S.L.A.B. – [Perri Jones]

By Chuck Ramos // 11 Aug 2020

One of the newest R&B voices I have had the pleasure of coming across is Perri Jones. The incredibly impressive singer-songwriter has recently released her new single, entitled, “S.L.A.B.” Backed by a groove-inducing tempo and production, Perri Jones,’ new, release embodies the romanticism and feverish feelings that accompany newfound infatuation. The song’s title, an homage to the singer’s Houston raised car culture, artfully embodies Jones’, newfound love. Whether completely enamored by her lush vocals or euphoric harmonies, Perri Jones can not only sing but create a world with her voice, submerging listeners in her nostalgic brand of R&B. “S.L.A.B.” feels like a late-night drive with the windows down and marks Jones’ second single of the year coming on the heels of her June release, “Teardrops.” Pay close attention to the New York-based talent of Perri Jones because I highly doubt this will be the last we hear from her. Listen to “S.L.A.B.” by Perri Jones below.

Sabotage – [JAWNY]

By Chuck Ramos // 11 Aug 2020

After a brief hiatus, JAWNY returns with his new single, “Sabotage.” Departing from the sun-kissed indie-pop style that you may immediately associate with his name, JAWNY’s new release is a bold and exciting step into a sound with an edge. Heavy and aggressive guitar chords alongside JAWNY’s signature vocals create an engaging single on mistakes and self-sabotage. The catchy melody accompanied by sporadic moments of intense electrified guitar-implementation creates an exciting new single from JAWNY that feels like you’re going 100 miles per hour down the highway at midnight with the headlights off. If JAWNY’s new single is any indication of what future releases will sound like, then I believe we are in for some great music. This is JAWNY’s second single since “Anything You Want,” released back in February, and hopefully not the last of the year. Listen to “Sabotage” by JAWNY below.

Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine – [BabyJake]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 Aug 2020

Many will undoubtedly be familiar with BabyJake. The Los Angeles-based artist has had several songs reach an insane amount of popularity, creating a free-spirited brand of alternative pop. His newly released album, Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine, is an exceptional project filled with engaging sounds and narratives, from unbreakable love, altitude euphoria, soured infatuation, and heartwarming bliss. Although many may be familiar with BabyJake’s more pop-centered sound, his new project exemplifies the beauty of ebbs-and-flows while remaining unshakably poignant towards its theme. Combining traditional elements of alternative and pop with a rock-spirited conductor, BabyJake’s album captures the true spirit of how explorative the pop sound has come and where we can expect it to go. The seven-track project begins gradually with “Blue Cellophane,” a record that sets an unforgettable atmosphere with its subtle guitar chords and BabyJake’s melancholic lyrics and delivery. The album picks up its pace with “MadHappySad,” a groove-inducing showcasing of toxic love and its difficult circumstances. While the album’s second record is a more lively performance from Jake, it also manages to focus in on his alternative pop sound while expanding and exploring the depths and crevices within the genre. The finished product is overwhelmingly …

Happy Birthday IV – [Whyandotte]

By Chuck Ramos // 7 Aug 2020

Versatility is at the forefront of Detroit, Michigan native Whyandotte’s sound. Following in the footsteps of his previously released Happy Birthday III comes the rapper’s continuation eloquently titled, Happy Birthday IV. Adopting a more aggressive cadence, and approach, Whyandotte’s new album bolsters his lethality as a lyricist while remaining incredibly malleable in his ability to tailor his flows to a variety of production. His seamless transition in doing so positions him to address a variety of subjects such as redemption, loss, and self-confidence.  Whyandotte begins his album with pace, diving directly into the lo-fi production of “Livernois,” as he addresses political and social irregularities in being a citizen of the U.S. as well as a rapper. The fire-stirring inside of Whyandotte is carried over into the more lengthy “A Lesson In Crying Wolf.” The album’s second track is a lyrical exhibition, creating a seismic crescendo before the album’s reeled-in mentality of “Second Chance.” The redemption themed track finds Whyandotte retooling his ability to create a somber performance of hopefulness. The proceeding records on the album, sway in-and-out of flows and styles, much like the saddening story of loss on “Jean,” the melancholic questioning of “The Sand Reckoner,” or the triumphant energy exuded by …

