Just Blick It (Remix) – [Cash Cobain] [Chow Lee] [Bizzy Banks]

By Seamus Fay // 1 Dec 2022

Cover Photo by @drewdepictions Yesterday was a momentous day in the worlds of Cash Cobain and Chow Lee. We’re officially a month out from the end of a massive year for the two collaborators, and acting as the cherry on top to the lasting momentum of their joint project 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy, the tape was honored in the New York Times “Best of Albums of 2022.” While the fervent street-level impact of 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy – inspiring a daily supply of ass-shaking videos reposted on Cash Cobain’s Instagram story – is worth endlessly more than the praise of a publication, the NYT cosign adds an official stamp to the historic run that Cash and Chow went on this year. As Will Foster puts it, “when people remember this era in the future, you gotta mention [Cash and Chow].” Right on time with the look, Cash and Chow blessed us yesterday with a remix of standout track “Just Blick It” alongside Brooklyn artist Bizzy Banks. The club-tinted kicks and signature, X-rated one-liners translate perfectly into a lively, make-your-feet-move visual, and Banks’ effortless cool ties this one together as a the confetti-popping moment to tie off a championship season. Peep …

10pm in the raq – [CP]

By Elliot Montanez // 30 Nov 2022

Just about an hour ago, Chicago native CP blessed us with a brand new music video for “10pm in the raq”. There has been a plethora of visuals that have been released by CP over the past few years, but this one is BY FAR his best-directed music video, in my opinion. CP connected with Detroit-based videographers @boominfilmz who directed this one, and shout out to them because they did a FANTASTIC job here. CP has been hitting a stride lately, and he’s building on that this Friday when he performs at Schubas, check him out if you’re in Chicago. Check out this brand-new music video below! Produced by LOTTO

Watch 347Aidan’s new interview on The Lemonade Stand

By Elliot Montanez // 30 Nov 2022

347Aidan is one of the most promising artists of this generation, he has proven so much at such a young age, and I strongly believe in the direction that he is heading. I spoke with Aidan about many topics including his performance at our Summer Smash Festival, his record with Sleepy Hallow, touring overseas vs touring in the states, the importance of his managers Nick and Clark, his love for Bluephoria Yerba Mate, his favorite SpongeBob episode, and much more. Learn a thing or two about Aidan by pressing play on this new interview below!

Dont B Bitter / 101 – [CILO] w/ [Nikki Pararuan]

By Lee Mcintosh // 30 Nov 2022

While it may seem like there’s been a massive influx of artists that emerge from the west coast every single year, one special thing about the west coast, however, is that there is so much to be inspired by. Living in Los Angeles alone, there are tons of emotions that can come from experiences living there. No matter if you’re dealing with life issues, trauma, fake friends and all, there’s a story to be told there. Los Angeles’ own CILO has his own story to tell, and he’s been doing a damn good job at showcasing it. CILO was born in the Bay Area but is now based in LA, but he has a slew of life experiences and stories to share within his music. Growing up, he was always blown away by the way different artists would tell their stories through music and spew so much emotion and passion within it. That alone is what fueled him to create music of his own and do the exact same thing. Enlisting Ging, formerly known by the legendary Frank Dukes, on the production, CILO spews bars about life from his perspective on this double record which serves as two different points …

Stalley Chef’s Up New Single “Bakery”

By Tobbylola // 30 Nov 2022

On November 29, hip-hop veteran Stalley shared his new single “Bakery.” This marks the third single from his forthcoming album, Somebody Up There Loves Me, set to be released on December 6, 2022. The Ohio’s Blue Collar Gang emcee is known for his vicious wordplay and deadly flow. His latest track is no exception.  “You know all my struggles, you know where I come from, whatever it comes with, just know that I won’t run/I’m battling demons like I’ve been stuck in the dungeon/ You only get one bullet in me, I’m the top gun/Now ain’t no stoppin’ till the feds come knockin’ get the bread turn this bitch into a bakery.” On the B.A.M. produced record, Stalley delivers soulful vibes that feel warm and nostalgic. To understand Stalley’s achievements is to recognize his creative evolution. He has refined a natural musical fluidity and developed a sense of comfort in who he is.  Ahead of his album next month, I had the chance to interview Stalley to learn more about his latest album. Lyrical Lemonade: Who inspired the sound you created?  Stalley: I think it’s a wide mixture of people. Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye…all the way to Nas and  Scarface as …

JPOPD1 – Satisfaction

By Tobbylola // 30 Nov 2022

John Michael Veiga, aka JPOPD1, is an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer, with a sound that caters to a variety of musical genres. His most recent record “Satisfaction,” is one of his best records yet. The talent of JPOPD1 lies in his ability to combine a variety of sounds and melodies that are often completely different from one another, yet still sound harmonious. His lyrics speak to your soul in a way no one else can. On “Satisfaction,” JPOPD1 discusses how women should be treated with respect. The most important thing to take away from this record is that if we empower each other, then we will eventually see change and justice come together. Check out his latest single below.