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More Than Gold – [Gold Haze]

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Dec 2019

I apologize because I am a couple of weeks late to this one, but not too long ago Chicago artist Gold Haze released a brand new project titled “More Than Gold”. I have grown to know Gold Haze as an amazing R&B singer and producer who can grace other peoples songs + make them that much better, and his solo material has been more than impressive in the past so I couldn’t wait to jump into this new project and see what it was all about. Gold Haze definitely flexed his amazing R&B sound on this project but one thing that I thought was dope was that he showed off his rapping abilities more than I have heard in the past, and although I knew he could spit, he blew me away with how good he was rapping here. Musically, not many can create as ear-pleasing material as Gold Haze seems to do again and again, and he came through here with an all-around solid project! production from Darrion Jackson, Dom J, Solo, Juke Wong, 99, Gold Haze, Jerrico Beats, *TRPHY, Kilt Karter Executive produced by Josi Green

Strawberry + Don’t Know Better – [The O’My’s]

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Dec 2019

The O’My’s are (and have been) one of my favorite bands to come out of Chicago in the past several years, they released a solid project earlier this year titled Above Ground, and today they are back with a two in one music video/short film for two of the songs off of that tape, “Strawberry” and “Don’t Know Better.” The O’My’s never fail to deliver unique, thought-provoking, and one of a kind music videos and this new release was undoubtedly no different. I loved the concept behind this visual, with the red and blue contrasts that appear often throughout the video, it has left me here watching this one over + over again trying to figure out what it means. The O’My’s are truly a Chicago treasure whose music expands genre, they already have hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners across the world, but I believe after watching this a good chunk of our audience will also fall in love with their tunes. Don’t waste any more time, dive into this new release below!

Monte Booker drops two brand new beats!

By Elliot Montanez // 10 Dec 2019

It’s been a few months since we have last heard some new material from the great Monte Booker, but within the past hour he was kind enough to bless us with not one, but two brand new instrumentals tracks titled “sampled my mom” and “random mouth beat”. As you can see from the titles, you can clearly see how Monte Booker came up with these beats, but the incredible part is that he can take random sounds + craft them into beautiful releases. He literally just used clicking sounds from his mouth and his mother’s voice to piece together these two beats, this man is a genius + a mastermind, he is one of my favorite producers out + these two songs just furthermore show why he is widely viewed as such. Take a few minutes of your Tuesday to get familiar with one of the most creative producers in the game.

M.I.A – [Warhol.SS]

By Elliot Montanez // 10 Dec 2019

When I saw that Warhol.SS was releasing a brand new EP before the year was over I was so excited, and late last night we were blessed with the final product, in a well-packaged new EP titled “M.I.A”. Warhol has been a staple in the Chicago music community for the past five-plus years, he was something like a teenage prodigy around the period he first starting coming up in the city and now he has grown to the point where he is a well-known musician all over the world, his sensational music has been a reflection of his growth + this new EP is truly some of his best work yet. From the jump, Warhol came out with a fantastic intro record that set the tone for what else was to come, and as the tracklist progressed he only got better and better. The only features on this EP came from Ugly God + Famous Dex on the third + fourth track, and each of those artists have had great chemistry with Warhol for a minute now, so of course, they made some magic. This was an all-around solid project from Warhol, I highly suggest that you stream it via Spotify …

Bipolar – [Cdot Honcho]

By Elliot Montanez // 10 Dec 2019

Cdot Honcho is a Chicago legend who we are huge fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade, and a few days back he released a brand new music video for “Bipolar”. This song + visual tell a story that is centered around Cdot Honcho and his longtime girlfriend, where the first verse is all about their relationship + love for each other, but just as you probably expected from the title, the second verse switches to a more bipolar approach that finds him airing out some of the issues that they go through in their relationship. It was dope to hear a storytelling side of Cdot Honcho on this record, he was on point with the way he painted this picture and both him & his girl did a fantastic job with the acting in the music video. Take some time below to watch this brand new visual and if you like it then go ahead and follow Cdot on Twitter here.

Come Ups – [IsaiahG]

By Elliot Montanez // 7 Dec 2019

IsaiahG is a Chicago based spitter who has been featured on our website countless times in the past, and today he is adding to that list with the release of his brand new music video for “Come Ups”. Once I heard the always great Aaron Deux production building up I knew it was going to be special, and of course, once Isaiah jumped on the beat he did his thing, spazzing with the raps for about a minute straight! It’ss a very quick listen + watch considering this music video is under a minute & a half in length, but IsaiahG jammed as many bars + flows in there as he could, showing why he is continuing to rise within the Chicago community. Isaiah + his close homies have been making great music + content for a minute now, but I am thinking that 2020 will be his best year yet considering he is damn near finished getting his degree from University Of Illinois. Keep an eye out for both Isaiah & Aaron Deux next year, but for the time being, watch this brand new visual below. Directed by Jayy Reall

Watch Jorja Smith’s brand new interview on Hot 97

By Elliot Montanez // 7 Dec 2019

Jorja Smith is one of the best singers in the music community and is doing a press run right now with a ton of American radio platforms, & one of her latest stops was over at Hot 97 to chop it up with Laura, Ebro & Peter. The three of them asked Jorja about plenty of things including who some of her biggest influences are, her record with Burna Boy, being an international superstar, Rihanna, social media, giving back to the community, what part of England she comes from, music she heard her parents playing when she was growing up, when she first started recording music, moving to London at eighteen, touring around the world and much more. Take some time out of your weekend to watch this brand new interview below!

Let Her Go – [The Kid LAROI]

By Elliot Montanez // 6 Dec 2019

The Kid LAROI is someone that my homie Lil Jake has been telling me about for some time now, so when he convinced me to check him out in the past I was impressed with the material, and today The Kid LAROI is making his way on our way with his brand new music video for “Let Her Go” directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett! One thing that you have to appreciate about Cole is that he works with who he wants no matter how well known they are, he has an uncanny ability to help artists kickstart their career + I predict that this is the first major step of the start of a successful + longlasting career for The Kid LAROI. This artist possess a ton of talent and potential that is displayed in this new visual, the sky is the limit for him and we are rooting for him, watch this brand new music video below + be sure to smash that like button.