Chuck Ramos // 28 Jun 2020

Los Angeles based rapper, Drelli, is adding a series of accolades to his belt as of late. With several of his songs being added to numerous Spotify playlists as well as landing sync on Issa Rae’s Insecure, Drelli is quietly building unstoppable momentum. His newest release, “Sandbox,” which was accompanied by Colors Studio-esque live performance of the single, is a head-bob-inducing exhibition of swagger. The Josh Grant produced record lays the foundation for Drelli to weave in-and-out of the airy bass-riddled production in creating an unexpected bounce. The performance in its entirety is a resounding example of Drelli’s skill as a rapper, swagger as a rising artist, and his overall creative vision that reaffirms his steady rise.  Watch the new live video for “Sandbox” by Drelli below.

Sohana – [Shamil]

By Chuck Ramos // 28 Jun 2020

Not long ago during an extremely late-night session of digging through the depths of SoundCloud, I came across an artist who shared similarities to some of the most dominant R&B artists performing currently. His brand of music, although it shared similarities, was incredibly refreshing and unequivocally his own. Bass-riddled R&B layered atop angelic vocals and palpable lyrics made his music reach far beyond the “this is pretty cool” phase many music listeners have. Today, it is my pleasure to highlight that artist’s first music video for his newest single, “Sohana.” SHAMIL is an Alaska based singer and songwriter with an impressionable voice, aesthetic, and vision that I believe will propel him to new heights. His newly released video for his song, “Sohana,” follows a heist gone bad and the unexpected outcome that follows. The video’s focal point, an un-named woman dressed in lingerie, an expensive coat, diamonds, watches, and jewelry, maintains the camera’s focus as she unwinds from her thrill-filled affair. Each moment of the new video beautifully embodies the overwhelming theme of the record; lust and its turbulent predecessors. Watch “Sohana” by SHAMIL below.


By Chuck Ramos // 25 Jun 2020

SwaVay returns to the digital pages of Lyrical Lemonade today for his new music video “YAYA.” The new visual brings to life the unrelenting, in-your-face style of the Atlanta based rapper and his electric album opener. Exuding the same energy given from the track’s grit-laced driving production, SwaVay captivates on-screen as well as on record. Each bar has a heightened level of emphasis in the new video, a truer form of conviction that makes SwaVay’s presence on screen seem larger than life. Made up of a collection of shots that characterize the attitude, grit, camaraderie, and overall confidence that is amplified not only through “YAYA” but throughout the entirety of the SwaVay’s B4dalbum, the consistently impressive style of the ATL lyricist is on full display and continues to affirm my prediction of his inevitable rise to dominance.  Watch the exciting music video for “YAYA” by SWAVAY below.

Admit It – [estef]

By Chuck Ramos // 22 Jun 2020

Nashville-based singer-songwriter estef returns with her newest single, “Admit It.” This marks her seventh official single release on streaming services and is an exciting marker of her continued growth. Estef’s vocals on this newest release are incredibly polished, creating a hypnotizing R&B bop that characterizes the moment you learn of your significant other’s infidelity. Although from a subject matter perspective the new single is categorized by groove-inducing production, estef manages to uplift the attitude of the record by not sulking but accepting and moving forward. Estef’s approach to the single appears to come from a place of newfound clarity, allowing the song’s subject matter to remain lighthearted amidst its distressing sentiments. It’s hard to resist a record with a high level of production quality, glossy vocals, and a message that any listener can identify with. Check out “Admit It” by estef below.