More Than Gold – [Gold Haze]

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Dec 2019

I apologize because I am a couple of weeks late to this one, but not too long ago Chicago artist Gold Haze released a brand new project titled “More Than Gold”. I have grown to know Gold Haze as an amazing R&B singer and producer who can grace other peoples songs + make them that much better, and his solo material has been more than impressive in the past so I couldn’t wait to jump into this new project and see what it was all about. Gold Haze definitely flexed his amazing R&B sound on this project but one thing that I thought was dope was that he showed off his rapping abilities more than I have heard in the past, and although I knew he could spit, he blew me away with how good he was rapping here. Musically, not many can create as ear-pleasing material as Gold Haze seems to do again and again, and he came through here with an all-around solid project! production from Darrion Jackson, Dom J, Solo, Juke Wong, 99, Gold Haze, Jerrico Beats, *TRPHY, Kilt Karter Executive produced by Josi Green

SUGAR (Music Video) – [Brockhampton]

By Mike del Ro // 11 Dec 2019

At this point, the release of a new Brockhampton video has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in and of itself, and “America’s #1 boyband” only continues to captivate its exponentially-growing audience by always bringing something fresh (and at times jarring) to the table with their visuals. Their latest video, “SUGAR”, is no exception. The video for the fan-favorite song off their latest album ‘GINGER’ opens on an uncomfortably muscular alien walking in on a couple and blowing the guy’s brains out. The group’s individual members proceed to make their own meomrable appearances throughout the video, with Matt Champion rapping to us from what seems to be hell and Kevin Abstract delivering his verse while slimed to the ceiling. There was a time when Brockhampton shot all of their videos in the confines of their own South Central LA home, and now with more resources at their disposal, they can’t help but up the ante with each new visual they put out. At the same time, the group’s able to hang onto the aesthetic tropes that made their first videos so iconic in the first place, keeping the same off-putting, nostalgic, uncontainable energy at their core—and as long as they …

Strawberry + Don’t Know Better – [The O’My’s]

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Dec 2019

The O’My’s are (and have been) one of my favorite bands to come out of Chicago in the past several years, they released a solid project earlier this year titled Above Ground, and today they are back with a two in one music video/short film for two of the songs off of that tape, “Strawberry” and “Don’t Know Better.” The O’My’s never fail to deliver unique, thought-provoking, and one of a kind music videos and this new release was undoubtedly no different. I loved the concept behind this visual, with the red and blue contrasts that appear often throughout the video, it has left me here watching this one over + over again trying to figure out what it means. The O’My’s are truly a Chicago treasure whose music expands genre, they already have hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners across the world, but I believe after watching this a good chunk of our audience will also fall in love with their tunes. Don’t waste any more time, dive into this new release below!

I’m Mad – [KTOE]

By Brodie Harvey // 11 Dec 2019

This year we saw one of Toronto’s most impressive artist/producer expand out of any box people tried to put him in by releasing a strong debut EP. The artist’s name is KTOE and readers may be familiar with his work with Jazz Cartier, but he has been plugging away working with some of the industry’s top talent for years. As many producers branching out to get behind the mic will find, there is often a criticism by those who try to label creatives in one way or another. On his first EP release, KTOE is here to tell the industry I’m Mad and there isn’t much they can do to stop him. This 6-song EP is the perfect introduction for KTOE to get everything off his chest as one of Toronto’s artist working artists. There is a wild variety of energy levels on this project. From the dance-ready “Feel Like It” is set to get people moving to the more introspective telling of his personal journey in “Yellow Bandana” there is something for everybody on this project. Being that this is only his introduction, it will be interesting to see the way KTOE builds out his platform as an artist at …

My Bih Yo Bih – [J.R Cruise]

By Brodie Harvey // 11 Dec 2019

One of the best new artists to emerge this year out of the West Coast is LA’s J.R Cruise. We have covered him extensively this year due to his effortless style of delivery that could only come out of California. Crusie recently dropped visuals for his track “My Bih Yo Bih” off his debut album Seeds. This album was an outstanding debut from an artist we are sure to see rise quickly in 2020. The video is an ode to a ride or die girl, as an artist on the cusp of stardom that is something that will prove more and more difficult to find. Even the visuals for this song exude Los Angeles in the style of house and a typical day spent for a creative spending a down day in the crib experimenting with new outlets like painting. J.R Cruise’s album is still in rotation for me, with a steady stream of videos it seems that there is still more life in this mixtape before moving on to the next project. Watch the video for “My Bih Yo Bih” below! Directed by DukeVision Produced by Ashton McCreight

Bout It – [a4]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Dec 2019

Secret Sound Club’s a4 recently released a new single and video that truly showcases the lavish lifestyle he lives. Simple strings allow a4’s futuristic melodies to encapsulate listeners. a4 is an artist to not conform to popular tropes in music, often sticking to unique flows that come to him. This song has a different feel than a lot of his work previously, with the strings and quick-hitting hihat pattern it seems like a4 is moving to use more live instruments in his release. The visuals show off his hometown Vancouver’s wonderful scenery before he hops on a private flight to take care of business. This year has been a big one for a4, releasing a number of impressive singles and a project that has set him up for a big 2020 alongside his SSC brothers. Watch the video for “Bout It” below and listen on all platforms here! directed by sadatr  



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