Thief – [Xavier Omär] x [Sango]

By Mike del Ro // 14 Sep 2019

With a unique sound characterized by his timelessly smooth vocal style, Xavier Omär has been on many RnB fans’ radars as an artist to watch. The San Antonio-hailing artist has laid low for most of this year but now returns with “Thief”, his first official single since recently inking a deal with RCA Records. Omär brings longtime collaborator Sango onto the track, who arms Omär with an infectious groove that his voice floats on top of seamlessly. They hit a sweet spot with familiar rhythms that will no doubt sound right at a beachside kickback and Omär’s buttery harmonies that elevate the song to a more soulful vibration. Hopefully “Thief” marks the beginning of a big chapter for Xavier Omär, and for now, listen to the new song below:

Light Blue – [Ryahn]

By Mike del Ro // 13 Sep 2019

‘Light Blue’, the debut EP from Ryahn, marks the latest milestone in the songwriter’s own process of healing. “The EP is about starting at zero in a very dark space and overcoming great obstacles to reach a point of harmony within yourself,” described the Broward County, Florida native. Blending elements of alt-rock, grunge, and soul, ‘Light Blue’ showcases the 21-year-old artist honing her versatility to find a signature sound—one that befits her wide range of musical influences and talents. Ryahn’s voice is the focal point at all times, whether it’s in the form of yearning howls on tracks like “SAD BOY” or embodying a more delicate soul on “NINETEEN”. Above all else, Ryahn proves herself as an adept songwriter, capable of flipping a song on its head at just the right moment or adding in a spoken-word interlude to push the narrative of the EP forward. But, that’s enough about the EP from me. Hear from Ryahn herself in our Q&A and check out ‘Light Blue’ for yourself below: — What is your songwriting process like? It differs! There are times when I pick up my guitar and something flows out of me. I just take a back seat while …

Strollin – [Phlowerie]

By Mike del Ro // 12 Sep 2019

Texas-based songwriter Phlowerie has shared a new music video for her song, “Strollin’”. With a blissful, lo-fi sound and soft vocals, Phlowerie captures the stray beams of light as the sun sets on summertime and turns them into a quintessential kickback song. The video matches the lighthearted playfulness of “Strollin” on an aesthetic level as colorful warm-toned shots of Phlowerie and her crew riding around on a sunny day fit the relaxes mood of the song. Director Rodger Woodruff III (@HOLLYWOODRUFF) has fun with the song’s carefree vibe, escalating the video up a notch with laser guns that turn men into assorted snacks. If you’ve been deprived of sunlight lately, you could step outside, or you could just hit play on the music video for “Strollin’” below:

Spirit – [Jack Larsen]

By Mike del Ro // 11 Sep 2019

Last year, Jack Larsen released his debut EP ‘Push-Ups’: a nostalgic, dreamy introduction to an indie-pop artist with a sound informed by his midwest suburban upbringing. Larsen is now gearing up for his debut album ‘Mildew’ with a new single and music video titled “Spirit”. The youthfulness of Larsen’s music still transmits on “Spirit”, albeit through a more experimental vessel. Larsen throws traditional song format aside, chanting pitch-shifted vocals that loop and overlap throughout the track like a one-man choir. The production relies heavily on radiant synths that punch through the ambiance, creating a serene environment for Larsen’s vocals to evoke the start of an American coming-of-age story. The video adds to the serenity, utilizing creative camerawork and epic landscape shots to match what Larsen describes as the “wide and cinematic” sound. With “Spirit” setting the tone, it seems Larsen’s debut album will be no small undertaking. Watch the video for “Spirit” below, and keep an eye out for ‘Mildew’ next month.

Psycho – [Denzel Curry] x [Slowthai]

By Mike del Ro // 10 Sep 2019

Denzel Curry and Slowthai have linked up for an exciting collaborative track today titled “Psycho”. This Florida x UK collaboration seems to have a lot of potential on paper, and once you hit play on the song, both artists capitalize on that momentum by feeding off each other’s explosive energy. As they trade aggressive bars back and forth, they’re pieced together through a piercing horror-film inspired beat made by Kwes Darko. The producer’s mix of ominous strings, booming drums, and heavy distortion allow Curry and Slowthai’s verses to hit with a level of rawness that fits each of their own styles. “Psycho” comes right in time for Slowthai’s US tour and ahead of Curry’s European tour, and hopefully they add this track to their respective setlists as it would be the perfect soundtrack for a mosh pit. Listen to “Psycho” below:

CashFlo Freestyle – [Cojo]

By Mike del Ro // 10 Sep 2019

A freestyle can offer an exciting look into a rapper at their purest form: unbridled by the traditional format of a song, whatever’s on their mind at that moment comes to the surface by instinct. Some rappers thrive with this level of creative freedom, and on his new freestyle titled “CashFlo”, Cojo proves to be one of these rappers. Cojo hits the ground running, using the ominous beat as a springboard for his energetic bars. His flow constantly shifts around the beat, moving in a flurry that changes directions without warning. As he boasts about his own skills, he raps with an untouchable level of certainty in his voice. Cojo’s forthright style of rap appears to be a wave that he’s capable of commanding, as evidenced by his ‘Iron Mic’ project that dropped earlier this year and further proven by this freestyle. Get familiar with the rising rapper and hit play on “CashFlo” below:

Bad For You – [Lil Tracy]

By Mike del Ro // 10 Sep 2019

At 23 years old, Lil Tracy’s lived a life that extends far past what many have experienced at his age. With 2019 marking a sort of new beginning for the Virginia-raised artist, Lil Tracy’s rebirth continues with a new video for his song “Bad For You”. Tracy’s ability to blend punk and trap in a way that speaks to his personal influences and experiences has always been a standout skill of his, and on “Bad For You”, he evokes that viral quality of his music with precision. In the song itself, Tracy’s nihilistic nature comes through in the form of angsty melodies and lyrics that chronicle a toxic but addictive relationship. The video matches the bubblegum pink-colored lawlessness of “Bad For You” just as precisely, as director Mezzy (@getmezzy) captures Tracy among demonic bunny rabbits, goth clad models, and fiery visual effects. “Bad For You” is Lil Tracy at his most Lil Tracy, and in the process of staying true to himself, he delivers a hauntingly mesmerizing video.

Pangea – [Myquale]

By Mike del Ro // 9 Sep 2019

Jhon Myquale has been building up a consistent streak of singles this year, and today, he adds to his growing catalog with a new song titled “Pangea”. On this new track, the Chicago-based artist continues to prove his penchant for air-tight flows packed with a mix of crafty wordplay and classic hip-hop rhyme schemes. With the release of his ‘Flight Theory’ project last year, Myquale carved his own niche marked by a laidback, spoken-word style of rap with melodic moments infused into his bars. This style evolves on “Pangea” with Myquale delivering some of his most poignant verses to date. Backing Myquale’s mix of boastful lyricism are an ambient, piano-driven beat produced by Thelonious Martin and soulful vocals by Maceo Haymes. Listen to “Pangea” below: