Beautifully Broken – [Wes Period]

By Nick Mueller // 18 Oct 2019

Brand new to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, Wes Period delivers an excellent new visual for his newly released single titled “Beautifully Broken.” To start, Wes is one of my new favorites as his creative melodies and precise deliveries are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. “Beautifully Broken” is embodied from top to bottom with Wes’ charming charisma and staggering emotion. The video, directed by Logan Meis, showcases Wes’ visions and brings a new image to mind that will stick with fans as they continuously listen to the new record. For me, the darker and more edgy energy that this visual represents came at a perfect time as we enter into the colder and darker months of the year. Wes is definitely an artist that you should keep your eyes on if you haven’t been already, for “Beautifully Broken” proves just how much potential Wes has as he continues to grow and release more and more music. Do yourself a favor by watching “Beautifully Broken” below and by following Wes on Instagram and Twitter!

ReRoute – [BigMouf’bo]

By LL intern // 18 Oct 2019

From the SouthSide of Chicago, BigMouf’bo is native to the Chicago drill scene with lyrical prowess enough to impress Chance the Rapper on the new Netflix series ‘Rhythm and Flow.’ The show features Chance the Rapper, Cardi B, and T.I. acting as judges to determine the next hip hop sensation. Chance’s visit leaves him impressed with BigMouf’bo’s performance delving into Chicago crime through thick rap without beats. While the verdict of the show is yet to be determined, she released ‘ReRoute’ to Spotify this past week complete with her standard clever lyrics backed by repetitive, fun beats. It is a track that would be expected of an upcoming young artist, however, her track ‘Fate’ on SoundCloud shows her potential through a thought-provoking honest depth. She is a standout talent and a rising female star in the Chicago hip hop community. I would expect more greatness out of her in the very near future as she continues to develop as an artist. Words by Sabrina Hand

OKRUNIT – [Belis]

By Jack Gregory // 18 Oct 2019

North Carolina artist Belis has been having an incredible year and has shot up fans’ radars and SoundCloud charts simultaneously, asserting herself at the apex of the underground scene with her unique high-pitched vocals and propensity for choosing fantastic instrumentals. She first captured the attention of many with her breakout track “Hysterical Glamour” and her unforgettable Charlie Shuffler produced single “Lemonade,” but “OKRUNIT” is Belis’ first high-quality music video since initially gaining her large amount of buzz. This visual is terrifying and the dichotomy between Belis’ vicious punk attitude and cute falsetto is concurrently amusing and horrifying. Her star power is undeniable and her appeal is wide which makes it very difficult not to be a fan of hers. The 94skrt produced instrumental for this track is confrontational and trunk-rattling and Belis attacks it with her distinct tender bravado for a fantastic final product. The visual was directed by Dance Daily. Belis has a blindingly bright future and it is only a matter of time until she shifts from a beloved underground fixture to an artist that takes her talent to a more mainstream artist. I personally cannot wait to see her continue to develop artistically and hear what all …

No Permission Needed – [Rexx Life Raj] ft. [Bas]

By Lucas Garrison // 18 Oct 2019

When two of the most consistent and thoughtful (yet slept on) artists in rap (in my opinion at least) get together it’s a guarantee that I’m going to write about it. Throw a Sango beat under them and I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough. I’ve been waiting for Rexx Life Raj to blow up for a while. To be honest, it’s too hard to predict these things, but with his new album, Father Figure 3: Somewhere Out There set to drop early next month, he’s been making all the right moves and gaining some serious momentum. First, a collab with Kenny Beats, then one  Russ, and now, Rexx joins forces with Bas for “No Permission Needed.” Even with different styles–Rexx with is light crooning and Bas with that deep voice– two emcees are the perfect duo to tackle the cushioned Sango beat because of their ability to be thoughtful and inspirational without ever coming across as corny. Rounding the effort (released early this week), Rexx dropped off a left-of-center video where he showcases his gardening skills.

For The Soul #6 – [Atreesto]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Oct 2019

Atreesto has been feeding his fans a ton of awesome content lately, and today he is back on our website with his brand new joint titled “For The Soul #6”. Atreesto is a fantastic producer talent out of Seattle who has been in heavy rotation in my headphones all year long, he is an experimental cat that excels in creating ear pleasing instrumentals that often times are jam-packed with soul, and this new release certainly didn’t let me down. Check out this brand new offering below and if you like what you hear, then go ahead & follow Atreesto on Soundcloud here.

27, 84 – [Andy Polk]

By Jarred Howard // 18 Oct 2019

One of the more interesting listens I’ve had this year was Andy Polk’s new project ‘27, 84’. As a lover of a vast variety of different music genres and sounds typically I wouldn’t be too much of a fan of Polk’s soundscape. Genre-bending and alternative electronic pop sounds and acts such as this I normally have to take a couple of listens to become a fan. Maybe by 2020, I’ll fully be on the 100 Gecs bandwagons. Some of my favorite records on this album are “Twenty Three” and “I/Keep/getting/l0st” mainly because those two follow a pop sound that I’ve grown accustomed to over the years. I can see tracks like “Inmyheaditshardtosay_goodbye” taking off with the dance and EDM crowd especially if well-known DJ makes a reworked version to it. Overall the songwriting and production are really impressive and keeps the listener engaged on ‘27,84’. For his future releases, I’d like to see what approach Andy Polk takes in refining his sound even more. Stream Andy Polk’s new project ‘27, 84, and judge for yourself after the break.



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