1017ALYX9SM – [Paris Michael]

By Chuck Ramos // 7 Aug 2020

The electrified infused elements that make-up Paris Michael’s music is unequivocally impassioned. His newly released single, “1017ALYX9SM,” is a buzzing exhibition that makes an impressionable mark of an artist that is immensely worthy of your attention. Texturized by radioactively-singed production, Paris Michael’s new single is a hip hop chemical experiment that exudes anarchy and unwavering confidence. Whether charged up by the megaphone style of delivery or the quotable lines of braggadocios raps, the New York-based artist will undoubtedly have your attention. His performance is visceral and overall sporadic, a miraculously complicated blend of driving basslines and drums that respond not to a typical time signature but to Paris Michael’s mood. Each verse and explosion of production feels like it resonates directly from Michael’s attitude. Listen to “1017ALYX9SM” by Paris Michael below.

cotton candy – [spill tab]

By Chuck Ramos // 6 Aug 2020

The bilingual indie-pop style of spill tab returns after the success of her two singles with an equally hypnotizing third follow-up, “cotton candy.” Released alongside her new visual for the song, spill tab is making us fall in love with her DIY style, lush vocals, and incredibly complimentary production. Her new release, “cotton candy,” shows the expansion of her sound through its reeled-in production courtesy of fellow artist and producer, marinelli. The ukulele-led lullaby-like performance on her new song is a dreamy showcasing of her songwriting and its emotionally stirring ability. Despite the clear and present exuding emotion of heartbreak on “cotton candy,” the visual finds a light-hearted pocket as snippets of spill tab and her friends in front of a green screen fill the song’s broken-hearted subject matter with images of humor and warmth. Spill tab said the below about her new single, saying, “I wrote ‘cotton candy’ whilst playing the uke at my friend’s place. It’s about breaking off from an intense romantic experience with someone you really connected with, but are unsure of whether or not they’re feeling you the same way you’re feeling them.” Watch the “cotton candy” music video by spill tab below.

halloween – [marinelli]

By Chuck Ramos // 3 Aug 2020

The newly emerged, indie-alternative style of marinelli exudes authenticity and unrestrained emotion. Whether drawn in by his unique, 90’s grunge reminiscent voice or melancholic songwriting and delivery, marinelli creates an unmistakable atmosphere. His newest release, “Halloween,” may only be his third official single, but stands as another palpable example of his left-of-center sound, and presentation. The new visual, directed by marinelli and Jade Sadler, engulfs viewers in its DIY, low quality-style with unflinching confidence. Whether intentional or not the video’s spontaneity constantly draws your attention back to the music allowing the song’s production and lyrics to drive the visual as viewers watch marinelli swing and sway through an empty concert hall. In totality, “Halloween” embodies the tough story of loneliness despite being surrounded by everything that is supposed to make things feel alright. Keep a close eye on marinelli as he appears primed and ready to make big waves soon.  Watch the new video for “Halloween” by marinelli below.

ARIZONA – [young friend] feat. [ella jane]

By Chuck Ramos // 3 Aug 2020

The Vancouver-based indie-pop stylings of young friend emerge in his newest release, “ARIZONA.” Recruiting the assistance of fellow talented vocalist ella jane, young friend’s newest single is comprised of shimmering guitar chords and dreamy vocal performances from both burgeoning acts. Opened gently, “ARIZONA” characterizes a blissful dream-like set of sequences that touch on their inner dialogue, relationships, and the inevitable end of those relationships. Despite the song’s somewhat melancholy subject matter, young friend and ella jane’s performances on the new single bring the energy level up while simultaneously conveying the emotional weight of heartbreak. young friend is a name to remember and the beautiful accompanying role of ella jane should not be overlooked in this replay-heavy new single. “ARIZONA” feels like closure, heart-wrenching closure, but closure nonetheless. Listen to “ARIZONA” from young friend featuring ella jane below.