Oxford Street – [Kid Trash]

By Billy Bugara // 21 Sep 2020

There are seldom artists who have molded and illustrated the sounds and styles that define the future of pop music as much as Kid Trash has over the past few years. The deconstructed yet energetic and bouncy approach to this hip-hop and pop hybrid that is so prevalent within the underground music scene today is due in large part to the influence that they have come to claim with so many of their past releases.   Still moving forward and pushing the scene as far as they possibly can with each successive drop, they have again struck gold with possibly their most tried and true pop track to this day with their newest release “Oxford Street.”    The song goes to show how versatile Kid Trash can be with their approach to any and all musical styles, let alone ones found within the growing scene they helped to establish. This is an upbeat, joyous, and simply exciting track that flaunts its sheer appeal and energy in an all-too-gripping manner.    The instrumental given does all it needs to in its own right by displaying these themes upfront — what with its glistening synth leads, driving pace and structure, and its …

i don’t rap! – [Poorstacy]

By Danny Adams // 21 Sep 2020

In my personal opinion, at the rate that Internet Money has been pumping out hits, I don’t believe they could do any wrong even if they tried. Throughout their dexterous roster, there are a number of musicians creating some of the most individualistic music and although almost none of it sounds the same, their common connection is IM. Poorstacy is one of the wildest yet most intriguing members of the collective, and he has been a name I’ve paid attention to ever since first hearing him on label mate Iann Dior’s song “Urself”, and ever since hearing his incredible contribution to the Industry Plant standout track, I haven’t missed a single offering from him. He just never does anything that’s expected of him and doesn’t do things by the book which keeps fans on their toes and has given him the opportunity to show off the incredibly wide range of talents he possesses. Once again, he caught me by surprise by releasing two new tracks in the form of a miniature EP of some sort entitled i don’t rap!, and he even specifies that it’s a leak in the title, even though they were uploaded to his official SoundCloud account. …

Left Lonely – [Hotboii]

By Danny Adams // 21 Sep 2020

It should be no secret to fans who read my articles that I have an affinity for Florida Hip-Hop music. Through many different artists, we’re given tales from the streets in a variety of different forms, some being about more violent threats while others detail hardships and struggles that come along with the street life. Hotboii, one of my personal favorites, has been using his platform ad an emotional outlet, mentioning themes like the things he had to do to survive, his time in jail, and other gracious appreciations thanks to the life he’s now able to live with his success in the music world. Following last month’s Lil Baby-assisted remix to his hit song “Don’t Need Time”, he’s back with another incredible offering, this time in the form of a song called “Left Lonely” and a music video that couples with it. The beat begins with a Flamenco-inspired melody that gets your hips moving as your brain’s gears begin to spin prior to feel-good guitars entering into the picture that is elevated by crisp percussion and concise drums. As he begins to recite the chorus, he spreads his words out slightly while boasting his unique sing-song style. After a …

Wrong – [The Kid Laroi] ft. [Lil Mosey]

By Danny Adams // 21 Sep 2020

It’s no secret at all that The Kid Laroi, although he comes from a much different background than most Hip-Hop artists, is one of the most incredible young talents in the game right now. His voice is distinct and incredible, his flows are natural and inventive, and his charisma is simply at the forefront of every single song he creates. Add Lil Mosey, a natural hitmaker in his own right, to the mix, and you already know magic is going to be made. That’s why, when I saw these two talents team up for the song “Wrong” off of Laroi’s debut studio album F*ck Love, I was beyond anticipatory of the results. Well, this project has been in our laps for a decent amount of time now, and although I like re-listening to it a couple of times a week typically, a day rarely goes by where I don’t at least give “Wrong” a spin. Luckily, late last week, this banger was given new life in the form of a music video, and it surely doesn’t disappoint. I was surprised to find out that the infamous YouTuber Logan Paul directed this visual, but I have to give him props after …

Warrior – [Cdot Honcho]

By Elliot Montanez // 21 Sep 2020

Cdot Honcho is an artist out of Chicago who is one of the most underrated emcees in the city in my opinion, and today he is back on our website with his brand new music video for “Warrior”. This visual starts off with Cdot + his crew at a house at first, before heading out the door + jumping into the whip & riding through the city. Cdot Honcho is one of the best rappers in the city without a doubt, he puts it on display every time he releases a track and this song was no exception. I really hope that Cdot Honcho releases a new project before the end of the year, the fans need it! Watch this new music video below. Produced by Trell Got Wings & Noah In His Bag • Directed by Will Mass

Shine – [Paid Crate]

By Elliot Montanez // 21 Sep 2020

This afternoon we have an artist that goes by Paid Crate who is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his brand new offering titled “Shine”. Paid Crate hails from Michigan and I was put onto him by my homie George who is from his hometown, Paid Crate’s sound instantly stuck out to me, he created an addicting melody on this track + went super hard on the verses as well. It’s been an interesting thing to watch this Michigan music scene blossom over the past couple of years, there has been a mass amount of talent coming out of there and I believe Paid Crate could be one of the standouts with more time. Take a few minutes out of your Monday to watch this brand new visual below, and if you enjoy it then be sure to hit that like button!



Santos Party House - [Smoke DZA] ft. [Wiz Khalifa] [Curren$y] [Big KRIT] [Girl Talk]

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Dolly - [Lil Tecca] x [Lil Uzi Vert]

As music fanatics, I hope that we are really taking some time to take in and appreciate everything that Lil Tecca has been accomplishing over the past couple of years. He is still just a teenager but he has been doing the unthinkable, he's worked himself to be the best new artist in the game,…

Angelus: The Next Generation’s Day One Superstar

To say that you’ve “been here since the jump” as an artist within a particular music scene is a common trait among those who’ve already seen whatever community they were a part of reach its highest limits. But to be able to say that in a scene that has decisively not even come close to…