TYCOON – [Future]

By LL intern // 29 Mar 2020

Although it’s safe to say that Future has been on an absolute tear in the music industry for probably close to the last decade, it’s especially true in the last few months. Although he has dropped countless albums and mixtapes that ended up being instant classics, he has seemed to level up to heights I never even knew existed. There are very few people who gain this much notoriety and it is truly something to behold when they do get there. Future has had a massive year so far with pretty much the release of two singles in his collaborative efforts with Drake called “Life is Good” and “Desires”, although the former seemed to attract more buzz. It’s almost unfathomable how the one single has garnered so much attention and media coverage, but the same happened for Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room”, and an entire clothing collection followed along after that song, so it’s not unheard of. Although the Drake-assisted collaborations became massive, everyone knows that Future knows how to handle things on his own as well. This is as clear as ever on his newest music video and single called “TYCOON”. The song begins with an expressive-sounding xylophone …

4 Headed Goat – [Breadwinna Gdawg]

By Jack Gregory // 29 Mar 2020

Florida rap music has developed into something of its own sub-genre over the past ten years and the distinct bounce and southern drawl that Florida rappers have made so famous are only continuing to morph into something even cooler. Presently, Breadwinna Gdawg (which is easily one of the best rap names out) is holding it down for his home state and the Palm Coast native is only strengthening his vice grip on the region with each new releases he gifts fans. Most recently Gdawg unloaded his 4 Headed Goat mixtape that showed several different sides and skillsets of the budding artist and he left zero doubt about his natural rapping ability, as he spits his impassioned and genuine lyrics across all of the sixteen tracks that are apart of this project. Breadwinna Gdawg can flat out rap and while he may not be doing lyrical gymnastics on the beat, he still brings unique flows and non-recycled lyrics to each beat he hops on. 4 Headed Goat has but three guest verses, but the artists included are all heavy-hitters in their own right, featuring fellow Floridians 9lokknine, Yungeen Ace, and Lil Poppa. I was quite impressed with this project and while Breadwinna Gdawg is still …

Addison Rae – [The Kid LAROI]

By Danny Adams // 29 Mar 2020

Every day it seems like younger and younger artists are making massive waves which is so impressive to me. They don’t let their age create a barrier and a lot of times, fans don’t even realize how old they are because the music they make is just so impressive, it’s hard to believe a teenager is the one bringing it to life. The Kid LAROI is a perfect example considering he’s a 16-year-old Australian rapper who has been absolutely blowing up in the last few months. It’s for good reason too, as his talent is abundantly dynamic and his knack for creating beyond catchy flows is just natural. Hearing him speak makes him sound much more mature and advanced than a typical teenager and he’s got a fantastically creative brain, so beyond the hits he has already made, he’s bound for greatness moving forward. With the major impact TikTok has had on the entertainment world recently, LAROI decided he was going to capitalize on this and make a song named after one of the biggest stars on the social media platform “Addison Rae”. His voice is really what makes the largest impact on this song, but some airy synths, echoing …

Shake the Room – [Pop Smoke] ft. [Quavo]

By Danny Adams // 29 Mar 2020

It’s beyond unfortunate that Pop Smoke was taken from this Earth way too soon. The young rapper was taking the music industry by storm, linking up with some of the biggest names in the genre and making hit after hit. It seemed like not only was his talent in high demand for fans, but the biggest names in music seemed to be lining up in order to work with him. This is no surprise, however, because his deep voice, intricate cadences, and alluring persona were all components of an equation that inevitably built a star. He had already made some major moves in his rapidly growing career, but it’s a shame to know that we won’t get to see his career blossom into its full potential which would have been quite a spectacle to see, without a doubt. Meet the Woo 2 is a perfect example of his talents, portraying a variety of different sounds that helped put the New York artist on the map. “Shake the Room” was one of the standout songs on the project and featured Quavo. As a recap, chopped up vocal samples, speaker busting 808s, and reflecting hats set a precedent unlike any other song …

Life = Good – [Ovrkast.]

By Mike del Ro // 28 Mar 2020

Oakland-based artist Ovrkast. made his skills as both a producer and rapper known on his debut project, ‘Try Again’, which dropped this January. Since then, the multi-faceted hip-hop creative has kept busy by dropping a consistently solid series of beats and remixes via his alt-Soundcloud page. It seems even social-isolation won’t even stop him from dropping heat, either, as he releases his own rendition of Drake and Future’s “Life is Good”. Both legendary rappers offer ample flows for a producer like Ovrkast. to do some serious damage with, and he quickly gets to work with their vocals by re-fitting them with precise sample-chops and lo-fi drums that completely rearrange the vibe of the track. Trading the ominous, trap production of the original song for the more vintage and syncopated hip-hop sound that Ovrkast. does best, he leaves his mark on the song in a way that reinvigorates a song we’ve all gotten pretty familiar with by now. Get in tune with Ovrkast. below and peep his ‘Try Again’ project as well.

Dazed – [Postcard Boy]

By Mike del Ro // 28 Mar 2020

A period of self-reflection for musician and visual artist Garrett Seamans has led to the creation of his latest artistic pursuit as Postcard Boy. A blend of hip-hop, punk, indie and electronic sounds, Postcard Boy mixes these influences with a strong visual aesthetic as well, which comes to fruition in his new music video titled ‘Dazed’. The lead single off of Postcard Boy’s forthcoming EP, ‘Limbo’, embodies the mood evoked by its title both musically and visually. Seamans distorted vocals simmer over heavy synth lines and disorienting instrumentation that captures the feeling of being stuck in a mid-afternoon stupor. The video accentuates this tone in its simplicity, showing the artist stumbling along the beach at sunset and holding on to a bouquet of flowers as if it were a microphone. The reflections of the cloudy sky in the sand function to mirror the ruminating nature of Postcard Boy’s songwriting, ultimately setting the tone for what seems like it will be a memorable debut EP from this promising artist. Watch the music video for “Dazed” below, and keep an eye out for Postcard Boy’s ‘Coffin’ project in the near future.



Blueberry Faygo - [Lil Mosey]

Watching the growth of Seattle native Lil Mosey over the past couple of years has been an honor to witness, he has worked his way into becoming one of the hottest young artists in the game, and this year he dropped one of the hottest song of 2020 so far with "Blueberry Faygo". It's kind…

Double D*ck- [SahBabii]

There’s a reason why Atlanta is one of my favorite cities when it comes to emerging artists. Everyone shares influences with each other, but no one bites anyone else’s style completely, and some artists mash up a few different sounds to make it their own trademarked style. SahBabii is one of these artists, as he…

Kenny Beats & Marc Rebillet Freestyle | The Cave S2: Ep. 11

As the hip-hop community continues to boost the profile of mogul Kenny Beats through his brilliant production talents, impressive collaborations, and hilarious YouTube episodes - he continues to find out-of-the-box talents to add further versatility to his show The Cave - in which he hosts artists from across the country for a live studio and freestyle session.…