LEAVE ME ALONE – [Kari Faux]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Feb 2019

Kari Faux announces the releases of her new upcoming EP, CRY 4 HELP, by sharing its first single, “LEAVE ME ALONE.” Faux has been dormant for over a year since the release of her last project, Primary, in 2017. Known for her introspective raps and futuristic sound, Faux has been able to generate a following of listeners who revel in quality and truth. Her latest single, “LEAVE ME ALONE,” is no different finding Faux at her most honest announcing her departure from temporary friendships. The bridge-burning anthem has been on repeat ever since its release and has us beyond excited for the next phase of her roll out and following project. Check out Kari Faux’s newest single, “LEAVE ME ALONE,” below and show some love to the Little Rock Arkansas artist by following her on Twitter and Instagram.

Crazy – [Key Glock]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Feb 2019

Key Glock shares a new video for his psych ward anthem, “Crazy.” Wrapped in a straight jacket, Glock delivers a sporadic set of bars that reflect the song’s title. Alternating between shots of Glock and a bundle of leather clade women, the video fixates on the dominatrix side of the anthem. Despite being on the road touring his latest mixtape, Glockoma, Key Glock seems to be unfazed by the tiresome nature of the road still finding the energy to release next level visuals for his buzzing project. It is a great time to be a Key Glock fan has his dominance continues to build with each release. We hope you are as eager as we are to see and hear new content from the popping Southern emcee. Check out Key Glock’s new video for “Crazy” below and connect with him on Twitter and Instagram.

On God – [Young Dolph]

By Chuck Ramos // 14 Feb 2019

Young Dolph’s drip knows no bounds in his new video for “On God.” Hitting the streets of London with his group of video vixens, Dolph aims to shut down the streets of the bustling city, using the prosperous new anthem to further solidify his place as one of the hottest emcee’s coming out of the South right now. UK residents look on as Dolph commands their attention, flexing his continued success and growth while making the famous theater district his own. We personally cannot wait to see what else Young Dolph is going to be sharing with us this year, and even further, we have no doubt that he will break any preconceived ideas that it won’t be heat. Watch Young Dolph’s new video for “On God” below and show your support for the Memphis native by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Signs – [Shy Lennox]

By Chuck Ramos // 14 Feb 2019

Here on this fine Valentine’s Day, an artist by the name of Shy Lennox is returning to the spotlight with a powerful new video for his song, “Signs.” This video opens on Lennox waking up in a field displaying an obvious look of confusion when he sees a group of masked figures in the distance. The group of big-headed figures begins dancing sporadically, and matching this, there exists an echo of the song’s bass-line and electronic influences. A series of subliminal messages throughout the video further the deeper meaning here, which beautifully symbolizes the internal struggle that the song is centered around. We hope to hear and see more from Shy Lennox this year as he shows a clear understanding and ability to translate his art from the music medium to the visual, so don’t sleep. Watch the new video below and make sure to show Shy Lennox some love on social media by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Cubicle – [Buddy] feat. [03 Greedo]

By Chuck Ramos // 13 Feb 2019

Compton native, Buddy shares a new video for his newly released song, “Cubicle,” featuring 03 Greedo. The song comes off of Buddy’s deluxe edition rollout of his latest album, Harlon & Alondra which features four new records. Buddy channels his inner workaholic while 03 Greedo plays his fun-loving best friend that frees him from the shackles of his mundane nine to five job. After a quick outfit change, Buddy and Greedo hit the streets of California to enact revenge on their office supplies. The video pays homage to the famous cult classic film, “Office Space” when the duo decide to deliver some brutal, bat-swinging justice to the office printer. Hopefully more of the newly released Buddy records receive the video treatment as Buddy continues to shine both sonically and visually. Watch the new video from Buddy and 03 Greedo below and make sure to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!


By Chuck Ramos // 13 Feb 2019

Bay area natives, Akash and Krish better known collectively as THEMXXNLIGHT deliver their new video for “All Alone.” You may be familiar with THEMXXNLIGHT for their collaborative work with Wiz Khalifa on his album, Rolling Papers 2, released back in July of 2018. Their cinematic new visual has the twins drawing on a nocturnal force, blurring the lines between the dream state and reality. The sultry bass-line of the record released back in September is fully reflected in the new ominously sexy video that follows the brothers chasing after an elusive vixen through an empty mansion secluded in the hills. The duo are off to a great start with the first visual from their upcoming highly anticipated debut, XX EP. Watch their new sultry video below and make sure to show THEMXXNLIGHT some love on social media by following them on Twitter and Instagram.

Millions – [Z Money] feat. [Gucci Mane] and [Hoodrich Pablo Juan]

By Chuck Ramos // 12 Feb 2019

Z Money links up with Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Gucci Mane to release his newest track, “Millions.” On Instagram this morning, Z Money announced the release of the new song and a happy born day nod to label-boss, Gucci Mane. The song is dripping with swag from the moment you press play. Z Money leads in the track with his soft-spoken voice whipping up an almost haunting set of bars that relish his luxurious lifestyle. Gucci Mane and Hoodrich Pablo Juan follow suit, each deliver their own money-laced verses furthering the song’s flex-happy theme. It would be an injustice to listen to this song any other way than loud. Make sure to follow each emcee on social media and spread the word about Z Money’s new record!

Watch Jorja Smith Cover Fugees ‘Killing Me Softly’

By Chuck Ramos // 12 Feb 2019

Jorja Smith is certainly not a new name in music, but even so, she’s always able to captivate listeners like it is the first time we’ve ever heard her sing. Following this sentiment, Smith’s new performance for Like A Version is stellar, to say the least. With this one, Jorja creates a soulful yet bouncy take on the famous Fugees ballad, “Killing Me Softly”, adding her own unique vocal stylings to the 90’s hit record. One of the most compelling things about the new live performance has to be the ease at which Smith hits her high notes, making us fully believe she is from another planet. Support from the live band only adds to the beautiful rendition that would undoubtedly have Lauryn Hill smiling from cheek to cheek, so don’t sleep on this one. Watch Jorja Smith’s amazing performance below and make sure to spread the word about the gifted vocalists new cover.