Fight It-[Ouse]&[Elijah Midjord]

By Sam Morrison // 3 Jul 2020

A 19-year-old artist from Iceland named Ouse is making it onto our pages for the release of his latest song called, “Fight It”. Before this track, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of his music, but I’m extremely grateful that I’m not able to say that anymore. With over one-million monthly listeners, it’s safe to say that Ouse is building himself an extensive fan base that is only going to grow as more time passes on. “Fight It” is a high energy summer track that wastes no time in getting started. I’ve heard a lot of new music over the past few weeks, and this one most definitely stands out in all of the best ways. Ouse is a one man rock band in this track. There is nothing but youthful energy bleeding all throughout “Fight It”. To raise the bar even higher, Ouse decided to tap in fellow collaborator, Elijah Midjord to add some extra flare to an already well rounded offering. There are a lot of really amazing elements they take shape in this brand new piece and I’m so excited for y’all to listen to it. “Fight It” is out on all streaming platforms. I’ve attached the …

Premiere: About April (Music Video)-[Alex Banin]

By Sam Morrison // 3 Jul 2020

Stellar music is hard to come by, so whenever I receive songs that completely blow me away, I’m endlessly grateful to say the least. Today, it’s only right that I share with the readers what was shared with me and why I think it’s so spectacular. If you’re looking for your latest indulgence, look no further.  An artist named Alex Banin is making an appearance on Lyrical Lemonade today for the release of her brand new song titled, “About April”. The 22-year-old London born artist, grew up in New York, but now is based in Chicago, where she started making music. The new piece that dropped last week has been preforming well on streaming platforms and its only a matter of time before it catches fire and is heard by everyone. The subtle production was truly what caught my ear at first listen. It is strong but doesn’t overpower Alex’s beautiful voice which you truly won’t want to miss out on. The best artists are those who can tell stories just as well as they can sing, and that perfectly encapsulates Alex in totality. In this peaceful and reflective piece, the up and comer takes us on an introspective journey …

Moppas & Choppas – [WemmyMo] x [D2X]

By Elliot Montanez // 3 Jul 2020

Uptown Chicago based artist WemmyMo has become a favorite of ours here at Lyrical Lemonade over the past couple of years, and today he is back on our lemon filled pages with his brand new music video for “Moppas & Choppas” featuring D2X. I am very familiar with Wemmy’s catalog of music, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard him create a song that’s as hard-hitting + menacing as this joint. It finds Wemmy kicking one of the hardest verses that I have heard from him to date, and it’s followed up by a solid verse from D2X who keeps that same energy. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like what you see then make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with Wemmy that drops in a few weeks! Directed by 3 Degrees North Media • Produced by DJ Balor

Cajun-[Baby Bari] & [Gidi]

By Sam Morrison // 3 Jul 2020

Baby Bari is an artist who keeps coming up in conversation. Whether it’s in passing exchanges or intentional talks with other artists, on many occasions, I’ve been told that Baby Bari is someone to look out for. After hearing all of the referrals, it was only right to check out some of his music and peep what makes this up and coming hitmaker so intriguing. Today, Baby Bari is making it onto our pages for a song that is definitely worth all of the hype that I’ve been hearing. The track, “Cajun” is a 2 minute and 22 second offering that introduces us to the 22-year-old Naples, Florida native in the best way possible. As soon as I turned this one on, it was instant vibes. Everyone who is familiar with my writing knows that I’m a sucker for all things guitar and in the first couple seconds of this one, there is a groovy guitar that completely sets the tone for the whole entire piece. I could get into every single element that is present, but all y’all need to know is that the sound from a stylistic standpoint is utterly perfect. Bari knows exactly who he is as …

Behind the “Learn How To Watch” Video with Cole Bennett

By Cole Bennett // 3 Jul 2020

The latest “Behind The Video” segment is about the “Learn How To Watch” visual by Carnage, Mac Miller + Madeintyo, enjoy!

Butler – [Myquale]

By Elliot Montanez // 3 Jul 2020

Myquale is an artist that is based here in Chicago that I am a big fan of, so whenever he drops some new music, it feels like a holiday. Today, Myquale is back with a brand new joint titled “Butler” featuring the wonderful Maceo of The O’My’s + Aaliyah Allah. Up until this point, I have known Myquale as one of the best bar for bar spitters in the city who often impresses with his lyrical ability, but on this one, he clearly switched up to a different style. Myquale found himself on top of an ear-pleasing + groovy instrumental that he created himself (along with Odd Thomas + Stnfxce), and he approached the song with a ton of swagger + charisma in his voice, match that with the excellent vocals from Maceo & Aaliyah, and we have a hit on our hands. I could picture this song playing on the radio for sure, hopefully, the homies at Vocalo 91.1 as well as Power 92.3 get their ears on this song, I will be sending it to them for sure. Check out this brand new offering below!



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