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Blood Diamond- [Yung Dutch] x [Jay-R Beats]

By Miguel Alfaro // 19 Feb 2018

Chicago rapper, Yung Dutch, has been making waves on No Jumper as of late and has recently teamed up with another Lyrical Lemonade favorite, Jay-R Beats, for an incredible new offering titled, “Blood Diamond”. The eerie beat build up provided by Jay-R matches Yung Dutch’s style perfectly, and he capitalizes on the intense percussion by releasing gritty bar after bar not relenting until the song comes to a close. Jay-R has produced for the likes of Supa Bwe, JuJu, Roosevelt the Titan and Qari so if you like what you hear feel free to check him out on Soundcloud and Twitter to explore his impeccable cosmic, hip-hop sound. The momentum on this latest track definitely makes it one of our favorite Dutcho tracks to date, be sure to hit play on “Blood Diamond” below!

For The Sport- [Monster Mike]

By Miguel Alfaro // 19 Feb 2018

Happy 19 day ladies and gentlemen, in honor of such a prestigious holiday we would like to present to our readers a brand new EP titled, For The Sport, featuring the gritty stylings of Chicago’s own, Monster Mike and hypnotizing instrumentation from heavyweight underground producer, Luke Almighty. This project is unlike anything we have ever seen from Mike due to his experimentation with new melodies and harder flows, but one thing that has remained the same is the relatable, authentic lyricism he employs on every track. Sure maybe not everyone dabbles with substances as much as the 19 veteran but throw in some booming Luke Almighty production, clever Rick and Morty lines, and an unlimited arsenal of sports references and you have the ingredients for an incredibly iconic tape. Balancing slower paced, thoughtful anthems with tenacious hard-hitting bangers there is truly something for every rap listener. Be on the lookout for Lil Up who proves he is destined for greatness by killing his catchy features on the project. BiGBODYFiJi, Roo$ki, Iceface, Robbie B. also make memorable appearances on the EP while Deaf co-produced the first track with Luke. Overall, this is a great listen from start to end so click play on For The …

Rhetoric (Tradition)- [Louie Kason]

By Miguel Alfaro // 19 Feb 2018

Louie Kason returns to our pages today with a fire new single titled “Rhetoric” (Tradition), a song that I witnessed turn up a drunk, U of I college crowd live first hand last Saturday and it’s effect is unmistakeable. Kason ignites the track on a smooth note by riding the catchy beat until the drums really kick in and he proceeds to dive in with fast-paced bars and addictive flow. If you like what you hear, it may be good news to announce that Kason has a project in the works set to drop very soon so stay tuned by following him on Twitter and Soundcloud for more wavy vibrations from the kid. For now, hit play on “Rhetoric” below and let us know if you’re feeling his new track in the comments! Mixed/ Mastered by : StudioKAi

Lil Danze Mixtape- [Lil Danze]

By Miguel Alfaro // 19 Feb 2018

“If you wanna grab my hand I’ll spread my wings then we’ll be soarin/ You know how I’m coming bitch I pull up in a foreign/ I just took your bitch, I don’t even know where we goin/ 10 pints of the act, gotta keep my lines flowin” These are just the first few bars off of Lil Danze’s latest project and all uttered before the beat even really drops, which is the story to how Lil Danze gained a new fan and ended up on our pages here at Lyrical Lemonade. I had never heard of this artist until listening to the Lil Danze Mixtape but one thing became clear off the jump-his energy is extremely tangible and his autotune warped sound is infectious. Each track is the epitome of being fucked up at the function surrounded by loud music and slurred speech. Warhol makes a memorable appearance on “Get Up”, matching Lil Danze’s energy brick for brick leading to one of the best songs on the tape. Overall, this is one of the most impressive EP’s I’ve enjoyed from an artist I didn’t already know about, which is why you should hit play on Lil Danze Mixtape below to …

J- [Family Reunion]

By Miguel Alfaro // 19 Feb 2018

It feels like just yesterday that we covered Family Reunion’s debut, Demos,  which instantly hooked us to a new, unique sound that can be attributed to Jackie Carlson’s amazing voice and her accompanying dream pop instrumentation. Since her first EP, Jackie, has shown consistent progression in her craft, dropping relatable singles such as “Flower”, “Twosday”, and the Lyrical Lemonade premiered single, “Vacation”, which just so happens to be track three of  J. Milwaukee producer/singer, Tombo, executive produced the EP and has a ghostly feature on the final track, “Cavity” which is just the beginning of what we expect to be many more creative collaborations. The two artists combined sound like long lost cosmic soul partners reuniting for a sonic dance of the ages. You can get to know more about Family Reunion, her zany manager Angel, and the creator of Tite Life Brand and the EP artwork, Ellisa by watching their 93 Til’ interview here. Let us know what is your favorite song off of J in the comments after hitting play below! You can support this incredible indie talent by purchasing J on Itunes here. Artwork: Tite Life

Alone- [Freako] x [LordFubu]

By Miguel Alfaro // 13 Feb 2018

Lyrical Lemonade veteran, Freako, has been working on a very special project with exclusive production from one of Florida’s most talented musicians on the scene, the one and only LordFubu– and tonight we are happy to premiere the very first taste from their upcoming EP. “Alone” finds the Chicago rapper floating over Fubu’s futuristic, dreamlike instrumental with dexterous lyricism, utilizing his signature cathartic flow to build up a surplus of energy that leaves us wondering what surprises the tape holds. Freako and Fubu are a natural sonic fit we would have never expected and it is exciting to hear there are more gems where this came from. Notorious Oklahoma visual artist, Kodone, handled the wavy artwork for the track which matches the vibrations of the song perfectly. Kodone is actually prepping to open up his own online art store tomorrow, right on time for Valentine’s Day, featuring 3 pairs of Kodone Force 1’s, 5 pieces of his favorite own personal art (20 prints of each only, numbered/handsigned and framed) and only 20 Kodone website launch t-shirts for the online release at 3pm cst so be ready because this rare collection WILL sell out. Be on the lookout for Freako and Lord …


By Miguel Alfaro // 12 Feb 2018

This evening’s Lyrical Lemonade premiere finds BiGBODYFiJi hitting the skreets in his latest visual for the infectious anthem, “Tiger Woods”, produced by notorious hitmaker, Luke Almighty. DRB Films did some clean shooting of the young legend, while fellow Decent Militia renaissance man, Jose Franco, provides serious eye grabbing effects which do the hit song justice. You can catch a rare Fiji performance in 3-D alongside standout up and coming artists such as Family Reunion, Adot, Monster Mike, and more, February 24th at the Bando Bash Part 2– located on 2343 S. Throop St. Get ready for his sure to be iconic performance by memorizing the words to “Tiger Woods” and hitting play on his newest video below!

2 Face EP- [Zero]

By Miguel Alfaro // 11 Feb 2018

Minnesota up and comer, Zero, is back on our pages today with a two-track offering executive produced by WIN32, titled 2 Face EP, and continues his trend of creating energetic bangers surrounded by heavy, dark instrumentation. This is the first project of any sort we have received from Connor Marques since he’s adopted the “Zero” moniker and it provides a brief glimpse of what we should expect from the Black House affiliate in the near future. Stay up on the noise being made in Minnesota and be sure to follow Zero on Soundcloud and Twitter to listen to his latest tracks, you can listen to the 2 Face EP below!