Trouble – [Freako]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Jun 2019

Chicago emcee Freako has been doing his thing in the city for some years now, getting better and better as the time passes, and tonight he is back with his brand new release titled “Trouble”. When you think about the creative that is Freako, the next thing on your mind is probably Luke Almighty, his main producer & close friend who sure enough produced this one! Luke cooked up a bouncy beat that sounded amazing to me, and the way that Freako delivered his slow & steady bars complimented the instrumental perfectly, panting a vivid picture of his version of ‘Ms. Trouble’. I really liked this song and I know some of our readers will too, so check it out!

Level Live 001: Bathe

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Jun 2019

The good people at Level have been developing an awesome space in Austin, Texas over the past couple of years and their latest creation is their new series simply called Level Live. Their first episode included the tremendously talented duo that goes by Bathe, that makes up of Devin Hobdy and Corey Smith-West, and man they certainly didn’t disappoint! The two performed a stripped down version of their track titled “Kimmi”, and they absolutely blew me away, leading me into a wormhole of the rest of their catalog & I am so glad Level led me to discover these guys. Get familiar with the new series and with Bathe by pressing play below!

A Conversation with HappyBirthdayCalvin • One Of Chicago’s Brightest Young Acts

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Jun 2019

HappyBirthdayCalvin is a kid out of Chicago who has been making some major noise in the music community, but especially here in the city, so of course I had to bring him through the office for a brand new interview for the site! HappyBirthdayCalvin will end up being one of the leaders in the Chicago music scene within the next few years, and I know that’s a bold statement for someone who just graduated high school, but trust me when I say he is a good person to the core but even more importantly he is musically inclined. Calvin’s record “No Friends” has been going crazy for a minute now, playing on radios all over the country, and not to mention that he just got Chicago legend G-Herbo on the remix of the track. Learn a thing or two about Calvin by reading this brand new interview below and don’t forget to stream his record below while you read, & also keep an eye out for his upcoming music releases! Follow Calvin on Twitter here!   — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. Calvin: …

Work – [Christian Kuya]

By Barry Rosenblum // 19 Jun 2019

Filipino-American artist Christian Kuya has a slapper on his hands. The Cuzzi Gang artist’s new song, ‘Work,’ will have any fan of Lil Pump, MadeinTYO, or 24hrs jumping, twerking, and dancing. Co-produced by Xavi and Rojas On The Beat, the song has the hard hitting kicks and 808’s that would throw any party into an absolute frenzy. With the easily memorable lyrics and Kuya’s everlasting and irresistible energy, the song is one I expect to be heard all summer long. As the Las Vegas based artist continues to perform cross country alongside manager, Steve Newland, be sure to follow him along the way.

Summertime Slaps, Volume 2 – [WesWill]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Jun 2019

WesWill delivers a bass thumping, shoulder grooving exhibition on the latest installment of his Summertime Slaps series. The Cleveland native made good on his promise to deliver and does so in every sense of the phrase, showing growth and continued motivation that infects each of his records. Cohesive from the start of the album, Summertime Slaps, Volume 2, embodies the spirit of Summer and everything that goes along with it. Able to occupy several different spaces, Volume 2 finds massive playability whether you are poolside or cruising with the windows down on a late night out. The combination of funk-laced production and WesWill’s throttling flow throughout records like “PTP” and “Jeep Lovin’” cement his technical skill as a rapper. Softer records such as “Freebies” and “Late Night Creep” find the lyricist reigning in his speed on the mic into a softer melodic vocal showcasing that piques our interest into what future offerings will sound like. Progressing through a series of comical skits and on-going jokes taken from the first installment of the series, WesWill creates a connection that expands on the personable attitude of the 30-minute offering. WesWill outlined his goal for the album, saying, “I want the music on STSV2 …

4wurd – [Jay Bel]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Jun 2019

A super talented emcee that goes by Jay Bel is finding himself on our website tonight with his latest project titled “4 Wurd” (An anti-gentrification project). One feature that I love about Soundcloud is the ‘artists you should know’ section because I typically find some good talent there, and that is exactly how I came across Jay Bel, which led me to this fantastic tape! There is a total of fifteen tracks on this project and as you can tell from the title, it is all based around the idea of anti-gentrification. I was ultimately impressed with the final outcome of the tape, Jay Bel is a real spitter and proved that he’s not to be taken lightly with this release. I highly suggest that you stream this tape in it’s entirely via Soundcloud below, and if you like it then go ahead and share the music with a friend. production from 2spvced, Bakimbo, Groove, Flip.gawd.dre



Bad Idea - [YBN Cordae] x [Chance The Rapper]

If you are an avid fan of Lyrical Lemonade then you know that all of us here at LL have been big fans of Chance The Rapper for years now, and you also know that we love & support YBN Cordae a ton, so you can only image the excitement around here when this new…

HIGH - [DuEaux]

Sometimes when you first click on a new song or project, you're not really sure what you're getting into. But then there's some, by just looking at the project art, or hearing the project name - that you know exactly what you're about to hear. That's the case with Wisconsin product DuEaux and their new…

Man of Many - [Lil Gray]

Every once in a blue moon, I'll stumble upon a project that just feels like it's up next. There's an innate feeling that comes with hearing music that either pushes the boundaries or introduces a new sound/style to the scene, and this feeling is exactly what I felt after clicking plan on Lil Gray's latest project, Man…