Enough For Us – [The WDK]

By Danny Adams // 26 Feb 2021

While I mainly seem to focus on music made in America just because that’s what I’m used to, there are so many other regions of the world that are inventive and talented, and they deserve a light shined on them just as much as US music does. I often find myself checking out the Grime scene in the UK, but music in Europe spans much further than there. No matter where you might look, there are new talents growing their fanbases due to various different reasons, but I feel like with the new internet age of music, originality and inventiveness go such a long way when catching someone’s ear and drawing them in. Most recently, the homie put me onto The WDK, a DJ/producer duo from Italy who are definitely on the cutting edge of imagination and creativity. In their bio, it says they make music that tries to mix electronic and acoustic elements together, and the results are pretty wild. While this might not be the genre of music I typically find myself gravitating towards, I can’t help but tip my cap to them for truly thinking outside of the box and coming up with music that is different …

Ice On – [JAAS]

By Elliot Montanez // 26 Feb 2021

JAAS is a Chicago native whose music I posted about sometime last year, and today she is making her return to our pages with her brand new offering called “Ice On” featuring Lil Zay Osama. Jaas is a rising artist from the city that I’ve kept a tab on for a minute now, she has an angelic voice that shines on every song, match that with her unmatched ability to create ear-pleasing melodies at the drop of a dime, and I’d say that we have a potential star on our hands. The feature from Lil Zay Osama on this track was the perfect compliment to the contribution by JAAS, they showed great chemistry together on this one, and it left me hoping to see them work together again in the future. Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on JAAS, she has some serious potential and I predict she will become one of the best artists from Chicago in just a short amount of time. Stream this brand new record via Spotify below, and give JAAS a follow on Twitter here!

Send Heartss – [Jay2]

By Danny Adams // 26 Feb 2021

No matter where in the country or even in the entire world that music leads me, I’m beyond grateful that it always brings me back to my home of Chicago. While there are always new artists coming out of the city, I obviously can’t keep up with everyone, so some of the most talented individuals can sometimes slip through my fingers. Nonetheless, I need to make sure that when I find out about a truly promising Chicago artist, I need to do my best to listen up and put other people onto them because I love seeing my city winning as I’m sure most people do, and I’ll never understand how Chicago can be so slept on after all of the unbelievably underrated artists that this city has produced. Most recently, one of my homies put me onto an artist he manages who goes by the name of Jay2. While this name is somehow new to me, I have no excuses as to why I’m unfamiliar considering he has almost 700 thousand monthly Spotify listeners and he has worked with numerous artists, the most notable being St. Louis’ very own Smino. While it’s slightly embarrassing that I have been so …

A Conversation with Maaly Raw

By Sam Morrison // 26 Feb 2021

One of the most promising producers in this industry is an artist who goes by the name of Maaly Raw. The Philly native has been on an absolute tear lately. Racking up credits from some of the best in the industry, the up and coming icon is just getting started, but has already made a name for himself as someone you need to go to if you’re trying to make a hit. I didn’t want to just sit back and admire him from a far, so a little while back, I sat down to chop it up about music and life with Maal and this is what he had to say! — Sam: I’d love to hear more about you man! So tell me about where you’re from and what got you into music. Maal: I’m from Philly! I got into beats at like age 16. My cousin was doing beats prior to me starting up. He’s a little older than me, so every time I would go to his crib, I’d be making beats and stuff like that. One day though, I was like, man show me how to do the and he taught me like a basic step …

July-[District 21]

By Sam Morrison // 26 Feb 2021

District 21 is an artist who I’ve had my eye on for some time now. Born and Raised in Calabasas, California, the up and comer may be young, but he’s no stranger to this life of music. At the age of 12, District began recording in the studio…You heard that right; 12! While most kids were trying to figure out what they wanted to be in life, District was busy solidifying what he knew he was born to do. After spending some time diving into his sound, he then released his first two singles during his Senior year of High School and the rest was history.  In 2017, he dropped the track “Jeeps,” which ended up getting picked up for rotation by BET Jams. Already in his early career, District 21 has made a name for himself and the streak is just going to continue. Today, the rapper is making it on to the page of Lyrical Lemonade for the release of his brand new song/video “July”. From the moment you turn this one on, you will realize that this artist is wise beyond his years. His taste and style transcend that of fleeting fads as he roots himself in …

The Fall – [Brent Ewing] ft. [Zoey Dollaz]

By Danny Adams // 26 Feb 2021

For many artists, especially in Hip-Hop, dealing with illegal activities and imprisonment are things that they often don’t get to decide for themselves considering many of these talents were born into unfavorable situations. For Brent Ewing, a Carol City, Florida native, he used his time in the system to write music in order to help escape the reality he was dealing with. Much of his motivation comes from the fact that he desires to provide a better life for not only himself but his family in general, specifically his sister. Although Brent is a newer name in my Rolodex of artists, I knew I had to tune into his most recent offering “The Fall” because it featured Zoey Dollaz, one of the first artists that worked hard in order to put Florida on the map with regards to Rap and Hip-Hop music. Daz and Dylan Graham produced this single and they did a remarkable job of incorporating impactful strings and keys together with crisp percussion and a bouncy bassline that is sure to get any function bumping. Brent’s vocals begin right at the start as he hits every note he sings perfectly, but when it comes to the power behind …



dltzk: A Life Before Teen Week

It has become abundantly clear that the next era of music will be defined by the idea of adolescence. Not just through the teens that are crafting and communicating these notions in the online music landscape, but the music industry as a whole in how teenage-centric it is slowly coming to be. The loudest and…

New Jam Freestyle - [Trapland Pat]

Today we are featuring an artist who has been making some serious noise out of South Florida. He goes by the name Trapland Pat, if you're a fan of quick-spitting energetic rappers then he is one for you. Pat has a very recognizable look, with his videos being the main source people have been discovering…

Honey Pack (Remix) - [BFB Da Packman] feat. [Lil Yachty] [DDG]

BFB Da Packman is slowly becoming a name that’s popping up more and more amongst the rap community. This past Friday the rising Houston, based by way of Flint, Michigan emcee dropped a remix to his “Honey Pack” single featuring Lil Yachty and DDG. It took me a while to gravitate to the whole Michigan…