ESTELLA// – [KennyHoopla] x [Travis Barker]

By Elliot Montanez // 24 Nov 2020

Anyone who knows me personally knows that KennyHoopla is one of my favorite artists out, so I was thrilled when I saw that he recently dropped a new song titled “ESTELLA//”. This is a special release for Kenny because he connected with the legend Travis Barker on this one, and in my opinion, they created an instant classic. This song sounds like something that you might have been listening to in the 2000s, it’s a fast-paced banger that brought out the best in Kenny, it’s without a doubt one of the best songs he’s ever created. I really hope that we get to see Kenny and Travis Barker work together more in the future, but until then, stream this new joint below!

Black Pontiac – [Floyd Fuji]

By Elliot Montanez // 24 Nov 2020

Last week I was browsing through the internet looking for some new artists to write about, and I came across an EP by Floyd Fuji titled “Black Pontiac”. This project only has five songs on it, but I liked everything that I heard here, so much so that I’ve been listening to it nonstop for the past few days. Floyd Fuji has the voice of an angel and has full capability to create the most addicting melodies at seemingly the snap of his finger, each of the songs featured on this EP had unbelievably catchy melodies. I honestly don’t know too much about Floyd Fuji aside from this EP, but I will definitely be looking into his catalog more, and I am already looking forward to his future releases. I highly suggest that you give this tape a chance, stream it via Spotify below!

Romance for Madness – [Killval]

By Danny Adams // 24 Nov 2020

Killval is a somewhat new name on my radar of rising artists, but he’s definitely a name that has been capturing my attention left and right in the past couple of months. Although he’s still completely independent and unsigned, he has built a close connection with Nick Mira of Internet Money, and anyone who’s familiar with Nick knows he only works with superstars, so that already speaks volumes of val’s talents. After hearing Dro Kenji’s latest project Tears and Pistols, which is quite possibly one of my favorite projects that has released all year, I had the highest of hopes for Killval’s album, and now that it’s in our hands, I can say with certainty that he didn’t disappoint in the slightest. The name of the album is Romance for Madness, and it’s definitely the perfect title when you work your way throughout the project and ingest all of the feelings of love combined with the abundant themes of heartbreak that run even more rampant throughout. Throughout the 10 songs that are featured on this album, val gifts us with just under 25 minutes of emotion that can’t be easy for him to share, but he does so in such …

Melo Makes Music: The Lemonade Stand Interview

By Elliot Montanez // 24 Nov 2020

If you are from Chicago or are familiar with the Chicago music community, then the odds are that you definitely know about Melo Makes Music. Melo is a talent that has been a core piece of the music scene in the city for some years now, he has been getting better + better every single year and is currently gearing up to release his next project in the near future. In this interview, I spoke to Melo about several subjects such as the previously mentioned project, his musical influences, attending Columbia College, his music video for “Manifesto”, working with KOTA The Friend, being an independent artist, and more. Take a few minutes to watch this brand new interview below!

Realm Of Light – [Roxas]

By Billy Bugara // 24 Nov 2020

The pressure for rising acts to make a statement in every single musical medium possible as they embark on their rise to prominence has been ever-present throughout the course of history and is still vividly existent today. Impressing on a single-by-single basis is one thing on its own, but it is something entirely different for a promising act to prove themselves in their first-ever project. Building off of this sentiment even more, this situation becomes that much more daunting when one’s rise to prominence is dictated by their rapid release schedule of singles alone, and to burst on a given scene with as much force and talent alike this way, the logical next step would be to take up this task to create something far more ambitious. That situation is exactly where one of the underground’s most recent prodigies in Roxas found himself before releasing his debut EP “Realm Of Light” just a short time ago. The Graveem1nd standout had already cemented his place as one of this year’s most in-demand talents to grace this already-crowded Internet-based scene with a flawless string of singles that all added something new to this limitless talent that we see now — but in …

Typo – [Kuru]

By Billy Bugara // 24 Nov 2020

Artists consistently flaunting their dynamic creative makeups is nothing new for those who find themselves within the next wave of pop music moving forward; it is practically one of their most defining features alone. The art of never staying the same in this manner is exactly how it sounds — a pure art form in itself, and one that this group of talents has come to master at this point. One of the scene’s most defining and prolific figures in Kuru has made a career out of applying his sincere, resounding, and blissful lead vocals over a wide variety of beats, styles, and approaches alike. His pure artistic fortitude is one that extends to any modern reach he would like, and that notion alone proves how unmistakably rare such an all-encompassing act like him is in this modern landscape, even despite how many of his contemporaries attempt to accomplish the same thing. But for a perfect example as to why he does this better than practically anyone else, look no further than his recent take on drill-infused stylistics via his new single “Typo.” Nothing short of an expertly-crafted track from all given angles in its own right, the song stands …



Capone - [ICEDOUTOMNITRIX] x [Roxas]

There are seldom individuals who can lay claim to the same type of resounding influence that ICEDOUTOMNITRIX has over the modern music landscape today. Being a beacon for any and all modern eras in the world of hip-hop, he has convincingly taken the sounds of yesterday and infused them with a certain sense of relevance,…

Karma - [Juno]

The seemingly limitless amount of intersections that the rising state of pop music holds moving into the future is truly one of, if not its most fascinating aspect. We are moving into a new era that is forging a convention-less status for itself, while utilizing tried and true conventions from the worlds of dance, hip-hop,…

PACK - [Joey Purp] x [KENE]

Chicago natives Joey Purp and KENE, formerly known as Kami, have been one of the best duos that the city has had to offer for years now. A couple of days ago, the two Savemoney leaders linked up + released a brand new music video for "PACK". The first thing that caught my attention on…